20 January 2010

Roger Keats for Cook County board president

Please remember to vote for Roger Keats for Cook County board president on February 2. Keats has real experience in reforming government, is a retired Lieutenant Colonel, and has executive experience that makes him the most qualified candidate on the ticket.

Watch this video and make up your own mind but mine is already made up.

Keats page on FaceBook.

14 January 2010


Sure it's a tragedy - but more to the point: What has Haiti ever done to help itself? Has it ever been a democracy? Have their leaders from Papa Doc on down ever done anything but rule as iron-fisted dictators? We've been giving them AID for decades now. They already have enough of our money.

And it takes 9 months for Obama to decide on whether to put more troops into Afghanistan. It took one full week for him to have a press conference about the Christmas Day Crotch bomber. But when he sees his "own people" suffering and dying on the television, he's in front of the cameras within HOURS and pledging $100 million of OUR money to boot.

What a disgrace - Happy New Year.