08 March 2009

The Messiah continues his screw-ups

Glenn Beck walks us through a quick lecture on M1 (US Money supply) and the recent upsurge in the quantity of M1 in the marketplace. What that does is devalues our currency and pushes inflation upward.

It's one thing to disagree with our politicians over policy issues; it is quite another to sit back and watch as our constitution gets shredded, the firewalls within it getting torn down, and our government veering on to a path of utter authoritarianism.

The people that voted for Obama are beginning to wake up to the fact that this is NOT what they voted for. Obama promised "transparency" and pledged to "go line by line" down the federal budget to get rid of ear-marks and pork.

Well not only is there absolutely ZERO transparency to this administration, Obama didn't even allow a full week to pass before demanding that the legislation be signed. Almost none of our legislators read the stimulus package before signing it - how could they? They had 2 days to review 1,076 pages of legislation. It was impossible.

Have you noticed how everything is rush-rush-rush with this guy? Everything is a "crisis" and, as Rahm Emanuel said,"You mustn't let a good crisis go to waste."

It comes down to people. The people in this country either could not, or would not, be bothered to spend a little time doing legitimate research to examine Obama's background and associations. All of this could have been avoided if people had used some common sense and viewed history as a guide.

This "change" has all been tried before: in Cuba, China, Russia and Germany. It is nothing new - just the same old socialist malaise.

They're getting ready to spend $3.7 trillion of YOUR CHILDRENS' money. Do you get it yet?

And when Trixy and Buffy see that they can't deduct their mortgage interest anymore, and have to wait 6 months to get an appointment with a doctor - they'll see that they sold their liberty to participate in a "historic" election.



Anonymous said...

You know, I was getting worried about ya. No blogs in awhile, I thought maybe you went and shaved your head or something. ~laughs~

I want to know when the obamabots are going to wake up???? Can we get a doomsday clock started???

Anonymous said...

The people that didn't want their opinions confused with facts will have a rude awakening when the pudding hits the fan

Anonymous said...

People are getting ready for bad times a coming. Guns and ammo are flying off the shelves. Check the suppliers on-line. There's a back log on many types of weapon systems (AK47's AR15's) Even those old SKS rifles which at one time were about $79 each are not over $300 nd hard to find. Ammo is all sold out too.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"They're getting ready to spend $3.7 trillion of YOUR CHILDRENS' money. Do you get it yet?"

Dearest Rue-y,

Where were your comments when YOUR President Bush started the corporate bailout? Like most conservatives it is do as I say but ignore the failures of Bush.

YOUR guy will go down in history as one of one worst presidents in history who led this country to financial ruin. Obama is just making it happen a little bit sooner.

P.S. Did you see Beck's interview last week with Sam Webb, the leader of the U.S. Communist Party?


Anonymous said...

Easy solution when u see a department of revenue van commit a traffic violation just pull them over and remind them of the violation they committed and what the penalty is for it. We are all pretty much on the same team. If everyone remembers that we should have no problems.

3/14/2009 05:05:00 AM