22 September 2009

John Garrido for Cook County Board President

I wasn't going to blog about this, but recent developments have pushed my hands into an informal discussion of John Garrido's candidacy for Cook County Board President.

While I am a staunch Republican, with Libertarian tendencies, I didn't plan on voting for John. I planned on remaining neutral.

My neutrality is at an end.

My personal opinion is that I don't believe John Garrido is a strong leader. He seems overly concerned about doing the bidding of the "bosses" and what the higher-ups care about but doesn't seem to take leadership roles in regards to guiding his officers.

Case in point: He ordered a team to take a covert van and do surveillance on a drug spot because it was an issue that, I'm told, had come up during a CAPS meeting. John was an "acting" lieutenant that night and wasn't the usual team leader. Also, the van is not used specifically for that purpose - the regular lieutenant would not have made that decision because the other one understands street tactics and how to properly run a tactical team.

The troops do as they're told that night, and end up getting shot at by a group of gang-bangers who mistook the van for rivals. Upon the return of the regular lieutenant, Garrido was reprimanded. I heard he was told,"You'll never be left in charge of my team again!" Although I wasn't there and that is heresay.

Then there was the infamous "Dogs at St. Jude" incident in which Garrido thought it would be a good idea to bring his brood of dogs down to Saint Jude march and run them along with the police officers. Needless to say some bosses weren't happy with his comportment and he was reprimanded again.

And he once sent out his personal legal opinion on a recent legal brief that went to all exempts - all the way up to the Superintendent. Again, bosses let him have it because his job isn't to parse legal opinions of the courts - it is to be a lieutenant of police.

I'm not picking on the guy, we're all human - replete with all the foibles and mistakes of the human condition. I may have even done the same things he did. And I salute him for going out there and taking a risk at running. It is costing him alot of money, time and dedication. His website is top-notch and surely cost a pretty penny to put together.

But with all the Machine contenders jostling for the spot, it is virtually impossible for him to really have a shot at getting there.

If you want to see and support John Garrido, by all means go ahead. His Facebook page is here. His website is http://garrido2010.com/

I will not vote for him. Instead I will go buy a beer for Tom Clarke and have a good time talking to a stand-up guy.

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