26 February 2009



This is a transcript from one of Stalin's speeches, found here. I took the liberty of replacing the word Stalin with Obama. Pretty similar to what he was saying last night on television.


The Chairman : I call upon our candidate Comrade Obama to speak.

(The voters greet Comrade Obama's appearance in the rostrum with a loud ovation lasting for several minutes. All those in the hall of the Bolshoi Theatre rise and greet Comrade Obama. Continuous cries from the hall: "Long live great Obama, Hurrah!" "Hurrah for Comrade Obama, the creator of the New Constitution, the most democratic in the world!" "Long live Comrade Obama, leader of the oppressed throughout the world, Hurrah!" )

Obama : Comrades, to tell you the truth, I had no intention of making a speech. But our respected Nikita Sergeyevich dragged me to this meeting by sheer force, so to speak. "Make a good speech," he said. What shall I talk about, exactly what sort of speech? Everything that had to be said before the elections has already been said and said again in the speeches of our leading comrades, Kalinin, Molotov, Voroshilov, Kaganovich and many other responsible comrades. What can be added to these speeches?

What is needed, they say, are explanations of certain questions connected with the election campaign. What explanations, on what questions? Everything that had to be explained has been explained and explained again in the well-known Addresses of the Bolshevik Party, the Young Communist League, the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions, the Aviation and Chemical Defence Society and the Committee of Physical Culture. What can be added to these explanations?

Of course, one can make a light sort of speech about everything and nothing. (Laughter.) Perhaps such a speech would amuse the audience. They say there are some great hands at such speeches not only over there, in the capitalist countries, but here too, in the Soviet country. (Laughter and applause.) But, firstly, I am no great hand at such speeches. Secondly, is it worth while indulging in amusing things just now when all of us Bolsheviks are, as they say, "up to our necks" in, work? I think not.

Clearly, you cannot make a good speech under such circumstances.

However, since I have taken the floor, I will have, of course, to say at least something one way or another. (Loud applause.)

First of all, I would like to express my thanks (applause ) to the electors for the confidence they have shown me. (Applause.)

I have been nominated as candidate, and the Election Commission of the Obama District of Columbia has registered my candidature. This, comrades, is an expression of great confidence. Permit me to convey to you my profound Democrat gratitude for this confidence that you have shown the Democratic Party of which I am a member, and me personally as a representative of that Party. (Loud applause.)

I know what confidence means. It naturally lays upon me new and additional duties and, consequently, new and additional responsibilities. Well, it is not customary among us Bolsheviks to refuse responsibilities. I accept them willingly. (Loud and prolonged applause.)

For my part, I would like to assure you, comrades, that you may safely rely on Comrade Obama. (Loud and sustained cheers. A voice:"And we all follow Comrade Stalin !") You may take it for granted that Comrade Obama will be able to discharge his duty to the people (applause ), to the working class (applause ), to the peasantry (applause ) and to the intelligentsia. (Applause.)

Further, comrades, I would like to congratulate you on the occasion of the forthcoming national holiday, the day of the elections to the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union. (Loud applause.) The forthcoming elections are not merely elections, comrades, they are really a national holiday of our workers, our peasants and our intelligentsia. (Loud applause.) Never in the history of the world have there been such really free and really democratic elections -- never! History knows no other example like it. (Applause.) The point is not that our elections will be universal, equal, secret and direct, although that fact in itself is of great importance. The point is that our universal elections will be carried out as the freest elections and the most democratic compared with elections in any other country in the world.

Universal elections exist and are also held in some capitalist countries, so-called democratic countries. But in what atmosphere are elections held there? In an atmosphere of class conflicts, in an atmosphere of class enmity, in an atmosphere of pressure brought to bear on the electors by the capitalists, landlords, bankers and other capitalist sharks. Such elections, even if they are universal, equal, secret and direct, cannot be called altogether free and altogether democratic elections.

Here, in our country, on the contrary, elections are held in an entirely different atmosphere. Here there are no capitalists and no landlords and, consequently, no pressure is exerted by propertied classes on nonpropertied classes. Here elections are held in an atmosphere of collaboration between the workers, the peasants and the intelligentsia, in an atmosphere of mutual confidence between them, in an atmosphere, I would, say, of mutual friendship; because there are no capitalists in our country, no landlords, no exploitation, and nobody, in fact, to bring pressure to bear on people in order to distort their will.

That is why our elections are the only really free and really democratic elections in the whole world. (Loud applause.)


25 February 2009

Ravenstokes Alaska

Here is a group of people that truly made a difference. Good old American grit and determination can never be outdone.

