09 February 2009

AZ Rancher sued for "violating" Illegals Civil Rights

A group of 16 illegal aliens are suing an Arizona rancher because while they were trespassing on his land, he held them at gun-point until Border Patrol agents arrived to deport them.

AP story here.

It is outrageous that this guy has helped deport 12,000 illegals, trespassing on his land and destroying his property, and a group of foreign nationals - who don't have any 'rights' under our US Constitution - can turn around and sue him for civil rights damages. He's looking at taking $32 million in damages from these illiterate barbarians.

From the Un-Fucking-believable file!

Welcome to the New Liberal Multi-cultural America - where Human Rights Reign Supreme!


Anonymous said...

Dont call the authorities.Just take care of it.

Anonymous said...

Yankee dogs, you must pay! Remember, you really don't own your land or home. It can be taken by the government.

Bitches In Blue said...

Fucking Amazing Illegals should have NO CIVIL RIGHTS !!