28 September 2009

And the Machine Rolls On

Hill Buzz is reporting today that Mayor Richard Daley has contacted Fox News Chicago and instructed - nay, ordered - them to not run a story about a group of Chicagoans who are against having the city host the olympics.

Their website is here.

It is important that this story goes viral because people need to wake up to what is coming our way. Something like 365 miles of roads will be closed for the weeks that the Olympics are in effect. Other cities spent millions and some are still trying to get out from under the debt load. It took 30 years for Montreal to pay off the debts incurred during their host period. Five years after hosting, Athens' 20 of 21 sites built for Olympic use stand abandoned.


This event that Daley so desperately wants for our city is nothing more than a scheme to enrich Daley and his cronies - there is no other possible explanation for his breathless tirades on getting them here.

In Chicago it's all about "What can you do for me?" - and that is exactly why the Olympics should go anywhere but to the City of Big Shoulders. We've got enough problems without dealing with this logistical nightmare.

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