26 February 2010

Paul Ryan evicerates Obama's healthcare gimmicks

He's spot on - the American people ARE engaged and aren't buying the Dog & Pony Show that TeamObama is selling. The American people aren't stupid, but Washington elites operate as if they are. The thing that got Obama elected was that people were dumb, it is that people were misinformed about how radical, and how dangerous this guy's ideology is. This stuff is serious - it threatens the future of your kids, grandkids and, frankly, the future of this nation. Look around you .... is this type of governance working in Europe? It is not. It spreads misery, death and suffering wherever it was tried.

To hand over 1/6th of the US Economy to the Federal Government is beyond unacceptable. They do not deserve it, they would not operate it fairly or efficiently. It would be one more step on the road to a totalitarian state.

Our Gang makes a comeback

Denouncing and Demonizing Toyota

John Stossel declares, correctly, that the blood in the water regarding Toyota Motors is nothing more than a power grab so that Government Owned GM can get a greater share of the automobile market.

But to put the Toyota problem in perspective, before all the media hype, 19 fatal accidents were linked to faulty gas pedals and floor mats over the last decade. That's fewer than 2 each year. Compare that to America’s 40,000 annual fatal car crashes.

As David Champion, director of automobile testing for Consumer Reports, said to The Guardian:

"I find it a little odd that we're going to have a Congressional hearing to look at those two deaths out of 40,000... you have to look at death rates in safety terms rationally."

No one looks at safety “rationally” when the media and Big Government are stirred up.

Read more: http://stossel.blogs.foxbusiness.com/2010/02/24/the-parasite-circuit/#ixzz0geqWRqSl

Read the quick article -- it's amazing at how the government is using every shady, back-door technique in the book to demonize private industry in order to insinuate itself into a litany of enterprises. They don't want to take over Toyota, obviously - but their intent seems to be a move at leveraging GM into a better position.

It's scandalous but I am not surprised at how Obama can go when it comes to political scheming.

24 February 2010

District 011 tuning in

Cherished Readers - It's come to my attention that a veteran 11th District Ranger can be counted as a Rue-Recruit.

Welcome Brother!

The guys and gals that work in 003, 005, 007, 011 and 015 deserve special accolades. Working in those districts is not only dangerous, but downright unhealthy. The things that they see day in, and day out, are worth an honorable Phd in sociology.

You have my utmost esteem.

Be safe out there!

H/T to Shaved for the picture.

Vietnam Tom: TKO

Now here is an example of "justice" -- A black man on a bus can't help but open his stupid mouth to an old white guy. Apparently the black man got angry at a comment the white guy made. The black man hits the white guy, and then gets his face busted open.

Now THAT is justice. Maybe next time he'll just mind his own business...

22 February 2010

Obama: Shakedown!

The Obama recovery continues unabated. Let's follow it by the numbers.

Back in Febuary of 2009, Obama demanded that Stimulus II be passed. He guaranteed that the $757 billion package would hold unemployment in check at about 8%. Unemployment is now hovering at about 11.0%, it's 18% if you include the underemployed and those who've given up looking for work. Teen unemployment is about 50%. An astounding 6.3 million Americans have been unemployed for six months or longer. It's the largest number since the government began keeping track in 1948.

The Producer Price Index (PPI) rose 1.4 in December with higher energy costs hitting farms and manufacturers. Unemployment claims rose sharply in January, up to 473,000 - 31,000 more than expected.


The labor market, hardest hit by the worst recession in seven decades, has lagged the economic recovery that started in the second half of 2009. The economy has lost 8.4 million jobs since the start of the downturn in December 2007.The PPI report may give investors, who keeping a wary eye on inflation following massive efforts by the Federal Reserve to pull the economy out of its worst slump since the Great Depression of the 1930s, something to worry about.

"The bottom line is that the Fed is going to have some decisions to make at its next meeting, since it seems inflation is now back on the table," said Lancz..

The United States lost 8.4 million jobs since December of 2007. Apparently the Government's policies at "stimulating" the economy are abject failures. I know it's common sense but many people have a limited understanding of economics. Obama is clueless about economics because he's more interested in promoting his Big Brother ideology.

Unemployment is up, PPI is up, energy costs are up, and what is The Boy Wonder doing about it all? More government bureaus, more Czars, more red tape, more hindrances to small businesses, more printed money coming out of the treasury, and - more TAXES.

And true to form, Obama is going to start lying about Tax Increases. This from the Daily Caller:

President Obama on Thursday indicated that tax increases on people who make less than $250,000 a year will be on the table when a deficit commission makes its recommendations later this year on how to resolve the nation’s fiscal imbalances.

“Everything’s on the table. That’s how this thing is going to work,” Obama said Thursday, moments after signing an executive order creating the 18-member commission.

But the White House has already begun to lay the groundwork for their argument that such a recommendation by the panel should not be blamed on the president, who vowed during his campaign not to raise taxes on Americans earning less than $250,000.

The $250,000 number is a moving target - that's the problem with this guy. If you own a small business, and have gross income of $250,000 this idiot thinks that you're one of "the rich." He doesn't understand, because he's never even flipped burgers at a McDonalds, that you have to deduct your expenses and costs from your GI to get your Net Income. So if you drive a truck, you might earn up to $160,000 but take home only $25,000 after you pay fuel, fines, tolls and licenses.

