11 February 2010

Good things come in Threes

First that prick John Murtha bites the dust (thank God!), now Bill Clinton is rushed to the hospital with a heart problem. I thought he didn't have one?

The historical revisionists are in full campaign mode right now. The link I inserted above, in regard to Murtha's death, has the following written at the end:

Murtha, known for his support of the military and U.S. troops, died Monday at the Arlington hospital with his family at his side. He was 77

What a fucking joke! This is the same HACK who accused US Marines of "murdering civilans in cold blood" back in 2006 with absolutely NO EVIDENCE. The Marines were subsequently exonerated of any wrong-doing, but Murtha never apologized for slandering the troops. The story here. And remember when the beloved Murtha stated that Western Pennsylvania is populated with white racists and that they'd never vote for a black man? The idiot slanders the west end of his state and gets away with it. A full 55% of Pennsylvanians voted for the Messiah, much to their chagrin - not doubt.

Rot in Hell, Murtha. How ironic that it was a nick in his intestine which caused his death. I hope it was painful.

Well good things come in threes. I can only hope Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid's hair-dryer accidently falls in their bath and they succumb to heart failure.

I'm just a kid with a dream, Man.

UPDATE: The inimitable Michelle Malkin has a great summation of Murtha's corrupt career.

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