09 February 2009


Team Obama and his Enthralled Drones love to lay the blame for our country's woes at the feet of the nebulous concept called 'greed'.

Here is a snippet of an interview with the great Milton Freidman - being interviewed by the detestable Phil Donahue.

The Drones have no grasp of this, Obama has no grasp of this - it is utterly clear that capitalism is the ONLY system that can save us, and sustain us. It has been America's engine for over 200 years and it is sheer folly to think that capitalist 'greed' is our biggest problem.

Our biggest problem right now is that we have a clueless, talentless, vapid Dork in the Oval Office.

(H/T: Mark Levin)


Anonymous said...


diputs si amabo said...

The Dumocrats love to play Robin Hood. They will take from the "evil rich" and give to the unlucky poor.

(Note to stupid morons who vote Dummocrat - Pelosi, Reid & Obama are all rich and they are getting wealthier at your expense! Right after the Univ of Chicago Hospital got rid of Obama's ugly wife they immediately eliminated her no-show political job.)

But let's do what the Dummycrats want - let's take from the rich and give to the poor. Guess what you leftist liberal assholes? All of a sudden if you make more than $25K a year you will be part of the group known as "rich!" And you will go to work knowing that every other dollar you make is going into someone else's pocket!

So let's eliminate capitalism and bring on socialism. There will be no new products on the shelves, no new medicines, no new technologies, no inventions, gas shortages, food shortages, no nice restaurants, no good hotels, no new cars, lousy schools, and worst of all - you leftist shitheads won't be able to buy premium dog and cat food for your "babies."

Bring it on - I just bought another 1,000 rounds of .223!

Rue St. Michel said...

Right on! Well written and spot on!

The government IS the problem - The government does not create anything: jobs, employment, companies, new innovations - nothing.

All the government does is ration; and they do that in an ineffective and inefficient manner.

But don't tell that to the Enthralled Obama-Drones. They're too busy patting each other on the back for electing an african-american to the white house. Don't worry about whether he's qualified, or experienced, or honest --- NO! Don't worry about all of that because this is "historic" and we need "change"