10 April 2009

Some quick hits

Here are some quick hits for Monday, 10-Apr-2009:

* The NYTimes reports that Obama will push an Amnesty program to Fast-track illegals into citizenship. Obama will frame the debate as “policy reform that controls immigration and makes it an orderly system,” said Obama's mouthpiece, Cecilia Muñoz. She is the deputy assistant to the president and director of intergovernmental affairs.

* Obama refuses to answer reporters' questions on the Somali piracy situation. My guess is that he feels that the Somali pirates are "kindred spirits" and that their desperate economic plight in war-torn Somalia compels them to murder and ravage. Gee that's probably what he thought while registering violent street gang-members to vote in Chicago. "Hey, what the hell - the Somalis are taking it to "the Man" - I won't answer no questions on that."

* Obama flies a pizza chef in to make pizzas in the White House. This story plus the "party every Wednesday" in the White House show that this ignorant, elitist snob has no idea how to run anything: a company, an office, nor a country. Obama just loves to spend your money - on whatever he wants. It's good to be The King.

And for all of you who think that Obama is an honest, truthful person - guess again. Chuck Schumer clarifies that you've been sold a bill of goods that isn't legit. Those "old fashioned values" and "strong foreign policy" of you Right-Wing fascists are over, says Schumer. Check out the quick clip:

Again, I must reiterate that we were founded on strong separation of powers delineated in our constitution. Our founders believed that we were endowed with rights by God, not by man and certainly not by government, with inalienable rights - the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These Statists believe that the government decides how you live your life, and what you do with your time and private property. Look what they're doing to corporations: barging into GM's boardroom and forcing Rick Wagner to resign....are they kidding me? We don't live in a Banana Republic where the Dictator gets to say who makes money and who doesn't - do we?

More to come - stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

There's word that they wish to make Somalia a U.S. territory, thus the would have the same rights as Puerto Ricans. (welfare, free housing, etc..)

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Happy Easter Rue-y!!

Anonymous said...

That Chicago pan pizza sucks. Gotta love that New york thin crust.

Rue St. Michel said...

Agree - the NY thin crust can be folded and eaten like a real meal. Plus the New Yorkers don't cut their pies in little squares. It's cut so you can eat it like a man.