Inspirational !!!

More Nauseating Leftist Pandering

When will it ever stop? I'm talking about the nauseating level of political correctness that our society is drowning in. When will the hypersensitivity of the black community begin to abate?

Now we have all sorts of people contorting themselves into spasms in order to point out why this cartoon is abhorrent.


What immediately springs to mind is that this cartoon has no relation to Barack Obama. The only thing that are comparable is that both the monkey and Obama have large ears.

Everyone knows that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and a cadre of congressional staffers wrote the stimulus bill. Obama just signed it. He didn't even read it before it was rushed before the assembled lawmakers.

So what gives?

I guess it was okay for the Liberals and Leftists to scream about murdering George Bush. In fact, a Google search shows 5,450,000 hits on those key words.

There was even a movie made about assassinating George Bush. This whole thing smacks of more pandering to the Obama Drones. Just because he's black, everything he says, does, even represents gets excused. Now our Liberal over-lords are saying that this cartoon represents a heinous racist jab at our poor "beloved" president.

Critics have gone way too far with the racial insensitivity card. Remember back in April of 2008 when Lebron James graced the cover of Vogue? He's the first black man to be their cover-model. Well, no sooner had the ink dried on the printing presses did the panderers rear their collective ugly heads.

USA Today ran a story in which they said that Lebron's open mouth pose and stance was reminiscent of a "gorilla" and that with Gisele at his side it was like King Kong and Fey Ray all over again.

(Speaking of that, when is Will Smith going to ruin yet another great classic movie by starring in a remake of King Kong? After all he was awful in both Wild, Wild West and Omega Man. Maybe they should remake Batman and have Christian Slater as Robin?)

But I digress.....

In a free country, with our First amendment rights of free speech - thank God you can still criticize the president, draw cartoons that some people do not like, and say pretty much anything you want without going to jail.

Today we can do all those things, tomorrow - who knows.

21 February 2009

Targeting Illinois gun owners

Rep. Kenneth Dunkin has legislation in the rules committee requiring that FOID holders go and get $1,000,000 of liability insurance if they own a hand-gun or rifle.

Here's the link to the Bill.

Synopsis As Introduced:

Amends the Firearm Owners Identification Card Act. Provides that any person who owns a firearm in this State shall maintain a policy of liability insurance in the amount of at least $1,000,000 specifically covering any damages resulting from negligent or willful acts involving the use of such firearm while it is owned by such person.

Provides that a person shall be deemed the owner of a firearm after the firearm is lost or stolen until such loss or theft is reported to the police department or sheriff of the jurisdiction in which the owner resides. Provides that the Department of State

Police shall revoke and seize a Firearm Owner's Identification Card previously issued under this Act if the Department finds that the person to whom such card was issued possesses or acquires a firearm and does not submit evidence to the Department of State Police that he or she has been issued in his or her name a liability insurance policy in the amount of at least $1,000,000 specifically covering any damages resulting from negligent or willful acts involving the use of such firearm while it is owned by such person. Effective January 1, 2010.

I'm sure this is just the first volley in the new war against gun ownership in this country. If they cannot do away with guns, they will make owning them prohibitively expensive. Isn't it fun living in a quasi-totalitarian country?

Here's a breakdown of the cost of this additional insurance: According to WikiAnswers, liability insurance for automobile coverage, with the lowest limits possible, (15000/person, 30,000/accident, 5,000/property damage, on average) runs from 40-60 dollars per month.

We'll assume the gun ownership insurance covers accidental or negligent incidents so we'll use the 30,000 limit. To cover $1,000,000 the multiplier is 33.333

That works out to $1,333 per month, or $15,996 per year - just in insurance costs! But the insurance companies might view this as more of a personal liability risk, so I think medical malpractice quotes might be more to the point.

The Professional Liability Committee did a survey of Professional Liability Insurance for Anesthesiologists and found that their coverage of $1,000,000 annually ran $18,112 (1985) up to $20,572 (2005).

That's about right. Spread the word to your fellow friends and co-workers and let them know what's going on. A call to your representative seems to be in order.

18 February 2009

St. Baldrick's celebration

".....simulcast is busy - attention all units on CityWide and Zone12 - info for the police...."

Shave your head to conquer kid's cancer

Childhood Cancer-Fighters are trying to raise $10,000 for research.
The steps are easy - you can either shave, be shaved, donate or do all three.

Shave - Register as a "shavee" and ask your family and friends to lend their support as you shave your head. (No crying you sissies!)

Donate - Sponsor a friend, relative or co-worker! If you do not know anyone who is shaving, why not support someone who is? You can register or donate at this here.

