31 January 2009

Obama's brother arrested

George Obama, Barack Obama's drug-addict half-brother (they obviously have TWO things in common, a father and a drug habit) was arrested in Kenya and charged with marijuana possession and resisting arrest.

Story here.

The quotations and interviews in the story are revelatory.

"They took me from my home," Obama's brother said, "I don't know why they are charging me."

Obama, who is in his mid-20s, said at the time that he was learning to become a mechanic and was active in youth groups in Huruma. He said he tried to help the community as much as he can.

I'm surprised that they didn't post George Obama's 8th grade graduation photo.

Isn't it reassuring that you can publicly declare that you did drugs, that you have intimate relationships with terrorists, Marxist and Communist radicals, that you hate white people and carry your bitterness towards others on your shoulder: And you STILL get elected president.

The Obama-Drones should be very proud of themselves at this moment. Cheers!

Obama Approval Rating down

WaPo reports that The Annointed One's approval ratings are down to 67% this week, down from a high of 83%

Gee - how could that be? Must be another Vast-Right-Wing-Conspiracy, que no?

Or could it be that the American public is getting to know Barack Hussein Obama and doesn't like the pork-filled Leviathan that he's fashioned together like some political Frankenstein?

Just thought you'd like to know.

29 January 2009

Obama snubs Vets

Not that the Obama-Drones would even care, nor does it have anything to do with anything but the Annointed One is the first president to snub the Medal of Heroes Ball. Here's the story.

For all his lip service to the troops - he knows how to lie - he wants to defund the military as quickly as possible.

He thinks the best way to deal with terrorists who operate with no rules, is to encumber your military and intelligence with more rules, more regulations and more hand-cuffs.

Oh - he's BRILLIANT! What a stroke of GENIUS!

And with Obama closing Gitmo, the War on Terror is effectively over. The jihadis are now celebrating yet another cut at the Great Satan. As Mark Steyn said the other day on the Hugh Hewitt show, "Nowhere in the Geneva Convention does it prohibit a person from capturing people, sawing their heads off and then releasing it as a snuff video to every suqe in the Muslim world."

In other words we are hobbled with rules, but the jihadis operate with almost no rules.

God help us.

28 January 2009

House votes today on Stimu-Pork

The US House of Representatives is voting today on the Obama administration's "stimulus" package.

Please take a minute to email your congressman (list here.) to let them know that this pork-filled package of welfare and entitlements will not be tolerated.

They're trying to ram this thing through as quickly as possible so that YOU, dear astute reader, won't have time to object.

The package contains some absolutely outrageous items. Remember it is YOUR money that they're wasting.

* Left-wing fraudsters ACORN and other subprime shakedown activists get $4 billion for “neighborhood stabilization”

* Hollywood Liberal Elites get $246 million in new targeted tax breaks

* Universal health care promotion - to the tune of $600 million

* “Green job” projects get $24 billion

Don't listen to the politicians who have a vested interest in getting this money stripped out of your paychecks. They don't know how to stimulate this economy, and never will. The only proven way to jumpstart an economy is to cut taxes, and reduce government regulations.

A coalition of 200 economists from the Cato Institute put out a statement decrying this ridiculous package.

“More government spending by Hoover and Roosevelt did not pull the United States economy out of the Great Depression in the 1930s,” they said. “More government spending did not solve Japan’s ‘lost decade’ in the 1990s. As such, it is a triumph of hope over experience to believe that more government spending will help the U.S. today.”

Light up those phones! Get that email sent today!

26 January 2009

The Ice Cream Anology

From an astute reader:

From a teacher in the Nashville area:

Who worries about "the cow" when it is all about the "ice cream?

The most eye-opening civics lesson I ever had was while teaching third grade this year.

The presidential election was heating up and some of the children showed an interest.

I decided we would have an election for a class president.

We would choose our nominees. They would make a campaign speech and the class would vote.

To simplify the process, candidates were nominated by other class members.

We discussed what kinds of characteristics these students should have.

We got many nominations and from those, Jamie and Olivia were picked to run for the top spot.

The class had done a great job in their selections.

Both candidates were good kids. I thought Jamie might have an advantage because he got lots of parental support. I had never seen Olivia's mother.

The day arrived when they were to make their speeches Jamie went first.

