15 December 2009

Global Warming a Lie

The UK Papers are finally waking up to the lie that is Global Warming.

The Telegraph's headline says it all: "Climate Change is Natural - Not Man Made."

The evidence is credible that climate change is a natural phenomenon that our planet has endured for millions of years.

The dirty secret is that this agenda is being pushed in order to enact stringent "green laws" that will be used to punish, coerce and demean you; the American citizen.

Go read the article, it is enlightening.

Free Bill Cozzi campaign

The Free Bill Cozzi page is up and ready to go on FaceBook.

For those of you who don't know the backstory, Bill worked in 025 and was our traffic officer. He was dedicated and hard-working. One day while on-duty and on a different case, he was summoned by the staff at Norwegian American Hospital to attend to a combative patient. Bill ended up striking the man with an unknown object while the guy was hand-cuffed. The incident was caught on video surveillance.

The man was not injured, and didn't even complain. He knew he was in the wrong and decided to not make an issue of it.

Our very-own Superintendent Jody P. Weis thought differently. Apparently Weis thought he would act on the behalf of the victim, and turn the case file on Bill over to Weis' contacts at the DOJ. This was done after Bill served a 2-year suspension, plead guilty to misdemeanor battery, and paid various court costs and fines. The Police Board voted to allow Bill to come back to the department. Just as he was about to be reinstated, Weis pulled the rug out from under him.

The disciplinary process within the department is strict, and follows its own by-laws. Bill did everything asked of him - and more - and was summarily punished by a vindictive and know-nothing bureaucrat; namely Jody Weis.

Bill made a mistake and is paying for it.

This page is simply to offer support and comfort to an officer who desperately needs it. The place he is in is terrible, and he is alone and abandoned. Let's not let Jody win this one - let's send Bill letters to let him know that he's not forgotten.

Even Santa says so...


Please send Bill a Christmas card or letter. He loves to get mail, and it would brighten his otherwise dismal day down there.

William Cozzi #40222-424 FCI
FCI Oakdale
P.O.Box 5000
Oakdale,La. 71463

God bless Bill Cozzi and may God remove Jody Weis from his office very soon. His skills as a 'leader' are tremendously lacking.

08 December 2009

Rue's on Twitter, and FaceBook

Trying to keep up with the techie-stuff, I'm on Twitter now. Here's the link.

I'm on FB too. http://facebook.com/ruestmichel..

Hit me up, peeps!

06 December 2009

Interview With The Commie

Sam Webb, leader of the Communist Party USA, is interviewed by Glenn Beck in this revelatory clip.

As you can expect, Webb is a cheerleader for Obama and the "new policies" of "change" fomented by Team Obama.

30 November 2009

Officers Murdered at Coffee shop

Four Seattle police officers were murdered in cold blood while in a coffee shop.

The murdered officers were identified as Sgt. Mark Renninger, 39; and Officers Ronald Owens, 37, Tina Griswold, 40, and Gregory Richards, 42.

RIP Blue Centurions. God bless you, your families and your friends at this terrible time.

Couple thoughts on Officer safety: It's interesting that these officers were killed at lunch. Typically we drop our guard at the restaurant, we take off our vests, turn down the radio, we get engaged in our conversations with our co-workers. Also, in Chicago we're not supposed to "congregate" - meaning multiple units sequestered at one lunch location. I think the rule is no more than 2 cars at any one spot. It is precisely to avoid something like this from occurring.

Be careful out there and stay aware of your surroundings. There may be copy-cats out there.

And it goes without saying that I hope the animal that did this is summarily executed so he can begin his term in Hell as soon as possible.

09 November 2009

Rest in Peace, Officer Timothy Brenton (SPD)

Offcer Brenton was murdered on 31 OCT by Christopher Monfort.

Thoughts and prayers for the officer's family.

Calling All Extremists

On Saturday, Barack Hussein Obama called the American citizens who disagree with him "teabaggers" and "extremists."

