11 February 2010

John Mayer

With so many better fish to fry, you'd think I'd save a screed for a more succulent dish. Um, no. John Mayer will do.

I like his music, and I know he's got quite a rep with the ladies.

Apparently he used the word Nigger in an interview with Playboy. I don't know the exact context because I don't read Playboy for the articles, only for the pictures. My gut-reaction is --- whatever dude. It's probably not a big deal. The only dopes who'll come after you with sharpened fangs are White Liberals. Most black folks have enough sense to see that it wasn't put out there as a racist rant.

Keep writing tunes, playing guitar, getting tattoos, and banging hot celebs. By the way, here are the retarded comments(Oh shit - I used the "R" word!) from the Playboy interview.

I'm just sayin' - It's a big Yawn, but the White Guilt needs it's Pound of Flesh so Mayer breaks down and tearfully decries the use of the word Nigger, as if he's a holocaust denier. Sticks and Stones, my cherished readers.

When the language can be controlled, they can control You.


Anonymous said...

Come on Rue-y,
do you actually think use of that word is alright? And do not give me the ole "well blacks use it too." It is not the same thing. When whites use the word it has an entirely different context.

No one is sanctioning censorship,only common sense.


Anonymous said...

No one is sanctioning censorship,only common sense.


16/2/10 8:51 AM

You need a hot frothy enema.

Anonymous said...


Mr. Holistic said...

I've been feeling kinda rundown lately and a friend of mine told me that your blog has a proven method of boosting energy. I cant seem to find what he was talking about. Can anyone help me out?

Rue St. Michel said...

He meant that you can get an "energy pack" by playing Mafia Wars....


John Mayer said...

Jessica Simpson is "sexual napalm".

Shall I elaborate?