He had specific ideas about how to make our class a better place. He ended by promising to do his very best.

Everyone applauded. He sat down and Olivia came to the podium. Her speech was concise.

She said, "If you will vote for me, I will give you ice cream." She sat down.

The class went wild. "Yes! Yes! We want ice cream." She surely could say more. She did not have to.

A discussion followed. How did she plan to pay for the ice cream? She wasn't sure.

Would her parents buy it or would the class pay for it? She didn't know.

The class really didn't care. All they were thinking about was ice cream.

Jamie was forgotten.

Olivia won by a landslide.

Every time Barack Obama opened his mouth he offered ice cream and fifty-two percent of the people reacted like nine year olds. They want ice cream.

The other forty-eight percent of us know we're going to have to feed the cow and clean up the mess.

24 January 2009

Obama jokes

When pressed for an answer as to why they poked fun at John McCain instead of Barack Hussein Obama nearly 7 to 1, the late night television shows all claimed that there wasn't anything funny about Obama.

Well there is now a website of Obama jokes.

Here's a sampling of their fare. I've only culled some of the funnier ones.



Q. Why won’t Obama laugh at himself?
A. Because it would be racist.


Q. How can you tell when Obama has been smoking dope?
A. He answers the door when the phone rings.


Q. Why did Obama think that he had campaigned in 57 states?
A. His heavy pot use has left him a brownie short of a full pan.


Q. Why wouldn’t Barack salute the American flag?
A. It was ours.


Q. Why will Jimmy Carter vote for Barack Obama?
A. Because Jimmy doesn't want to be the worst President in history.


Like any experienced Chicago politician, Obama would go the cemetary to register voters. One night he came across a grave so old and worn that he couldn't make out the name on the tombstone. The staffer holding the flashlight got impatient and suggested they just move on to the next plot. Obama angrily exclaimed, "This person has a much right to vote as anyone else here!"


Q. Why won't Obama release his real birth certificate?
A. He's deciding which of his names (Barack Barry Hussein Obama Soetoro) to put on it.


Q. Why won't Obama release his real birth certificate?
A. The ink isn't dry yet.


Q. Why won't Obama release his real birth certificate?
A. Hillary Clinton won't give it back to him.


Q. Why won't Obama release his real birth certificate?
A. He wants to surprise us at his swearing in.


Q. Why won't Obama release his real birth certificate?
A. He accidently smoked it.


Q. Why won't Obama Messiah release his real birth certificate?
A. It shows that he didn't have a virgin birth.


Q. Why won't Obama Messiah release his real birth certificate?
A. It got mixed in with his Rezko mortgage records and shredded.

Obama: The Anti-Reagan

I was listening to Mark Levin the other night and he compared and contrasted the differences between the inaugural speeches of Ronald Reagan and Barack Hussein Obama.

It's like comparing a satyr to an Hyperion.

Reagan faced difficulties that Obama cannot even imagine. In 1980 the unemployment rate was 7.5% Mortgage interest rates were up to 20% and inflation was running at a steady at 13.9%

Obama's campaign rhetoric aside, we're not in a depression and we're not even close.

Here's Reagan:

Here's Obama:

Reagan promoted American virtue, American power, and American values. Reagan rightly condemned government. He famously stated that government is not the solution to our problems, government is the problem. Reagan united us with a staunch belief in the "magic" and uniqueness of the American spirit. He valued our constitution and correctly identified the American experience as the most audacious and important experience in democracy the world has ever - I repeat - EVER seen.

Barack is a "citizen of the world." During the campaign he decried government for being "broken" but then turned around and said that more government is the answer to our ills. Like Dhimmi Carter, Barack wants to consolidate his power base through more and more federal programs. He knows that by getting more people beholden to a government subsidy check, he can be assured that they'll keep voting for whatever party pays the bills or gives away freebies. This type of governance is foreign and anathema to the principles of our Founding Fathers, and to the constitution itself. While giving lip service to "responsibility" Obama doesn't follow his own advise. He spent 175 million of tax payer dollars on his inaugural celebration and plans on expanding federal spending up into the trillions. This is Obama's first executive job. He's never had to pay taxes, get licenses, screen, hire and pay employees, pitch a client on a sales presentation, submit a budget, balance his checking account, construct a building, negotiate leasing agreements, create financial statements, calculate financial ratios, fight with the endless bureaucrats that sit in thousands of positions impeding the flow of investment dollars - none of that! And yet this guy lectures us on responsibility and accountability.