Here are a few snippets in reply from some learned folks:

* Newsweek’s Fareed Zakaria: “Obama’s message to the country appears to be, “We have a dysfunctional health-care system with out-of-control costs, and let’s add 45 million people to it.” Americans see a health-care bill that has been produced by the old Democratic machine rather than the new Democratic technocrats — more Lyndon Johnson than Larry Summers. It might be the only way to get a law passed, and it might please the party’s base, but it will dismay independents.”

* The Washington Post’s Fred Hiatt: “Health-care reform should not add to the deficit. It should control health-care costs. And, once reform is passed, the government will get serious about deficit reduction. Unfortunately, the House bill fails his first test.”

* Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT): “If the public option plan is in there, as a matter of conscience, I will not allow this bill to come to a final vote.”

We conservatives want to empower the people, not some healthcare "czar"

Well the Healthcare bill did squeak by - by only 6 votes. We will ramp up our activism and let our senators know that we will actively work for their opponents in the next election if they vote for this.

I'm already sharpening my claws to get Rep. Mark Kirk and Jan Shackowsky out of office. They're both disgraces and have sullied this state with their constitutionally prohibited voting records.

God bless us.

07 November 2009

The Ghetto Mentality on Full Display

Work the "under-served" portions of Chicago and you get jaded. There's no way around it. You try to explain to people - your normal, well-adjusted friends, that the mind-set of ghetto denizens is quite different from 99% of Americans, and your friends look at you like you just decried the wonders of the Third Reich.

Well here's a snippet that wonderfully illustrates the dilemma that most law enforcement personnel see day in, and day out in America's inner-cities. This clip is from Fox News Memphis. It reports on a house fire in which the mother and "auntay" of a 2 and 3 year old, left the house to drive "some dude" home who "cuts the grass", and while away, the house caught on fire.

One of the boys died, the other is in critical condition.

Watch all the way to the end when the "auntay" claims to have "no regrets" for leaving the little ones home alone to burn in a house fire. Her only regret, she says is that she needs to "get in there" to see "if my purse burned up with my food stamp card and everythang" might be in there.

She even adds a snicker as if the whole thing is funny. Well ma'am, it's not funny and you're a fucking piece of shit for leaving a 12-month old and a 36 month old to fend for themselves for lord-knows-how-many hours while you drove "dude" around, no doubt looking for a place to buy a blunt and hit a Forty.

Yea, they're just like you and me - right.

That's why the Black community needs to address these types of issues within their own ranks.

I wonder who they're going to sue for the "wrongful" death lawsuit heading to the City of Memphis' city hall.

Banishing the Myth of 2008

Charles Krauthammer nails it right on the head.

TeaParty Patriots Meeting Today


Today from noon to 2pm the Chicago Tea Party will demonstrate at Dan Lipinski's office to fight against this Marxist healthcare legislation.

Here are the details:

The Chicago Tea Party Says…

It’s One Year to Judgment Day…
And We’re Taking Back Our Country!

Come to the heartland of Congressman Dan Lipinski – the ONLY democratic congressman in Illinois leaning AGAINST government ran medicine!!

Noon – 2 p.m.
Wentworth Park
5700 So Narragansett Ave in Chicago
(One mile west of Midway Airport – in the Bungalow Belt!)

Contact Catherina W. at ChicagoTeaPatriots@Gmail.com or go to for more information www.ChicagoTeaPatriots.com

05 November 2009

Washington Tea Party

O/T: * * * * Thoughts and prayers for the fallen soldiers at Fort Hood * * * * *

On Topic:

Fox News reports that the Patriots who gathered on the West side of the Capitol building numbered in the thousands. They came to protest the impending healthcare reform legislation.

Mark Levin was there and said a few words -

Audio clip here.

God-damn right! Conservatism is on the ascendancy, and more people are waking up to what's going in the echelons of government.

A recent Gallup poll showed that Obama's approval rating went down to 53%

I am not surprised: People are figuring out that he is a serial liar, and an incompetent ideologue. We're expected to believe that he sat there in Jeremiah Wright's "church" for 20 years and didn't hear a thing? That his hand-picked administration thralls are either Maoists, Leftists, Stalinists or tax cheats? Coincidence?

Obama is all about destroying this country under the guise of "transformation." Well he can keep his "change" and stick it where the sun don't shine.

