07 March 2009

14 Year-old Defines Conservatism

I was watching 'CSpan2 - Books' tonight and saw an interview with 14 year old Jonathan Krohn. He penned a book entitled "Define Conservatism". He self-published the first 1,000 copies and was tapped to speak at the recent CPAC conference.

The kid is everything John McCain and his RINO compatriots aren't: Clear, articulate and spot on correct with the ideas and principles that have made this country the "shining beacon on the hill" for well over 200 years.

The four principles of conservatism he defines are 1) Respect for the constitution, 2) Respect for Life, 3) Less government, and 4) Personal responsibility.

It really is a shame that a 14 year old from Georgia gets it, and 70 year old McCain couldn't wrap his head around the simplicity of spouting conservative principles during the campaign.

Here's a snippet of Johnathan in action. Good stuff! Keep fighting, Jonathan. Barack Hussein Obama WILL BE the worst president in American history, and we conservatives will be there in 2012 to put Humpty-Dumpty back together again.

Check out his website here.


Anonymous said...

Amerikan government is just an over bloated pig. The government wants to run the banking industry? Every time the government steps in, things fail. Its time for a cut in government. How about "one" senator per state? Do the same with congress, cut it in half. And then go down the line, state, county, city, etc....

Rue St. Michel said...

I agree that the gov't is bloated but the constitution mandates 2 senators from each state, and a proportionate number of representatives (based on population.)

Has anyone noticed that Rahm Emanuel quietly brought the census bureau under the auspices of the White House Chief of Staff's office?

So they can wheel and deal and make their "pet" districts' populations higher in order to get more representatives in office.

If a conservative had tried that then he'd be run out of Washington. The liberal press would calling for his head; impeachment and indictment.

We are heading down the slow road to tyranny. They're trying to get their hooks into us vis-a-vis National Healthcare and by taxing us to death.

Did someone say revolt?