01 October 2009

Hollywood Needs its Idiots Back

The overpaid, Leftist trolls who work in Hollywood and get paid to pretend to be someone or something else, are up to their old tricks. Their Leftist Masters in Big Government tapped them to be the Acolytes send to "spread the word" about ObamaCare. Get your barf-bag ready:

And, here's the absolutely hysterical rebuttal from HotAir. Why listen to experts in the field of medicine, health care and economics? Let's all listen to some folks whose only expertise is in reading scripts and "acting".

Celebrities won't feel the burden and pain of a single payer, government run system. They've got plenty of money to do whatever they want. It is sickening that they get their accolades from us when we go see their trivial movies, and we put our hard-earned cash into their pockets. And for what? So they can run around acting like they know what they're talking about? They live and work in fantasy-land ... they want us all to do the same.

Make a list and boycott each and everyone of these idiots' movies and TV shows.

As Laura Ingraham said to The Dixie Chicks when they stepped out of their scope of talent (ie. politics) - Shut up and Sing! .... So I'd say to these B-list actors: Shut up and Act. Leave politics to those of us who actually read something other than Vanity and the NYTimes.

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Anonymous said...

Remember, these are the same folks that support that child molester Polanski. You know, the guy who rapes 13 yr old girl, is found guilty, then flees to France to avoid prison.