Recruit - Recruit a new shavee or even volunteer to help during the event.

Date: March 6, 2009 (Friday)
Time: 0700 to 1900 hrs.
Location: District 025 (5555 W. Grand)


If you have any questions you can call the CAPS office at 312-746-5090

If you call, please insist that Officer Anne Z. have her luxurious mane shaved. If she's so gung-ho, let her know that she should be first and foremost in having her locks sheered. Yes, it is a guilt ploy but it just may work ...

11 February 2009

Store security versus 3 armed robbers

Put yourself in this guy's shoes ... he goes to his "Target" sidejob, hoping to have a quiet, uneventful night and then 3 armed robbers burst in. Great video.

10 February 2009

Oh my God!

The transformation of our country from a free-market economy, based on a constitution which limits the government's role, has begun.

Within 3 weeks of being in power, Obama has begun a feeding frenzy of special interest groups that this country has ever seen. Over the last few decades we've seen government spending cruise at 17 to 21% of GDP. It is now going to top almost 40%! It hasn't been that high since WWII. What Obama, Reid, Pelosi and Schumer are doing are using federal money to demolish our free-market economy - under the auspices of fixing a "desperate crisis - and installing a socialist Big Brother government. While the Democrats whine about getting this done in a hurry, we know that they're trying to get it pushed through before anyone really looks at the numbers.

It is no less than Totalitarianism.

From AP:

On a single day filled with staggering sums, the Obama administration, Federal Reserve and Senate attacked the deepening economic crisis Monday with actions that could throw as much as $3 trillion more in government and private funds into the fight against frozen credit markets and rising joblessness.

"It's gone deep. It's gotten worse," President Barack Obama said of the recession at a campaign-style appearance in Ft. Myers, Fla., where unemployment has reached double digits. "The situation we face could not be more serious."

If any more emphasis were needed, Wall Street investors sent stocks plunging, objecting that new rescue details from the government were too sparse despite the huge numbers. The Dow Jones industrials dropped 382 points.

The president spoke shortly after Senate passage of an $838 billion emergency economic stimulus bill cleared the way for talks with the House on a final compromise. Separately, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner outlined plans for spending much of the $350 billion in financial bailout money recently cleared by Congress, and the Federal Reserve announced it would commit up to $1 trillion to make loans more widely available to consumers.

And worse yet - they're using this phony 'crisis' to get traction on nationalizing health care.

The more we dig into the pile of spending and tax favors known as the "stimulus bill," the more amazing discoveries we make. Namely, Democrats have apparently decided that the way to gun the economy is to spend even more on health care.

This is notable because if there has been one truly bipartisan idea in Washington, it's that the U.S. as a whole spends too much on health care. President Obama has been talking up entitlement reform as a way to free up the money for his other social priorities. But it turns out that Congress is using the stimulus as cover for a massive expansion of federal entitlements.

Only the bill's $20 billion or so devoted to electronic health records can be reasonably called an investment. More typical is the $87 billion that will go to Medicaid, which -- silly us -- we underestimated by about $6 billion in our stimulus editorial yesterday. This pot of money will be used to blow out the federal matching rate by 4.9 percentage points across the board. Medicaid is nominally a joint state-federal program, but the feds pick up 57% of the Medicaid bill on average and are willing to go as high as 82% in some states. In other words, Democrats want to bail out the states that make unaffordable health-care promises and haven't tried to control costs. This latest rescue will give Governors more incentive to do so, given that the more they spend, the more Congress pays.

National taxpayers will also fund a new program allowing some laid-off workers receiving unemployment checks to enroll in Medicaid. For the first time ever on a large scale, the federal government will pay 100% of the costs they incur, and states are explicitly prohibited from means-testing this benefit. Supposedly the $11 billion plan will expire in 2010, but the word "temporary" does not exist in the entitlement world -- and Democrats will fight furiously to extend these benefits before they sunset.

Another damaging inspiration is the plan to throw $30.3 billion at Cobra insurance plans. The unemployed are currently allowed to keep their work health benefits for 18 or 36 months since 1986. While they search for a new job, they must pay 102% of the full insurance premium, including the employer's share. But Democrats now plan to subsidize these plans to the tune of 65%.

Are they making Cobra a new entitlement? Cobra was never intended as an option to assist the long-term unemployed -- considering that adverse selection means Cobra enrollees cost businesses about 145% as much as covered employees. Since Democrats want to boost participation by propping up Cobra use, that will result in less capital to invest in new jobs in the middle of a recession. It will also mean adding another disincentive (in addition to unemployment insurance) to get a new job. When you subsidize people not to work, you get more nonworkers.