Sic semper tyrannis!

29 October 2009

Your New Healthcare plan

Buckle up - It is time for a Rue Rant!

My dear erudite reader, do you still think that this administration and White House is nothing different from presidents in the past? Do you Obama-Zombies now see the error of your voting ways?

Allow me to disabuse you of your delusions.

This is one of the most corrupt, despotic regimes in US history. They want power at all costs. They are inferior to the people that filled past administrations. Just look at what their policies are doing to the country. They're pushing us down the road in an attempt at turning us into a Third-World banana republic. Need proof? Here's just one of dozens:

USA Today did some digging and found that 40% of top Obama fund raisers have been rewarded with posts within the administration.

More than 40% of President Obama's top-level fundraisers have secured posts in his administration, from key executive branch jobs to diplomatic postings in countries such as France, Spain and the Bahamas, a USA TODAY analysis finds.

Twenty of the 47 fundraisers that Obama's campaign identified as collecting more than $500,000 have been named to government positions, the analysis found.

Overall, about 600 individuals and couples raised money from their friends, family members and business associates to help fund Obama's presidential campaign. USA TODAY's analysis found that 54 have been named to government positions, ranging from Cabinet and White House posts to advisory roles, such as serving on the economic recovery board charged with helping guide the country out of recession.

Here is the complete list of job recipients.

What this shows is that this president is more concerned about rewarding his cronies, than protecting and defending the United States constitution. He doesn't care about employing Americans, beefing up our military, invigorating business, and empowering our economy. He enervating our economy with his Utopian drams, while kicking the United States whenever he can - here and abroad. By the way, Where in the constitution does is say that the Federal government has the RIGHT to shove a government-run healthcare system onto the American people: NOWHERE! Where does it say that the Federal government has the right to take over the auto industry, banks, insurance companies or, to shell out $800 billion in phony 'stimulus' money? NOWHERE!

Remember "Cash for Clunkers"? Well, true to form the Federal government, inefficient and ineffective, actually spent $24,000 per TAXPAYER, CNN Money reports.

If we had an honest media in this country, we probably wouldn't be in the position that we are today. It is the media that continually keeps us off balance, keeps us ignorant of the policies of this administration. These Leftists - in the government and in the MSM - are taking a wrecking ball to this nation. They don't believe in Life, Liberty nor Private Property. All they care about is the collective. They don't want to empower the individual, they want to "level the playing field" by redistributing income.

So now we have the New Left Democrat plan for Nationalized HealthCare. Fox news has the story. There is a ground-swell of opposition to this but Pelosi, Reid and Obama DO NOT CARE. 70% of United States citizens are happy with their health insurance. Do our leaders care? No! They understand that passing this initiative will open the door on eventually gaining absolute power over the population - turning this Republic into a morass of socialism.

Pelosi's bill contains 1,190 pages of a New, Retooled-HealthCare Fiasco. It includes a Public option. 90% of American citizens won't be able to use the Public option. Didn't know that little tidbit, didja? To finance the bill, House Democrats are going to tax wealthy couples, and Medical Manufacturing device companies. They're going to tax, tax, tax until there is no one left to tax. Oh, and they are LIARS. Here's a nice compilation of misrepresentations from our elected leaders:

It isn't going to lower costs, raise quality nor do anything beneficial for the American people. It will destroy our liberty and give the burgeoning Federal Government the power of life and death over YOU and your loved ones.

Are Obama's policies working? NO.

* The Stimulus package was touted as something "necessary" and was framed as something that would "save or create" millions of jobs. The only thing that creates jobs is business and Business is under attack by our government. Unemployment is cresting over 10% - 17% if you include those who have given up looking for work. Mortgage foreclosures are reaching record numbers, and businesses are contracting trying to husband their resources.

* Cap and Trade - "Tax and Kill" is intended to break up the coal companies, reign in "big oil" with the result that you will see your energy costs go up $3,000 per year, per household. Under the new EPA, Obama's handpicked Marxists want you to open your house to Big Brother, in the Public Interest, just so the Government can "look around" to see if your Smart Meter is operating, whether your appliances are energy efficient...etc.