He's the Anti-Reagan. Here's Reagan's greatest speech (1964):

With the election of Barack Hussein Obama, we have surely taken our first step toward 1,000 years of Darkness.

Larry King:"My 8-year old wants to be black"

You can add Larry King to the list of media-types who are enthralled by the wonders of The Messiah. He now thinks that "black is in"

And, yet again, you have to go to an overseas news source to see a story like this. This time it's the Telegraph UK.

Story here.

CNN's orange-haired septuagenarian chatterbox Larry King has been bowled over by the new Age of Obama, enthusing that his youngest offspring (from his seventh marriage) wants to be black. I guess it's a case of black being, er, the new black.

Interviewing a visibly uncomfortable Bob Woodward on his eponymous CNN show last night, Larry, 75, gushed: "My younger son Cannon, he is eight. And he now says that he would like to be black. I'm not kidding. He said there's a lot of advantages. Black is in. Is this a turning of the tide?"

I wonder why Larry doesn't discuss the 800 pound gorilla in the room.....Black crime. Does Larry also think it's "wonderful" that blacks commit crimes at a pace 3 times higher than whites?

Remember when Senator Barack Hussein Obama, during the 2008 primaries, charged that blacks and whites “are arrested at very different rates, are convicted at very different rates, [and] receive very different sentences . . . for the same crime"?

If you're uninformed about crime and its sociological impact, that statement may make sense to you. In fact, most Obama supporters are blissfully ignorant of crime and its racial component.

Heather McDonald has the answer:

After all, in 2006, blacks were 37.5 percent of all state and federal prisoners, though they’re under 13 percent of the national population. About one in 33 black men was in prison in 2006, compared with one in 205 white men and one in 79 Hispanic men. Eleven percent of all black males between the ages of 20 and 34 are in prison or jail. The dramatic rise in the prison and jail population over the last three decades—to 2.3 million people at the end of 2007 has only amplified the racial accusations against the criminal-justice system.

The favorite culprits for high black prison rates include a biased legal system, draconian drug enforcement, and even prison itself. None of these explanations stands up to scrutiny. The black incarceration rate is overwhelmingly a function of black crime. Insisting otherwise only worsens black alienation and further defers a real solution to the black crime problem.

The White Libs are too busy fawning over Barack and celebrating his blackness. I understand that he's a terrific model for the black community: here's a man that is elected president, who's a good husband, father and community activist. Great! I applaud him for that. And I do think it a good thing that many young blacks see him as someone to emulate.

But let's cut the crap already. As Juan Williams, writing for the Wall Street Journal, says:

How shall we judge our new leader?

....If his presidency is to represent the full power of the idea that black Americans are just like everyone else -- fully human and fully capable of intellect, courage and patriotism -- then Barack Obama has to be subject to the same rough and tumble of political criticism experienced by his predecessors. To treat the first black president as if he is a fragile flower is certain to hobble him. It is also to waste a tremendous opportunity for improving race relations by doing away with stereotypes and seeing the potential in all Americans.

Yet there is fear, especially among black people, that criticism of him or any of his failures might be twisted into evidence that people of color cannot effectively lead. That amounts to wasting time and energy reacting to hateful stereotypes. It also leads to treating all criticism of Mr. Obama, whether legitimate, wrong-headed or even mean-spirited, as racist.

Exactly! Let's break out of this politically correct nonsense and treat him just like everybody else. He needs to be criticized and examined. The press didn't do a damn thing to expose his lack of experience, his socialist political philosophy, nor his radical affiliations.

And now that Team Obama are getting ready to dump another $1 trillion dollars of Stimu-Pork-Barrel subsidies to their friends and cronies....it's time to stand up and say enough!

But does the "other side" see it that way? Uh, no.

Here's Robert Reich on 09Jan2009 saying that federal spending on infrastructure projects shouldn't go to "white male construction workers." In fact, he goes on to say - and I am paraphrasing here - that the money shouldn't target qualified, educated people: it should go to dumb, lazy, ghetto denizens. That way they can buy more plasma TVs, smoke cigarettes, and drink Hennessy; all on YOUR dime.

