18 May 2009

Democrats to Blame for Housing Crash

Who's to blame for the housing crash? The stinking bag of excrement can confidently laid at the feet of Democrats. Bush & Co. showed that going back to April of 2001 there were indications that there were problems at Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae.

It was the Democrats who blocked looking into these criminal acts - and attacked the regulators who wanted the sub-prime lender's "accounting irregularities" to be brought out into the public domain.

Republicans repeatedly asked for more regulations and oversight. Check out this video where we see the despicable Maxine Waters (D-California), Rep. Meeks (D-New York), Lacy Clay (D-Missouri), Barney Frank (D-Mass.) and Rep. Davis (D-Alabama) covering up for the failing GSEs (Government Sponsored Entities)

Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac leadership - and their handlers (C. Dodd, B. Frank) in congress - were actively cooking the books in order to maximize their bonus programs.

It's an outrage that this isn't front page news since our leaders in congress are participating in a criminal coverup.


Anonymous said...

There will be nothing in the news about the Dumocrats that could even remotely be considered to be negative for the next four years. The witless slaves to the Adored One will not print or say anything that points out the true directions of the Adminstration.

Anonymous said...

The Obama Administration will start an adopt a ghetto family program. Each family which makes over $50k a year will be required to pay the bills of an intercity family on public aid or allow them to move into your home. This will help the budget.