12 April 2009

Obama ChiaPet

The Obama Chia pet is being pulled from Walgreens stores because the pharmacy chain has received some complaints.

I really need to get my hands on one of these...at least the Chia will have a higher IQ than our illustrious leader. It won't studder, make rude remarks to female reporters, won't go overseas and apologize for everything American, it won't confuse "breathalyzer" with "inhalator", it won't lie repeatedly and call entitlement spending "investments"...

Yes, I would much prefer an empty clay pot with some bean sprouts on its head over what we have in the White House right now. That would be Hope and Change indeed.

BTW, has anyone asked Michelle Obama what she's spending on her wardrobe these days? I remember when Sara Palin was running it seemed that the MSM couldn't get enough of asking the Republican VP candidate what she spent on clothing. For some reason the "watch-dog" media hasn't provided Michelle with the same level of scrutiny.


Anonymous said...

The Flea market at Division and Kolmar has them in stock.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather apply the paste and beansprouts directly to his head instead of a clay figure.

Anonymous said...

Yeah,they blast Sarah Palin for spending campaign contributions(150-180k) on a new wardrobe.

But its ok for the Magic Negro to spend $140 millon on his ball.Fly guys in from St. Louis to make a personal pan pizza.

BHO is a Chicago Machine boy and they trained him well.He will make the Republicans look good in comparisson.The REAL economic stimulus is HIM and his cronies.

Look at what Ms. Magic negro spent on a dress.


Always Right said...

I love seeing things like this. They never did something like this with Bush because people took him seriously. Everybody thinks the Magic Negro is a joke - even the clowns who voted for him.

Daisy said...


Funny stuff. I want one!

Be safe!

Coldtype said...

From: Republican National Committee
To: non-RINO's in mass media
Re: Somalia piracy

Though it's natural your first reaction to the resolution of this conflict might be joy, gratitude, praising the Navy SEALs, etc., we request that you please suppress your approval of this outcome. President Obama approved the successful action, therefore loyal conservatives must, in all good conscience nitpick, cavil about and pooh-pooh the significance of the achievement. Please internalize and disburse the following ideologically correct talking points:

1. "Resist Tyranny!" Note the slippery slope irresistably connecting U.S. Naval action against lawless pirates with the institution of FEMA re-education camps.

2. "Get the Federal Government OFF OUR BACKS". Characterize the Somalians as entrepreneurs, simple fishermen "making lemonade" despite their impoverished circumstances. Interview the most attractive, English-speaking relatives of the pirates.

3. "Obama = Uncle Tom." Why is Obama siding with whitey against working class black people? Use black on-air talent to interview reliable Republican UT's in appropriate (i.e., urban hip-hop) settings to raise this issue.

4. "2nd Amendment uber alles." Observe wryly that if every merchant vessel was armed as well as the average Oklahoman we wouldn't have this piracy problem in the first place. Suppress information suggesting this would cause the cost of liability insurance to skyrocket.

5. "Rove Rule #1." Downplay Captain Richard Phillip's selfless heroism until we devise a way to spin that as a character flaw.

6. "Blame Bill." Work Pres. Clinton's 1993 failure in Mogadishu into the report as much as possible.

Get to work, dittoheads!

-dzman (courtesy of Alicublog)

Sorry bro', just couldn't resist.

Anonymous said...

Hey if you find one, please pick me one up........... Just let me know how much and i will send ya the check.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if these pirates were paid their toll they wouldn't attack ships. Come on, just pay the tax of using their waters for shipping.

dm60462 said...

Amazon.com has them.