07 October 2009

Muslims snub French Gay soccer team

The Religion of Peace strikes again! I guess there is no word for Tolerance in the Qu'oran.

Story here.


Anonymous said...

And those right wing Bible thumpers would welcome a gay soccer team?

Come on Rue-y, be fair. The neo-cons (I hate that term) live by the motto, "do as i say, not as i do."


Anonymous said...

Obama wont!

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong......Most religions condemn the Gay lifestyle. Except the goofy churches of the western world..

Anonymous said...

Butts are for pooping.

Anonymous said...

Seems gay folks are claiming to be the new "Jew". Oppressed by all for their strange against the laws of nature lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

if it feels good, Do It ( nowwww- just leave the kids alone! )

;-) - S H A D Y yyyyyyyyyy -

( enjoying the natural goodness of pooping ;-)