19 October 2009

Times UK:"Biden - Mr. Wrong"

The Times of UK, Europe's version of the Old Gray Lady - takes a HUGE swipe and Vice President Joe Bide; and indirectly at Barack Hussein Obama.

Full story here.

What Mr Obama overlooked was that Mr Biden, who served as a senator for tiny Delaware for 36 years, had never run anything in his life, or taken decisions rather than talking about things, at legendary length. Even in the United States Senate, that august body which each week produces enough hot air to transport 1,000 six-year-olds across America, Mr Biden – who sports hair plugs and a set of porcelain-enhanced gnashers that would blind a polar bear – is renowned for his wordiness.

The article is short, and quickly to the point. That point being that Joe Biden HAS 'literally' done nothing in his life except get elected to the Senate for 36 years. The same critiques leveled at the VP can also be volleyed at Obama: he never did anything in his life except get elected, raise to kids, graduate from an Ivy League school and register ghetto denizens to vote. Sad to say; those are facts - indisputable, no less.

The Brits are miffed because Joe Biden is not qualified to make policy decisions about Iraq, Afghanistan nor troop deployments - But Obama is relying on "Mr. Wrong" for just that purpose.

At least the British press is beginning to realize that Washington is now riddled with incompetent oafs - like Obama and Biden. Maybe next time they'll examine Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and arrive at a similar conclusion.

One would hope.


Anonymous said...

America is the cause of most of the world's problems. Americans demand more than their far share of the world's resources. You can see everywhere in America. Gas guzzler cars, overweight people, and a lazy lifestyle.

Rue St. Michel said...

Roscoe? Please go spam some other blog.