21 October 2009

Totalitarianism Bearing Down on US Citizens

Whether you realize it or not, we are at war. Whether you realize it or not, the American citizen and his freedoms are in the cross-hairs of the totalitarians in Washington.

They're coming at us from all directions, hot and fast. Who can keep up? Most of us work, spend time with our families - and don't have the time to demonstrate, call our representatives and fire off angry letters.

They want to confiscate our private property, they want to eliminate our liberties, and remove freedoms from us. Government takeovers of the Auto industry, Insurance, Healthcare, Finance, banking, Energy companies....and now they're reaching outside our borders to get us into a Climate Change Treaty.

If we sign it, it will literally be the end of our democracy.

Time is running out; we only have a few weeks to put this to a halt.

Check out this interview with Lord Monckton, a top climate change expert:

They feel we owe the world a "climate debt" - we'll be forced to pay "reparations" to the rest of the world under the false pretense of carbon emissions. The ultimate danger is that our constitution dictates that a ratified treaty will not be governed within the parameters of the constitution.

Also, Democratic countries will be forced to hand over their payments every year. It will pass right over the heads of their voting populations. Bypassing the ballot boxes.

God save us from these people. Our Democracy is dangling from a thread.


Anonymous said...

We must join with the U.N. A one world government.

Rue St. Michel said...

We're already a member of the United Nations - and we pay the lion' share of the expenses too!

Go back to sleep, Roscoe.

Anonymous said...

Propoganda, pure and simple, from the right.

My dear, Rue-y. Glenn Beck is one of those "totalitarians" of which you fear. Think he cares about the working man?

He makes about $40 million annually. He wishes to control so as not to share with those in need. He pracitcally bowed before that "Lord." That's what he wants though.

"The haves" over the "have nots."

As to the climate thing. Is it not time the global corporations that have endangered this world be held encountable?


Rue St. Michel said...

Lefty -

Thank you for sharing but you're way off the mark. We conservatives don't care how much a person earns - we let the free market dictate their earnings. If Beck makes that, so be it and God bless him.

Second, he's not a totalitarian - he has no power over you and me. Only the government has that control and influence. No drug companies, no big oil, no Big 3 auto makers - none of them can do to you and me what the government can do.

This is not propaganda from the Right. Our liberties are being stripped from us right before our very eyes. Team Obama has installed 44+ "czars" in key places and we're finding that some - if not all - are closet Maoists, Communists and Marxists. These appointments bypass the ballot box and are intended precisely so.

And Climate Change (Global Warming) is an interesting topic. So we're to blame huh? We're to bear the cost of Climate debt reparations? What about China? For the last 15 years the top 8 out of 10 worst polluting cities in the world were within China's borders. Why aren't they paying for all the "damage to the climate?"

I'll tell you why: because they are a Communist country with a labor force that is cheap, dependable, and dispensable. There is no Natural Law guiding their government, the rights of their citizens derive from a Politburea - not from God (like ours blessed declaration and constitution do). There is no respect for freedom, life and private property in China. All are tools of production, all are tools of the State.

How far are we from doing the same here? And PLEASE don't ever tell me again that Obama is NOT a Marxist: he is and the proof now is undeniable.

Honest to God I wish you and Coldy Would Wake up. It is time.

Anonymous said...

Have full control of the world turned over to the U.N. Have U.N. forces patrol our streets since those do now can't control the crime. A one world government.

Anonymous said...

Lefty is as soft as puppyshit upstairs.

Anonymous said...

"How far are we from doing the same here? And PLEASE don't ever tell me again that Obama is NOT a Marxist: he is and the proof now is undeniable.

Honest to God I wish you and Coldy Would Wake up. It is time."

Wake up to what, my friend? Obama IS NOT a Marxist. He still allows the the rich to run amok.

Beck is part of the ultra rich and would no more allow the poor and middle class more voice than the man on the moon.

I can't speak for the Cold Man, but as a true leftist I am disturbed with his presidency. True, he is a bit to the left of center, in actions NOT ideology, but to the far left he is not.

As to the comments of 10:28 a.m. as my being soft as puppy do-do, well, if that means concern for all peoples, especially the downtrodden, I am.


P.S. Not to worry Rue-y, I still like ya, not that you'll lose anyb sleep over that one.

Anonymous said...

The end is near, bankruptcy on a national level is around the corner. With no money for the welfare program the ghettos will riot. The police will not be able to control anything.

Anonymous said...

We must pursue a worldwide ban on firearms. Weapons control is a must for worldwide safety. Prohibit private ownership of all firearms. Even have the police keep their duty weapons at their posts just like the military when not on duty.

Anonymous said...

Firearm ownership ensures freedom and life.Those opposed to weapon ownership are evil.

Anonymous said...

This shows you how Police services can be privatized. Don't need cops to write tickets. Next reports will be taken by police aides so desk crews could be cut. They could just have police for in progress crimes. So with all the after the fact reports being done by non-police, you could probably get by with just rapid response cars only. (All beat car functions handled by police aides) This could cut the police force down to say about 4500. A great plan with great savings. Remember Aides could be paid about $15 an hour with a decreased benefit plan.

10/26/2009 09:35:00 AM