24 January 2009

Obama: The Anti-Reagan

I was listening to Mark Levin the other night and he compared and contrasted the differences between the inaugural speeches of Ronald Reagan and Barack Hussein Obama.

It's like comparing a satyr to an Hyperion.

Reagan faced difficulties that Obama cannot even imagine. In 1980 the unemployment rate was 7.5% Mortgage interest rates were up to 20% and inflation was running at a steady at 13.9%

Obama's campaign rhetoric aside, we're not in a depression and we're not even close.

Here's Reagan:

Here's Obama:

Reagan promoted American virtue, American power, and American values. Reagan rightly condemned government. He famously stated that government is not the solution to our problems, government is the problem. Reagan united us with a staunch belief in the "magic" and uniqueness of the American spirit. He valued our constitution and correctly identified the American experience as the most audacious and important experience in democracy the world has ever - I repeat - EVER seen.

Barack is a "citizen of the world." During the campaign he decried government for being "broken" but then turned around and said that more government is the answer to our ills. Like Dhimmi Carter, Barack wants to consolidate his power base through more and more federal programs. He knows that by getting more people beholden to a government subsidy check, he can be assured that they'll keep voting for whatever party pays the bills or gives away freebies. This type of governance is foreign and anathema to the principles of our Founding Fathers, and to the constitution itself. While giving lip service to "responsibility" Obama doesn't follow his own advise. He spent 175 million of tax payer dollars on his inaugural celebration and plans on expanding federal spending up into the trillions. This is Obama's first executive job. He's never had to pay taxes, get licenses, screen, hire and pay employees, pitch a client on a sales presentation, submit a budget, balance his checking account, construct a building, negotiate leasing agreements, create financial statements, calculate financial ratios, fight with the endless bureaucrats that sit in thousands of positions impeding the flow of investment dollars - none of that! And yet this guy lectures us on responsibility and accountability.

He's the Anti-Reagan. Here's Reagan's greatest speech (1964):

With the election of Barack Hussein Obama, we have surely taken our first step toward 1,000 years of Darkness.


Anonymous said...

The current unemployment rate is about 7.2 per cent, identical to Reagan, but it will get much worse.

I'll grant you the current mortgage rate is only five per cent, but I bet more households today have been evicted, I'll get back to ya on that one.

You "Obama-haters" won't even give the guy a chance. Don't get me wrong, I think he will be another tool of the rich, but not as big a tool as either of the Bushes.

The fact is the rich are taken care of no matter whom is the president and until you realize that, you are among the fall in step, my country right or wrong citizens that allow it to occur.


Anonymous said...

He's the anti-christ, the end is near.

Rue St. Michel said...

Lefty -
Your comment on the rich is right on. They reported that on inauguration day, 600 small jets landed at Dulles Airport. They were no doubt the rich, spoiled hollywood elites and other democrat supporters. Where was the press decrying all the waste and "carbon footprints" that were created by all those rich people flying in their private jets?

Nowhere ....

Now close your eyes and imagine if a conservative was being inaugurated and 600 Gulfstream jets were cleared to park at Reagan National. Would the press turn a blind eye and not report it? Hell no! They'd be whining about how awful it was that "the party of the rich" was attending just to pad their millions by kissing the ring of the new president. There would be protests and demands that the owner's names be released so that a list of "the rich" attendees could be taken and investigated.

You honestly shouldn't care how much a person earns. If they do it legally because small businesses drive our economy. It is NOT the government that create jobs. It is NOT the government that drives our economy. It is NOT government that keeps inflation low - it is all business.

And business is about to take it right on the chin from this loser and his Clintonian relics that now surround him.

Wake up Lefty before its too late.

Anonymous said...


1:48 PM

Kill a commy for mommy.

Anonymous said...

Rue, that was a stupendous response to lefty!!! Its a damn shame that almost the whole generation of legal immigrants that fled their communist and socialist countries for the US of A, are dead. And to many of their grandchildren never paid attention to what they had to say.

Anonymous said...

You honestly shouldn't care how much a person earns. If they do it legally because small businesses drive our economy. It is NOT the government that create jobs. It is NOT the government that drives our economy. It is NOT government that keeps inflation low - it is all business.

If the manufacturing sector keeps outsourcing work over to India and China, jobs will be lost. Not only that, China has been manipulating (since they have so many people) the value of its currency for the last 15 years.

Manufacturing jobs in the US create ancillary jobs in the US (equipment manufacturers, construction, service providers, etc.) that are also lost in this process.

Therefore, these losses get compounded many times to our economy. Most of the decisions to outsource to these overseas countries come from the top of these corporations.

I think you've been on the public dole so long that you don't realize the effects of this terrible cycle.

Many small businesses are affected by this outsourcing to other countries, as they provide the services I mentioned to larger manufacturing facilities that are no longer in the US. These facilities leave, and nothing is there to replace this work.