Here's the video of our "leaders" discussing where your tax money should go. And eventhough Obama sat and listened to racist diatribes every week for 20 years, relax! He's not a racist. He loves black people.

19 January 2009

Honor to You

To my fellow police officers worldwide. One of the best speeches written by Shakespeare. St. Crispin's Day speech....

Black Death hits AQ in Algeria

The Lord works in mysterious ways, indeed.

The Telegraph UK reports that an Al-Qaeda training camp in Algeria was hit with the Black Plague, killing 40 probationary jihadis. (Well they were at-will employees anyway.)

The disease, which struck Europe in the Middle Ages killing more than 25 million people, has swept through a training camp for insurgents in Algeria.

The arrival of the plague was discovered when security forces found the body of a dead terrorist by a roadside, the Sun reports.

The victim belonged to the large al-Qaeda network AQLIM (al-Qaeda in the Land of the Islamic Maghreb).

A security source told the paper: "This is the deadliest weapon yet in the war against terror. Most of the terrorists do not have the basic medical supplies needed to treat the disease.

"It spreads It spreads quickly and kills within hours. This will be really worrying al-Qaeda."

Black Death comes in various forms and was one of the deadliest pandemics in human history when it struck in the 1340s killing 75 million people across North Africa, Asia and Europe.

Bubonic Plague is spread by bites from infected rat fleas. Symptoms include painful boils in the groin, neck and armpits. In Pneumonic Plague, airborn bacteria spread like flu. Without medication it can be deadly.

O the irony! Struck down by fleas and rats while training to do Allah's murderous directives. I wonder if they'll qualify for "line of duty" and get the 70 virgins?

16 January 2009

Another 'brilliant' Obama appointee

Have you noticed that the mainstream media constantly uses the word "brilliant" to categorize Obama and any appointment he makes? While the world ponders just how someone like the 'brilliant' Timothy Geithner - BHO's Treasury pick - can be after he was caught in an IRS tax scandal; it just shows how deep the bias in the MSM runs in favor of TEAM-Obama. Remember how they said that Obama was a "brilliant" community organizer? How he was a "brilliant" Harvard Law professor?

Mark Halperin, a media wonk with some backbone, wrote an outstanding article on the pro-Obama bias phenomenon. "It's the most disgusting failure of people in our business since the Iraq war," Halperin said at a panel of media analysts. "It was extreme bias, extreme pro-Obama coverage."

Halperin, who maintains Time's political site "The Page," cited two New York Times articles as examples of the divergent coverage of the two candidates.

"The example that I use, at the end of the campaign, was the two profiles that The New York Times ran of the potential first ladies," Halperin said. "The story about Cindy McCain was vicious. It looked for every negative thing they could find about her and it case her in an extraordinarily negative light. It didn't talk about her work, for instance, as a mother for her children, and they cherry-picked every negative thing that's ever been written about her."

The story about Michelle Obama, by contrast, was "like a front-page endorsement of what a great person Michelle Obama is," according to Halperin.

One of The Messiah's cronies at Harvard is a guy named Cass Sunstein. Ever heard of him? Probably not. TEAM-Obama is hoping that his appointment as the White House's Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs will fly under the collective radar. The reason?

Cass Sunsteain is a radical unlike no other. He's an ultra-PETA activist (dare I say Eco-Nazi???)

Check out this snippet from TownHall.com's spotlight:

Forget about Barack Obama's income tax-challenged Treasury Secretary or the conflict of interest controversy at the State Department. The most outrageous Obama appointee just might be Cass Sunstein, a Harvard Law School professor who's flying under everyone's radar and into a job that hardly anyone has ever heard of.

Cass Sunstein is slated to run the White House's Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. He's going to be America 's chief "regulatory czar." And shocking new research from the Center for Consumer Freedom shows that he's a dedicated animal-rights zealot.

Hold on to your sirloin.

The anti-meat nuts at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and the anti-hunting lobbyists at the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) used to think that putting Dennis Kucinich in the White House would be their best hope of wielding real power in Washington . But even they didn't see Cass Sunstein coming. Sunstein has the legal mind of Chief Justice John Roberts and the animal-rights agenda of PETA president Ingrid Newkirk.

