06 August 2009

Media playing Catch-up on Obama

Steve Johnson's column in last Sunday's Chicago Tribune surprised me.

The article was entitled "World's Problems Solved - the Obama Way" and it took a swipe at president Barack Hussein Obama's strategies.

Under the listed problem of "Crumbling Infrastructure", Johnson guessed that Obama might use "Duct tape" as an antidote. To solve the problem of Middle East peace, he suggested an "all you can eat buffet".

I found that interesting because during the last presidential election, this same columnist was All-Obama-All-The-Time. Obama was great, McCain was tired, old and not worth a second look. Recently he wrote a fake "Top 10" list of reasons why Sarah Palin resigned from Office. But I would guess that Steve Johnson still loves Obama, and it probably pained him to say anything negative about him.

Overall, the media hasn't figured out what a disaster Obama is.

Sure they're starting to take notice. The "dinosaur media" is enduring falling subscriptions, lower ad revenues, and trimming hundreds of staff members every month.

The thing that they don't get is that it is precisely because of their propaganda-like support for Liberal Democrat politicians, and their constant editorializing that is turning off its readership.

What am I talking about? Let's look again at Steve Johnson. He's a very clear example of what's wrong in the MSM.

Johnson wrote this piece on the recent Just for Laughs comedy festival. Of all venues, comedy is where there are no holds barred. Comedians must be able to ridicule anyone, or anything, in order to be funny.

Steve Johnson, being the good little Statist that he is, doesn't think that comedians should use ethnic slurs in their routines. In fact, Johnson spends one-third of his column skewering comedienne Lisa Lampanelli.

Getting away with the most outrageous ethnic slurs is Lisa Lampanelli's shtick, and she's very good at it.

In the first of two shows Saturday at the Chicago Theater, the comic and celebrity-roast fixture, fresh off of her first HBO special, let the over-the-top characterizations and the grandiose insults fly.

There was a line about the Rutgers women's basketball team, an insinuation about Oprah, a suggestion that she'll adopt a mentally disabled child to save on college expenses. What's interesting about Lampanelli is the nimble dance she does to prove that even though she's being obnoxious, she's still likable.

She characterizes herself just as harshly, as outrageously promiscuous, and she periodically pulls back to make sure no one's feeling genuinely hurt, all the while congratulating the audience on its extreme nastiness for not objecting.

Even in so large a theater, with so much vitriol flying around, Lampanelli creates an environment that's almost warm: People actually raise their hands to be recognized as members of a minority group that the comic can then abuse.

Her point, I think, is that the stereotypes about gays, blacks, women, Asians, Latinos and Jews are ridiculous, and, by repeating them, she can pummel them into submission. But once the giddy delight the audience took in her transgressions subsided, the hourlong set began to feel like it was running in place. More abuse, slightly different terms.

So, according to Steve Johnson's world-view, even comedians should prostrate themselves in abeyance to political correctness, and multiculturalism. Comedians should just leave the gays, blacks, hispanics, asians, and every other race and splinter peripheral group alone. What's left? Oh yea...I forgot -- the whipping boy for everything that's bad; the ubiquitous White Male.

Johnson is representative of all that's wrong with the dinosaur media because their ranks are filled with apparatchiks like him. The American people are tired of the censorship, the guilt, the racial accusations, the hew and cry for reparations and the divisiveness that envelops the Democratic Party line.

Comedy is the place where there should be NO PC rules!

Here's Lisa in action:

With people like Johnson spreading their totalitarianism-lite, it's looking more and more that we are heading straight into 1984.

Next stop: Dystopia

03 August 2009

Lincoln Park beatings

A group of Norwegian nuns are .... wait, no....a group of white teens from St. Ignacius college prep...hold up, I can't hear myself think now....a group of Asian teens who attend The Latin School.....Oh right! That's it! I got it now .... a group of Black and/or Hispanic men are beating and robbing people in Lincoln Park.

Whew! That was close.

I almost couldn't figure out what the ethnicity of the attackers is.

This story highlights why Conceal & Carry laws are on the books. If a couple of these victims had a snubby, it'd be night-night for Joe-Joe, Booty and Boo.

This case sounds alot like the "Steaming" gang attacks in London from a few years ago. Storyhere.

Back to Chicago:

Since the victims are all White, I guess I can at least expect that when the police catch the offenders, Hate Crime statutes will be applied to aggravate the criminal charges.

Oh wait! Shit! Blacks cannot be racists. How silly of me.....

01 August 2009

Random thoughts

I saw that Densey Cole is on the mend in a Colorado hospital. The full story is here. May God speed your recovery, my friend.

For those of you who don't know the story, Officer Cole was en-route to an in-progress call, when he was T-boned in an intersection at 9800 S. Halsted.

Officer Cole lost control of the car and ran into a light pole. While he was conscious but paralyzed, a young black man entered the vehicle, pushed the officer over and stole Officer Cole's weapon and wallet. After stealing the items, he lingered in the vehicle and told Officer Cole,"You can't move. I'm gonna shoot you. I'm gonna kill you."

The terrible shame about this is that ever since I saw the Jeremiah Wright "sermons" I now know why almost every young person glares at the passing police with absolute murder in their eyes. Now I know why they spit every time a police vehicle passes. Now I know why they shoot at us, fight with us, throw bottles at us, call us all manner of names and invective. Now I know why drugs, crime and violence are rampant in areas that have a high percentage of black folk.

It's all because of Black Liberation Theology and the messages that black pastors nationwide are selling to their congregations. The lies that are put forth are by these "churches" are convenient. If you blame the police for every conceivable ill affecting your neighborhood, then you don't have to deal with the real cause of the problem - just focus your hate on "the Man", or the police, or the "greedy" speculators.....It's all a shallow game of Gotcha!.

With passion and apoplexy the Reverends go out and blame white culture, demonize America, cast American leaders and interests in the worst possible light, make outrageous claims like "the CIA invented crack" or "the government blew up the levees in Lousiana". They cater to the uninformed and ignorant, with the intention of simply lining their own pockets.

I know that all black don't subscribe to this non-sense. But enough of them do. According to The American Thinker, a Rasmussen poll find that 73% of voters found Wright's comments to be racially divisive. That's a broad cross section of voters, including 58% of black voters.

So I'm not painting with a broad brush, but look at how far this BLT stuff has saturated the common culture. Barack Hussein Obama obviously memorized the flaming cat shit that Wright served every Sunday because, without "knowing all the facts" he STILL decided that Sgt. Crowley was "profiling" YET ANOTHER radical friend of Obama's.

(By the way, does Obama have ANY friends that aren't radicals, terrorists or racists???? WTF?)

Obama assumed that Crowley was wrong because Crowley is white, and Gates is black. Isn't that the real story here?

So much for a post-racial president. This guy is all about race.

Let's be frank, Obama got elected because he lied to the American people when he said that he wanted to transcend race in this country and move on. White America is so sick and tired of getting heaped on with this racism rhetoric, that they gladly voted for someone who could assuage them of the stigmata.

Sadly, they elected someone who just wants power - and who will use that power to "get back" at all the assumed racial injustices over the past 400 years.

So the next time you and your partner cruise by Augusta and Lamon and see 4 to 5 "youths" spit when they see you, just assume that they've just come from some "Make Believe Missionary Church" where they just learned that NASA never really went to the moon in the early 70's. It was all a big plot to cover up the murder of MLK.


Just my Two Cents - I just happen to be right.