17 May 2009

The End of Tamil Tigers?

Reports out of Sri Lanka say that a small group of Tamil Tigers fighters are encircled and about to be snuffed out.

Their spokesman says that they're laying down their guns.

Just last month in TARA Training we discussed this group. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam were the first to develop and effectively employ the suicide vest, and they were the only recognized terrorist organization in the world that has (had) its own air force.

They've gone the way of other terrorist organizations - not those of Islamic origin though. Check out this link and note how many Islamic groups are officially terrorist organizations.

HAMAS is listed, and yet Obama gave them $900,000. Isn't that charitable of him.


Anonymous said...

Are not the Tigers anti-Islamic? They have carried out attacks on Muslims world-wide.

Anonymous said...

They all should use that lucky charm around their necks and purge themselves.

Anonymous said...

The Tigers are kick ass! They make the Special Forces look like Girlscouts.