08 January 2009

RIP Officer Norman Smith

UPDATE: The Dallas news editorial board posted a wonderful piece about Officer Smith, in which they pointed out, correctly, that anyone who uses drugs is directly culpable and complicit in Officer Smith's murder. I couldn't agree more.

Minimally if you're using marijuana or an illicit narcotic, you're part of the problem. People are murdering each other to protect their drug operations. They're protecting their supply chain in order to get it to their end user: You.

Additionally, if you are using drugs, then you're numbing yourself out and disconnecting from what' s going on out there. If you were sober, you'd be mad as hell and standing up against drug dealing. But since you're doping yourself up, you cannot be bothered fighting for our neighborhoods and streets.

You do have blood on your hands.

Dallas police Senior Corporal Norman Smith was murdered yesterday as he attempted to locate an offender who had a felony warrant for his arrest.

For those that want to make a financial contribution, the Norman S. Smith Memorial Fund has been set up at the Dallas City Credit Union. Their website is https://www.citycu.org/

Thoughts and prayers for this Officer, his family and friends.

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Anonymous said...

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