07 July 2009

Eat the Rich!

The global "climate change" tyrants are up to their old tricks again. Now they're going after "the rich" and, by default, the United States. There is currently no credible evidence that global warming is a long-term event, or that it is even influenced by human activity.

I grew up hearing the oft-repeated line that America has 5% of the world's population, but uses 50% of its resources. First I think that that is hyperbole. But second, how many inventions and surges in scientific breakthroughs come from America? America has brought more boons to the world than any other group or country. That is a fact.

To fairly divide the climate change fight between rich and poor, a new study suggests basing targets for emission cuts on the number of wealthy people, who are also the biggest greenhouse gas emitters, in a country.

Since about half the planet's climate-warming emissions come from less than a billion of its people, it makes sense to follow these rich folks when setting national targets to cut carbon dioxide emissions, the authors wrote on Monday in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

As it stands now, under the carbon-capping Kyoto Protocol, rich countries shoulder most of the burden for cutting the emissions that spur global warming, while developing countries -- including fast-growing economies China and India -- are not required to curb greenhouse pollution.

Full story here.

The media is promoting more and more stories like this in order to give credence to the lie that global warming is a serious environmental issue.

It is absolutely NOT.

The reason that this is being pushed on us is so that the government can get more control over us.


Anonymous said...

Hollyweird types are also HUGE supporters of the global warming myth.Leftists like Bill Maher use their venues to spread disinformation for personal gain.

Anonymous said...

Where were you conservatives when Bush 2 used the lies of spying on terrorists to violate our rights of privacy?

Come on Rue-y. The rich control almost every aspect of our society.


Anonymous said...

lefty's post is typical of the left: come up with some stupid comment that has nothing whatever to do with the subject.

But as I always ask you morons, name just one of your rights that was denied to you, personally. Yes, name one instance where you suffered because your individual rights were violated. This will keep you very busy...

Now here's another one that will have your tiny little head spinning on your pencil neck: Name one thing that "the rich" have control over you, yourself, personally...just one...

Anonymous said...

Hey Ruey, what do you think of the Illustrious Lt. Garedo running for President of Cook County? Maybe if he wins he'll make his old buddy Sal Avila top janitor for his headquarters.

Anonymous said...

To 7:25 p.m.:

Let's see......

The rich control the banking industry, which gets bailed out by the government. Yes, I know it is the alleged leftist Obama who done it. When was the last time the government helped you out on your house note?

The rich control the petroleum companies which set gasoline prices. That affects you and I. They set high prices even when the demand and supply does not call for it.

The rich sit on the boards of all the utility companies. I do not see any average Joes there setting the prices.

The rich have better access to the politicans (of both parties) and set (or oppose) the laws locally and nationally. Think any U.S. Senator would take your call? Bet they would of a multi-millionaire.

I will not, like you, resort to name-calling. The fact is that the working man is locked out of the corrupt two-party system.

I could cite more examples but you would just say I am a Maoist, or a Communist, or a Socialist. Which I am, but please do not call me a Stalinist. He did more to harm the Communist Party in the U.S.A. than anyone.


Anonymous said...

How about making the arresting officers pay the court costs on cases that get thrown out in court? If they wish to save money in the County, they could start here.

8:37 AM

Anonymous said...


5:01 PM

Not only are you a Stalinist, I bet you have a picture of his daughter sitting on a T34 tank.

Anonymous said...

And the rich control Burr Hed Cemetery making all the poor blacks bury their play cousins there.

And the rich sell guns to Pookie Lukie and Dukie and make them shoot each other.

And the rich eat all the best food and leave nothing but chicken wings and grape pop for the poor blacks.

And the rich...blah...blah...blah...you better hope you nver win the Big Game or the Powerball... then you'll be like a starving Orthodox Jew who just had a big plate of free ham shoved under his nose...

Anonymous said...

Fuck Lt. Garrido!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Come back lil Rue-y, we know you are one of the GOOD (kinda) conservatives.