28 July 2009

Queen Michelle - Elitist Snob

Aren't we in the midst of the Great Recession? Isn't this "the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression?" With so much economic doom and gloom, you'd think that Mr. and Mrs. Obama would be slightly sensitive to over-doing their spending. But no. This is the New Camelot, after all.

The Canadian Free Press (Of course no US newpaper would DARE write a critical article about the Obamas) has a scathing indictment of the erst-while "First Lady" and her outrageous spending habits.

"Miz Michelle" has 20 attendants, at a whopping cost of $1,216,200. And this is just staffing. Don't forget that if the Obamas want to jet to New York for dinner, that little outing cost US Taxpayers $250,000. Michelle wore sneakers to a charity event that cost over $500. The Obamas wanted pizza so they flew a pizza chef in from New Orleans to make 140 pizzas for the Obamas and their staff.


These two are a disgrace....incompetent, petty, racial, and elitists through-and-through.


Professor GatesHates said...

Lately when I see "folk" wearing those stupid shirts, the ones with the picture of the Magic Negro, that say "The One," I tell them to it's borken and get it fixed.

Then when they go "Huh?" I tell them it should say "The One-Termer."

Anonymous said...

Yet they demonize Sarah Palin for getting a few new threads for her wardrobe.

Anonymous said...

Just look how black folks run governments. Check out how Africa has gone since the whiteman was kicked out of his colonies there. Every nigger that takes over a country runs it into the ground, steals everything, and then flees with his stolen swill.

Cpdcoppurr said...

They thought Hillary Clinton and our beloved Nancy Reagan ran the White House and wore the pants in there. We haven't seen anything yet, with the uber Communist Pig first hemaphrodite. This she/he that is married to the Commander and Thief is running this from behind the scenes. At least we really do know that Obambi has been castrated.