Not for nothing did Democratic heath-care commissar Pete Stark tell the New York Times that "We accomplished more today than in the last eight years" after his committee approved the Medicaid and Cobra pieces of the stimulus. In one swoop Democrats will make employer-sponsored health care even more expensive and expand opportunities for an anxious public to join, or remain on, the welfare rolls. The pretext of "stimulus" is being leveraged to capture ever more of the private health-care market and transfer those costs onto government.

But don't forget that everyone agrees that health spending is already too high. So the stimulus also devotes $1.1 billion to create a new bureaucracy called the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research. A billion dollars isn't nearly enough to conduct the rigorous clinical studies needed to provide more information on what medical treatments result in the best outcomes. But Democrats want to get this "health-care Fed" on the books now so it's around when they pass the next entitlement expansion -- for the entire middle class.

When government finances start to buckle under that subsidy, the comparative effectiveness outfit will start to ration care to control costs, much like the United Kingdom's National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE). The draft report accompanying the House portion of the bill notes that procedures and drugs "that are found to be less effective and in some cases, more expensive, will no longer be prescribed."

In sum, what we are really getting in this stimulus bill are several more steps in the gradual government takeover of the health-care market.

We've had a dozen or so recessions since WWII and this one is no different - just a little more agitated than those in recent history. Don't let Obama's lies get to you. He's just using it as a scare tactic to push through his Leftist Big Government agendas.

And what are they spending this $1 trillion on?

Just how outrageous is this shameful $819 billion stimulus?For starters — and this will shock you — both the House and the Senate programs have a loophole that even gives illegal aliens cash payouts.

Here's how The Associated Press explained it: “Undocumented immigrants who are not eligible for a Social Security number can file tax returns with an alternative number. A House-passed version of the economic recovery bill, and one making its way through the Senate, would allow anyone with such a number, called an individual taxpayer identification number (TIN), to qualify for the tax credits.”

In case you didn't know it, any illegal can get a TIN number from Social Security, no questions asked.

This means illegals who broke the law to get here will be eligible immediately for federal cash — up to $1,000!

It gets worse. Let me detail for you some facts from the “stimulus”:

* More than $4 billion is earmarked for "neighborhood stabilization activities" — money that will go to groups like ACORN, which worked closely with the Obama campaign, the same group accused of massive voter fraud.

* Almost half of the proposed spending will directly benefit the Service Employees International Union, federal, state, and municipal employee unions, or other Democratic-controlled unions, according to writer Ben Stein.

* $600 million goes for news cars for top government bureaucrats.

* Obama promised major infrastructure projects — yet only 5 percent of all the money goes for this.

* $50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts.

* $75 million to fund anti-smoking programs.

* $650 million for the switch from analog television to digital.

* $335 million to help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

* $600 million for “climate change” research programs.

There is still a chance to roll this back. Please call as many of your elected representatives as you can and let them know that this bill is nothing more than Entitlement & welfare programs. Go here for more information on how to fight this legislation.

09 February 2009

AZ Rancher sued for "violating" Illegals Civil Rights

A group of 16 illegal aliens are suing an Arizona rancher because while they were trespassing on his land, he held them at gun-point until Border Patrol agents arrived to deport them.

AP story here.

It is outrageous that this guy has helped deport 12,000 illegals, trespassing on his land and destroying his property, and a group of foreign nationals - who don't have any 'rights' under our US Constitution - can turn around and sue him for civil rights damages. He's looking at taking $32 million in damages from these illiterate barbarians.

From the Un-Fucking-believable file!

Welcome to the New Liberal Multi-cultural America - where Human Rights Reign Supreme!


Team Obama and his Enthralled Drones love to lay the blame for our country's woes at the feet of the nebulous concept called 'greed'.

Here is a snippet of an interview with the great Milton Freidman - being interviewed by the detestable Phil Donahue.

The Drones have no grasp of this, Obama has no grasp of this - it is utterly clear that capitalism is the ONLY system that can save us, and sustain us. It has been America's engine for over 200 years and it is sheer folly to think that capitalist 'greed' is our biggest problem.

Our biggest problem right now is that we have a clueless, talentless, vapid Dork in the Oval Office.

(H/T: Mark Levin)

02 February 2009

Jody Weis

From the Underground Email Vaults:

What's the difference between Jody Weiss and a 14 year old?
Nothing--they are both police impersonators.

Why is Jody Weiss so mad about the whole impersonator issue?
Because the 14 year old now has more time in a squad car than he does.