26 March 2009

Oakland Fallen Officers' Fund

If you want to donate to the families of the four murdered Oakland Police officers, you can follow this link, or use the following information:

In the wake of the killing of four police officers by a lone gunman Saturday, the Oakland Police Officers Association has set up three trust accounts thus far for the families of the fallen officers .

Sgt. Mark Dunakin, 40, of Tracy; Erv Romans, 43, of Danville; and Dan Sakai, 35, of Castro Valley, died Saturday after being shot in two related events by Lovelle Mixon, a 27-year-old parolee. Police later killed Mixon..

Motorcycle officer John Hege, 41, of Concord, was pronounced brain dead at Highland Hospital Sunday morning, police said. A fifth officer, whose name was not released, was grazed in the head and a bullet entered and exited his shoulder. He was treated and released Saturday..

Anyone who would like to make a contribution to trust funds set up for the families may do so by two methods — wire transfer or by check..

Wire transfers may be made directly to the following Merrill Lynch accounts: The Dunakin Children's Family Trust, Acct. No. 204-04065; The Romans Children's Family Trust, Acct. No. 204-04066; and The Sakai Family Trust, Acct. No. 204-04064. No fund had been set up as of Monday afternoon on behalf of Hege, who had no children..

Individual checks can also be made out to the families and mailed to the Oakland Police Officer's Association, Attn: Rennee Hassna, 555 5th Street, Oakland, CA, 94607. Make checks payable to the Dunakin Children's Family Trust; the Romans Children's Family Trust; Sakai Family Trust. ..

But as tragic as this is, the usual ghetto riffraff is now raising its ugly head. Here's a clip from the 24MAR2009 vigil for the four murdered cops.

Some individual named "Lord el Salaam" tells the camera, "The black man and the black woman be tired of being disrespected in they own community - ya know what I'm saying? We tired of being scared of the police, we tired of being attacked, and we tired of being stereotyped."

So what this Nation of Islam member is saying is that the cops got what they deserved.

I'm so sick of these morose, angry, petulant, spoiled rotten, losers opening their mouths and blaming EVERYONE around them for their fucked up pathetic lives. These high-crime communities are high-crime because of the people that live there. Period.

No amount of money, no "stimulus package", no amount of anger management is ever going to impact these communities because people like "Lord el Salaam" are walking around, getting a government check, numbing out through drugs, alcohol and violence - and getting women pregnant - then having nothing to do with them or the off-spring of their union.

The vicious murdering thug that killed those four officers was a career criminal, a rapist and an unrepentant hard-core offender. He shouldn't have ever been released from prison.

The liberals in California have the blood of these officers on their hands. The liberals who passed laws and policies that allow animals like this to roam the streets. They even had a "vigil" for the piece of shit murderer. Story here.


God speed officers. May He support and protect your families during this difficult time.


Cpdcoppurr said...

Well said Rue, well said......Godspeed Officers. Money has been sent to help your families. We are ALL BLUE. Never forget that!

Anonymous said...

Excellent post!!!

Anonymous said...

How about keeping black officers in black area's? Or are they just lazy and want to hide in do nothing white districts?

Anonymous said...

Fight the Power!