We're not talking about animal welfare---the idea of making sure we don't cause animals unnecessary suffering when we use them for food, clothing, entertainment, or lifesaving medical research. Sunstein believes in animal rights---the notion that people shouldn't "own" or "use" animals at all, for any purpose, no matter what the stakes are for mankind.

Cancer research? Not if lab rats are used against their will.

Hunting? Absolutely forbidden, especially if it's for sport.

Leather jackets? The cows need their skin more that you do.

Seeing-eye dogs? They're nothing more than slaves.

And that T-bone steak? Fuhgeddaboudit! If animals have any "rights" at all, the right to not be your dinner is at the top of the list.

All of this makes perfect sense to Cass Sunstein, who organized the "Chicago Project on Animal Treatment Principles" at the University of Chicago . He will soon have the political authority to push for a radical overhaul of the way the federal government regulates everything Americans do with animals.

How radical? Sunstein supports making sport hunting illegal, and completely phasing out the consumption of meat. And if that's not nutty enough, he's actually in favor of giving animals the legal right to sue people.

Think we're joking? Think again. Here's what Sunstein wrote in his 2004 book, Animal Rights: Current Debates and New Directions:

"[A]nimals should be permitted to bring suit, with human beings as their representatives ... Any animals that are entitled to bring suit would be represented by (human) counsel, who would owe guardian like obligations and make decisions, subject to those obligations, on their clients' behalf."

Conservative commentators have been openly fretting that Barack Obama may try to turn welfare entitlements and single-payer healthcare into a new Bill of Rights. But Cass Sunstein threatens to expand the whole concept of "rights" to include the rest of the animal kingdom.

That fish wriggling at the end of your hook could soon be a federal offense (if the fish doesn't file a lawsuit first). Don't say we didn't warn you. .

Unbelievable. And no doubt there will be nary a whimper of dissent from anyone in the Senate.

As Michelle Malkin points out, this is just another example of Government of The Goofs, By The Goofs, and For The Goofs.

It's just another day in the emerging Workers' Paradise. Get ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with your "comrade" as you dig for potatoes in the field somewhere.

14 January 2009

Goofy Greens At Work

Here is a wonderful example of why The Greens have no business meddling in our ecosystems. They're abundantly ignorant of the dynamics of nature.

Via Yahoo news:

It seemed like a good idea at the time: Remove all the feral cats from a famous Australian island to save the native seabirds.

But the decision to eradicate the felines from Macquarie island allowed the rabbit population to explode and, in turn, destroy much of its fragile vegetation that birds depend on for cover, researchers said Tuesday.

Removing the cats from Macquarie "caused environmental devastation" that will cost authorities 24 million Australian dollars ($16.2 million) to remedy, Dana Bergstrom of the Australian Antarctic Division and her colleagues wrote in the British Ecological Society's Journal of Applied Ecology.

And these people have the audacity to lecture us on Global Warming, shrinking habitats and drowning polar bears? Gimme a break. If you're paying attention, you can fairly quickly see through the global climate change scheme. It's just a shell game.

Sadly, the Obama-Oprah Drones aren't that quick on the uptake. That's why we have an inexperienced clown about to be inaugurated.

13 January 2009

Bush discusses his Liberal Legacy

Bush discussed his legacy yesterday and said with a smirk, "I readily concede that I chucked aside some of my free market principles when I was told by chief economic advisers that the situation we were facing could be worse than the Great Depression."

His first mistake was listening to his economic team, and pumping funds into failing businesses. The second is that Bush is now the biggest social spending president in American history. Under Bush, and pretty soon under Obama - Federal spending as a percentage of GDP will be 28%

Essentially what that means is that the Federal Government will directly control almost 30% of our economy. The gov't hasn't had this level of spending since World War 2.

From the WSJ:

Federal expenditures are now rapidly outpacing the growth of the economy, which is expected to be negative this year. CBO estimates that even before the stimulus federal spending will climb to an all-time high 24.9% of GDP, up from the previous post-World War II high of 23.5% in 1985. Add the stimulus and bailout cash and we estimate the federal spending share of GDP will climb to 27.5%.

All of this is fast pushing the U.S. to European spending levels, and that's before Mr. Obama's new health-care entitlements.

From the same article...

The Congressional Budget Office released its latest budget forecast yesterday, and we now really do have red ink as far as the eye can see.

