18 October 2009

HIDTA Hijinks

UPDATE: Oh my prophetic soul! Here's more evidence that O'grady's policy of "put dope on the table" is NOT working. This DEA team, following orders, was monitoring POD cameras and observed these offenders exchanging jabs. They went to take them down and the offenders fled the scene. They killed a woman after crashing their car.

Now, the point is this: Why do you have DEA credentialed officers watching POD cameras and going after piddly weed transactions? Is this a proper and effective use of Department resources and Federal funding? No, it is not.

Someone slap O'grady on the head for me and tell him to wake up! His policy of "quick hits" is putting lives at risk. This is a short-term solution to a long-term problem.

From the Rue-mors file:

Insiders who've talked to your humble narrator inform me that Commander O'grady at NAGIS/HIDTA is telling his drug interdiction teams to knock off the long-term surveillance. O'grady wants his teams to go out and get "quick hits" and to "put dope on the table".

What this amounts to is nothing more than what your typical Tactical team does everyday. The HIDTA teams are federally funded, and federally manned. The program is part of the Department of Justice. There are agents for the DEA and FBI within the ranks and their stated mission is to perform long-term investigations to root out drug trafficking networks. The networks they're supposed to investigate are the ones that are moving large shipments of drugs into the United States. The HIDTA philosophy is to act nationally, but think locally. They interface with local law enforcement and help guide them to intercept big shipments of drugs. Ultimate authority rests within the local department. In Chicago, O'grady commands the HIDTA unit.

But how can our guys and gals execute that mission when they're being forced to shake down street corner hustlers for a jab???

90% of drug trafficking comes from Mexico. That's a fact. And it takes weeks to track down every person involved in the pipe-line. Then the team has to get search warrants, document every step of the investigation, and then take down the players. That's what this team is specifically designed to do - it's NOT there to do petty weed arrests.

This situation is like using your SWAT Team to write parking tickets.

O'grady is also pushing his teams to obtain and execute search warrants in districts and areas that the teams themselves have little intelligence about. Instead of letting his guys and gals do their jobs, here's another house-mouse who's only concerned about "numbers." He obviously doesn't fully comprehend how to utitilize his members, and his myopia is causing millions more dollars of dope to cross the border undetected.

From what I'm told, morale within the unit is at an all-time low.

These officers and agents do a tremendously dangerous job, and I salute them for their courage, valor and commitment.

Let's hope Commander O'grady finds a nice new position leading a stalwart team of officers at the Equipment and Supply Division.

It sounds like he'd be better suited tracking the number of desks and gas masks owned by the city.


Anonymous said...

Who is his clout?

Remember Sheila O'Grady that used to be the Mayor's chief of staff

Anonymous said...

The war on drugs is not winnable,but it is fundable.