06 July 2009

Inside the mind of The Left

Bernie Ecclestone, the man who controls Formula One auto racing, said Friday that he preferred totalitarian regimes to democracies and praised Adolf Hitler for his ability to "get things done."

Story here.

If you ever wondered why very rich people, like George Soros, are indoctrinated Mercedes Marxists, this story on Ecclestone shines a light into what their philosophical foundations are.

As I've said before it takes Zero effort to be a Liberal. You don't have to read, think, ponder, debate - all you have to do is read a few headlines, tune into Oprah and emote. That's pretty much it.

The Left feeds on ignorance and sloth. It is a pathology within the body politic.

You'll see that Ecclestone's highest value is control. Dictators control. The trivial things that dictators do is really that - picayune.

Mussolini made the trains run on time. Hitler built the Autobahn. Ceau┼čescu of Romania banned abortions in 1966 because he thought the population of the country should be 25 million, and it was only at 19 million. FDR was a totalitarian who greatly admired Stalin and Hitler. He did everything he could to convert this country to a totalitarian regime. Thankfully he was constrained by the constitution and congress.

When you're a dictator you can do all kinds of cool things. It's your world baby, we just like in it!

People like these will live and prosper in a democracy, and will gladly accept all the rewards that that country offers. But they're very myopic when it comes to honoring the system that delivers all those wonderful rewards.

America, especially, has her 5th Column apparatchiks. Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Hoyer, Dodd, Frank and Schumer come to mind immediately. They don't appreciate the value of the constitution because they don't beleive in it.

The constitution limits the power of these elitists. It confines them, it keeps them from pushing an authoritarian agenda onto an unwilling population. It ensures a representative government.

But now we have a president, congress and judiciary who don't support the constitution. They're no longer restrained by the checks and balances. They want bigger government because that is what will guarantee their party's power. Bigger government will be more intrusive and will have control over you. That's why they're pushing for nationalizing healthcare.

Do most people want socialized medicine? No. 77& of surveyed Americans are happy with their present insurance plan. A government run system will be inefficient and will ration care to you and your loved ones.

The Left needs people to be dumb and ignorant. That's why they took over the educational network in this country. Their minions stand in tens of thousands of classrooms across the country and spread their quasi-Marxist rhetoric and give short-shrift to America's greatness.

Conservatism is the only answer - its principles are what has made this country great for 233 years. The farther away we get, the more this country will erode into a cesspool of corruption, nepotism and authoritarianism.


Anonymous said...

Thats a great photo!!Not that I support the chocolate jeus mind you.

Anonymous said...

"Conservatism is the only answer - its principles are what has made this country great for 233 years."

Yea, sure, Rue-y. Like it was liberals who would not allow blacks and women, equal access to the system over the years.

Face it. The rich control this country thanks to folks like you who have allowed them free rein over the country. The free market economy does not help those on the lower end of the economic ladder.

A TRUE Socialist (not Obama) will not be tolerated because they will strike at the heart of rich.


Anonymous said...

The free market economy does not help those on the lower end of the economic ladder.

A TRUE Socialist (not Obama) will not be tolerated because they will strike at the heart of rich.


5:38 PM

No, a free market economy does not HELP anyone. But it presents the most opportunities of any system anywhere IF you want to work. This is where crybaby liberals get crossed up.

The reason leftists, liberals and Democrats woo the blacks is because blacks are so susceptible to the whole "disadvantaged" bullshit message.

Blacks are easily coddled and manipulated, which is what you leftists do with your patronizing messages referencing slavery and rights and "minority" status. Blacks have fallen victim to their own "leaders" like Sharpton, Jackson and Obama who use black's inherent ignorance to get their votes and make them dependent on others, in this case BIG government.

You and those like you would do better to live among the blacks, say in Englewood, and show them that education, hard work, discipline, personal accountability and responsibility carry rewards that make a man grateful for the gift of life. It is the most fulfilling way to live.

But then, it would put you in a position that liberal leftists always avoid - one where welfare is replaced by hard work, building a strong country and devotion to family - in other words, the stalwarts of conservatism.

Anonymous said...

The ODESSA are none too happy about that photo.

Anonymous said...

To 7:09 p.m.:

Your attack on blacks is the typical far right wing response. The black population is not coddled, unless you mean a history of not have equal opportunity.

No sir, TRUE liberals want folks off the dole and in jobs. The powers that be want them on the dole because they are relie on the government which means they have no political power.


Anonymous said...


3:54 PM

You are a waste of flesh. "Oh, golly, he's attacking the poor black peoples." Having a good cry over Michael Jackson?

Mindless nigger love gets us nowhere except more welfare, more crime, higher taxes, destroyed neighborhoods.

"They didn't get enough opportunities..." blah blah blah.

I love chasing 20 year-old nigger fucks who can run for blocks, jump 6 foot fences, then see the link card in their pockets because they is "disadvantaged" and unemployed. "Ah caint's work, office, mah back hurts."

You desk-riders are so full of bullshit it's leaking out onto those chairs you ride all day. Go suck your latte on the North side. You wouldn't have the balls to work on the south or west sides. Pussy white liberal. Sickening.

Anonymous said...

To 4:25:

Never held a desk job and I work in the highest crime of the city. When I get past Chicago ave. my head spins. (Which is an everyday occurrance, I know, but up North it spins in the opposite direction.

be safe


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