25 February 2009

More Nauseating Leftist Pandering

When will it ever stop? I'm talking about the nauseating level of political correctness that our society is drowning in. When will the hypersensitivity of the black community begin to abate?

Now we have all sorts of people contorting themselves into spasms in order to point out why this cartoon is abhorrent.


What immediately springs to mind is that this cartoon has no relation to Barack Obama. The only thing that are comparable is that both the monkey and Obama have large ears.

Everyone knows that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and a cadre of congressional staffers wrote the stimulus bill. Obama just signed it. He didn't even read it before it was rushed before the assembled lawmakers.

So what gives?

I guess it was okay for the Liberals and Leftists to scream about murdering George Bush. In fact, a Google search shows 5,450,000 hits on those key words.

There was even a movie made about assassinating George Bush. This whole thing smacks of more pandering to the Obama Drones. Just because he's black, everything he says, does, even represents gets excused. Now our Liberal over-lords are saying that this cartoon represents a heinous racist jab at our poor "beloved" president.

Critics have gone way too far with the racial insensitivity card. Remember back in April of 2008 when Lebron James graced the cover of Vogue? He's the first black man to be their cover-model. Well, no sooner had the ink dried on the printing presses did the panderers rear their collective ugly heads.

USA Today ran a story in which they said that Lebron's open mouth pose and stance was reminiscent of a "gorilla" and that with Gisele at his side it was like King Kong and Fey Ray all over again.

(Speaking of that, when is Will Smith going to ruin yet another great classic movie by starring in a remake of King Kong? After all he was awful in both Wild, Wild West and Omega Man. Maybe they should remake Batman and have Christian Slater as Robin?)

But I digress.....

In a free country, with our First amendment rights of free speech - thank God you can still criticize the president, draw cartoons that some people do not like, and say pretty much anything you want without going to jail.

Today we can do all those things, tomorrow - who knows.


Anonymous said...

Look at the size of that silverback!And they say I cant carry a gun to protect myself from that??

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