This is what's dangerous about having politicians in charge who don't understand the free market and the Constitution. Private property and governmental constraints go hand-in-hand at keeping our economy generating jobs, keeping inflation low and avoiding judicial malfeasance.

Malfeasance is Obama's middle name. He needs to simply do the following: Cut taxes (for real), and spend less. He won't because he's a slave to his New Left ideology. He's too busy demonizing big business, creating Class Envy and stealing more and more money from YOU to lay at the altar of the Redistributive Justice gods.

And you want these creeps to run Healthcare?

11 February 2010

John Mayer

With so many better fish to fry, you'd think I'd save a screed for a more succulent dish. Um, no. John Mayer will do.

I like his music, and I know he's got quite a rep with the ladies.

Apparently he used the word Nigger in an interview with Playboy. I don't know the exact context because I don't read Playboy for the articles, only for the pictures. My gut-reaction is --- whatever dude. It's probably not a big deal. The only dopes who'll come after you with sharpened fangs are White Liberals. Most black folks have enough sense to see that it wasn't put out there as a racist rant.

Keep writing tunes, playing guitar, getting tattoos, and banging hot celebs. By the way, here are the retarded comments(Oh shit - I used the "R" word!) from the Playboy interview.

I'm just sayin' - It's a big Yawn, but the White Guilt needs it's Pound of Flesh so Mayer breaks down and tearfully decries the use of the word Nigger, as if he's a holocaust denier. Sticks and Stones, my cherished readers.

When the language can be controlled, they can control You.

Good things come in Threes

First that prick John Murtha bites the dust (thank God!), now Bill Clinton is rushed to the hospital with a heart problem. I thought he didn't have one?

The historical revisionists are in full campaign mode right now. The link I inserted above, in regard to Murtha's death, has the following written at the end:

Murtha, known for his support of the military and U.S. troops, died Monday at the Arlington hospital with his family at his side. He was 77

What a fucking joke! This is the same HACK who accused US Marines of "murdering civilans in cold blood" back in 2006 with absolutely NO EVIDENCE. The Marines were subsequently exonerated of any wrong-doing, but Murtha never apologized for slandering the troops. The story here. And remember when the beloved Murtha stated that Western Pennsylvania is populated with white racists and that they'd never vote for a black man? The idiot slanders the west end of his state and gets away with it. A full 55% of Pennsylvanians voted for the Messiah, much to their chagrin - not doubt.

Rot in Hell, Murtha. How ironic that it was a nick in his intestine which caused his death. I hope it was painful.

Well good things come in threes. I can only hope Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid's hair-dryer accidently falls in their bath and they succumb to heart failure.

I'm just a kid with a dream, Man.

UPDATE: The inimitable Michelle Malkin has a great summation of Murtha's corrupt career.

10 February 2010

Audi Green super bowl commercial

I was profoundly disturbed watching the Audi commercial during the Super Bowl. Is it just me? I thought the scenarios were ridiculous; and insufferable. What it really showed was the seamy underbelly of the Environmental Movement. It is a movement based on tyranny - on limiting our choices and imposing the power of the government on our daily lives.

These flat-earth, no-growth eco-marxists would love nothing better than to banish all mobility, take away our cars, our gas engines, and have us eating brown rice and tofu.

08 February 2010

Monday Drive-By

Ugh! Monday morning. Make the best of today because there are millions of Muslims in the world thinking intently on how they can murder you.

I came across a page over at The Religion of Peace website. It details some of the commandments to murder that are embedded in the Koran.

Like this charmer from the Hadith: Allah's Apostle said, "The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. "O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him."

Of course The West in teeming with apologists for Islam. They crow that jihad means "spiritual struggle" and that there are just as many instances of violence in the Bible than the Koran. The moral equivalency is unbelievable with the Left, and the Libs love to play devils' advocate and hand-wring about how our enemies view our "image."

Clearly, Islam has a deep chasm of violence running through it. We can agree on that. The question is where do we go from here with the information and what action is required.

Our current president doesn't have what it takes to engage this enemy: whether in battle, or in the courts. He's busy reading Miranda Rights to the Crotch Bomber - a foreign enemy combatant, and pulling other jihadists into US courts. He has more regard for Muslim extremists than he has for American Conservatives. Remember when his Homeland Security chief issued that memo targeting conservatives as national security risks? Yup, he did that - That one! So if you go to Tea Parties, or sport an NRA bumper sticker then you're part of a 'Hate group.'

As far as I can recall. the president has only used the term 'terrorist' one time in the 12 months he's been in office.

Our allies are terrified that we won't back them up, and our enemies are thrilled because we have an incompetent peace-nic in the White House.

Make it a great day!

02 February 2010

Roger Keats defeats Johnny Boy

Well bless my prophetic soul! Roger Keats has officially defeated John Garrido III.

What surprises me is how Garrido couldn't parlay his "uniqueness" into winning the hearts and minds of Illinois voters? You mean voters wouldn't automatically consider voting for someone who's "half irish, half mexican and married to a polish woman"?

Come now - this is the 21st Century.

Garrido's ploy at positioning himself in terms of his race is pathetic. The voters saw through his pantomime: his inexperience and lack of presence was resounding - almost deafening.

I'm very happy that the better qualified person won the nomination, and by a dominating percentage. Now Johnny Boy can get back what he does best - and I'll leave that to your imaginations, and to those at the Prohibition Club.