Thanks to a 6.6% decline in revenues due to recession, a spending increase of some $500 billion or 19%, and assorted federal bailouts, the U.S. deficit for fiscal 2009 (ending September 30) will nearly triple to $1.19 trillion.

That's 8.3% of GDP, which CBO says "will most likely shatter the previous post-World War II record high of 6.0 percent posted in 1983." It certainly blows away any deficit this decade, not to mention the Reagan years when smaller deficits were the media cause celebre.

It's appalling that we don't have EVEN ONE political leader denouncing these spending packages, bailouts and macro-socialization of our economy. The government caused these economic problems through the Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae debacle.

Team Bush laid the groundwork for more and more centralized government control, and Team Obama is going to run the ball to the end-zone. Obama wants a highly centralized government - a socialist government that controls more and more of your life and removes decisions from you.

This is all WITHOUT the coming National Healthcare proposals. Obama and Dashle want to add additional economic burdens to our staggering economy through funneling government spending through a nationalized medical plan.

From Dashle's own book, he claims that in his opinion "there are too many angioplasties" and that we could start to deny coverage and procedures by just saying "it's too expensive."

As I stated in a previous post, we're heading down a path of tyranny that will be very difficult to get out of once we're there. Obama wants the government to seize more control of you. He thinks the constitution is broken and that it is "a bunch of negative rights." He thinks the constitution should be revamped into a vast social spending program. That's why he and his Green agenda cohorts are pushing environmental initiatives. The Green plans are perfect covers to infiltrate everyone's life and impose the will of the Government.

You have a high watt bulb in your kitchen? The government will fine you. You want to drive a big car because it's roomier for your kids, groceries and it's safer on the road? Too bad - the government will tax your big car out of existence. Do you see what I'm getting at? It's apparent that the mainstream media isn't interesting in writing about these topics because they're in bed with the Marxist Left in this country.

How about cutting taxes, ramping back government spending and letting the economy do what it does best: create jobs and increase tax revenues. Naaaa ... Obama knows better. Afterall he's created so many of his own businesses and employed so many people in his long illustrious illinois career.

The Founders are probably rolling over in their graves.

12 January 2009

Taking Chance

Coming to theaters in February. Looks like a good one.

Ben & Jerry's strikes again

The hippy Libs at Ben & Jerry's are at it again. Now they've taken their fat and sugar product and added Barack Hussein Obama's picture on. The newest flavor is called "yes pecan!" and features yet-another Stalin-era portrait of the Messiah.


This is just ONE MORE reason to boycott Ben & Jerry's products. Besides funding Left-wing "progressive" action groups like National People's Action", they're busy supporting murderers on Death Row.

Ben Cohen signed a petition to free convicted cop-killer Mumia.

The brainwashing of our society continues unabated.

08 January 2009

Cop arrests Firefighter

Dashcam video of copper arresting Fire department captain at scene of multiple car crash on busy highway.

Captain sued for false arrest and got $17,500. Cops like this give us all a bad name. If you're having a bad day, find someone other than a working Fire fighter to exercise your authority issues.

BLUtube is powered by PoliceOne.com

RIP Officer Norman Smith

UPDATE: The Dallas news editorial board posted a wonderful piece about Officer Smith, in which they pointed out, correctly, that anyone who uses drugs is directly culpable and complicit in Officer Smith's murder. I couldn't agree more.

Minimally if you're using marijuana or an illicit narcotic, you're part of the problem. People are murdering each other to protect their drug operations. They're protecting their supply chain in order to get it to their end user: You.

Additionally, if you are using drugs, then you're numbing yourself out and disconnecting from what' s going on out there. If you were sober, you'd be mad as hell and standing up against drug dealing. But since you're doping yourself up, you cannot be bothered fighting for our neighborhoods and streets.

You do have blood on your hands.

Dallas police Senior Corporal Norman Smith was murdered yesterday as he attempted to locate an offender who had a felony warrant for his arrest.

For those that want to make a financial contribution, the Norman S. Smith Memorial Fund has been set up at the Dallas City Credit Union. Their website is https://www.citycu.org/

Thoughts and prayers for this Officer, his family and friends.

Sporadic postings

Happy New Year, cherished readers.

As you've noticed I'm not posting much. I'm working on some other writing assignments and will only be posting sporadically over the next couple months.

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