15 December 2009

Free Bill Cozzi campaign

The Free Bill Cozzi page is up and ready to go on FaceBook.

For those of you who don't know the backstory, Bill worked in 025 and was our traffic officer. He was dedicated and hard-working. One day while on-duty and on a different case, he was summoned by the staff at Norwegian American Hospital to attend to a combative patient. Bill ended up striking the man with an unknown object while the guy was hand-cuffed. The incident was caught on video surveillance.

The man was not injured, and didn't even complain. He knew he was in the wrong and decided to not make an issue of it.

Our very-own Superintendent Jody P. Weis thought differently. Apparently Weis thought he would act on the behalf of the victim, and turn the case file on Bill over to Weis' contacts at the DOJ. This was done after Bill served a 2-year suspension, plead guilty to misdemeanor battery, and paid various court costs and fines. The Police Board voted to allow Bill to come back to the department. Just as he was about to be reinstated, Weis pulled the rug out from under him.

The disciplinary process within the department is strict, and follows its own by-laws. Bill did everything asked of him - and more - and was summarily punished by a vindictive and know-nothing bureaucrat; namely Jody Weis.

Bill made a mistake and is paying for it.

This page is simply to offer support and comfort to an officer who desperately needs it. The place he is in is terrible, and he is alone and abandoned. Let's not let Jody win this one - let's send Bill letters to let him know that he's not forgotten.

Even Santa says so...


Please send Bill a Christmas card or letter. He loves to get mail, and it would brighten his otherwise dismal day down there.

William Cozzi #40222-424 FCI
FCI Oakdale
P.O.Box 5000
Oakdale,La. 71463

God bless Bill Cozzi and may God remove Jody Weis from his office very soon. His skills as a 'leader' are tremendously lacking.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Cozzi had to be made a sacrifice to appease the many who hate the police.

Anonymous said...

I counted at least 8 blows to a person shackled to a wheelchair. Sorry, but police are here to "serve and protect", not judge and torture. Watch the video: