03 May 2009

Jack Kemp dead at 73

Jack Kemp is dead.

Although not a true "Reagan Soldier" - Kemp did his best to foment conservative principles when Reagan was around. Sadly I'd say he could have done alot more to promote conservationism.

He'll be missed.

One thing I'll remember is Kemp-Roth. 25% across the board tax cuts helped fuel the boom and recovery of the United States economy well into the late 1990s.

As Reagan so eloquently put it, "A rising tide lifts all boats."

How true.


Anonymous said...

Get ready for some new changes. Obama and the democratic congress and Senate will put in a real liberal all-star on the Supreme court. Kiss your gun rights bye bye! Learn to love civil unions. And of course pay the way for those who won't work.

Anonymous said...

A rising tide where the rich are on top and the workers drown.


Anonymous said...

Why not use the Second Amendment for its intended purpose and then you dont have to kiss anything.