15 October 2009

Marx vs. Franklin

People don't realize that your private property is the foundation of your freedoms. The founders knew that if the government was enabled to confiscate your private property, then that would place tremendous power into the hands of the Federal government.

The founders were very concerned about limiting the government's power and reach.

Now that is out the window! TeamObama is working hard to take more and more of your property vis-a-vis tax rates. Here's a nice synopsis as to why taxes are the linchpin of Communism, and the way out for Capitalism.

Capitalists of the World, Unite!


Anonymous said...

Have you seem Senate bill SB-2099? This is an amendment to the internal Revenue Act of 1986. This will require you to put on your 2009 1040 federal tax form all the guns you have or own. It will require fingerprints and a tax of $50 per gun. This bill was introduced by the Obama staff in Feb.24 2009. This means the Finance Committee has passed this without the Senate voting on it at all.

Anonymous said...

End all foreign aid. By keep our money here we will have no bills. Let all those freeloader nations take care of themselves. If they want money, it's what they can sell or trade to us. Not free money.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck, yea, he can throw around that stuff because he IS in the top one per cent.

He loves to throw around he contributes more than 4 million dollars to charity annually. What he does not say is it goes to the Church of Later Day Saints (LDS) of which he is a member. The Mormoms require him to give at least 10 per cent.

The church he belongs is not revelant. What is important is that he wishes the rich to remain in power of which he is a member.


Anonymous said...

I guess they found out the lock on 025's gym door was illegal. Therefore, removed by the building engineers perhaps?

Rue St. Michel said...

I wonder if Stoppa is claiming all those "gym fees" as income on his 1040 form?

Anonymous said...

If we didnt have to pay for mud man,we wouldnt have these problems.