* "Green is the new Red" - The environmentalists are busy crowing their ridiculous claims for everyone who'll listen. And the MSM is happy to carry the water for them too. "Nice Fascism", as Jonah Goldberg coined the term, are those totalitarians among us who would trade Liberty for Enviro-Tyranny. Under the auspices of "for the good of the people" the government is busy leveraging itself into all aspects of our lives. They're not building re-education camps yet but just look at how much "diversity" there is in the media. Almost none - because MOST of it is Liberal/socialist. When 40% of the population describes itself as 'conservative' shouldn't the media reflect that demographic? Of course.

And this Joke is getting more and more traction:
Q: Why did Jimmy Carter vote for Barack Hussein Obama?

A: Because he's tired of being the worst president in US history.

The parallels between Obama and Carter are disturbing. The Washington Examiner's James Carafano takes a hard look at the comparisons.

And if we keep on this track, I'm afraid this will be what we'll be living like in about 200 years. Please use the number 202-224-3121 to call the key Democratic senators and urge a no vote for Government Healthcare.

God help us.

27 October 2009

Scientology Guilty of "Fraud"

The "church" of Scientology was found guilty of fraud by a French court. The organization was fined $1,000,000 for defrauding gullible members. The court wanted to outright ban the organization but figured that it would just go 'underground' if it did.

I remember reading L. Ron Hubbard's book "Dianetics" when I was younger, and thinking that it was really off the wall. Hubbard's thesis is that there are "engrams" - small green and red that live in your head and influence your behavior.

To see a "true believer" in action, here's one of their 'stars' in all his scientological glory:

Some people will fall for anything, and Scientology proves it.

21 October 2009

Totalitarianism Bearing Down on US Citizens

Whether you realize it or not, we are at war. Whether you realize it or not, the American citizen and his freedoms are in the cross-hairs of the totalitarians in Washington.

They're coming at us from all directions, hot and fast. Who can keep up? Most of us work, spend time with our families - and don't have the time to demonstrate, call our representatives and fire off angry letters.

They want to confiscate our private property, they want to eliminate our liberties, and remove freedoms from us. Government takeovers of the Auto industry, Insurance, Healthcare, Finance, banking, Energy companies....and now they're reaching outside our borders to get us into a Climate Change Treaty.

If we sign it, it will literally be the end of our democracy.

Time is running out; we only have a few weeks to put this to a halt.

Check out this interview with Lord Monckton, a top climate change expert:

They feel we owe the world a "climate debt" - we'll be forced to pay "reparations" to the rest of the world under the false pretense of carbon emissions. The ultimate danger is that our constitution dictates that a ratified treaty will not be governed within the parameters of the constitution.

Also, Democratic countries will be forced to hand over their payments every year. It will pass right over the heads of their voting populations. Bypassing the ballot boxes.

God save us from these people. Our Democracy is dangling from a thread.

20 October 2009

Chicago Tea Party Patriots

Check out this video of Chicago Tea Party Patriots marching on Chicago media outlets last Friday.

Well done!

Their next event is 07-Nov in a march to Rep. Dan Lipinski (Dummycrat-IL) because he's "unsure" how he'll vote on the pending ObamaCare legislation. Let's remind him who and what his priorities are: Liberty, Freedom and Less government.

Go here to visit their homepage.

19 October 2009

Times UK:"Biden - Mr. Wrong"

The Times of UK, Europe's version of the Old Gray Lady - takes a HUGE swipe and Vice President Joe Bide; and indirectly at Barack Hussein Obama.

Full story here.

What Mr Obama overlooked was that Mr Biden, who served as a senator for tiny Delaware for 36 years, had never run anything in his life, or taken decisions rather than talking about things, at legendary length. Even in the United States Senate, that august body which each week produces enough hot air to transport 1,000 six-year-olds across America, Mr Biden – who sports hair plugs and a set of porcelain-enhanced gnashers that would blind a polar bear – is renowned for his wordiness.

The article is short, and quickly to the point. That point being that Joe Biden HAS 'literally' done nothing in his life except get elected to the Senate for 36 years. The same critiques leveled at the VP can also be volleyed at Obama: he never did anything in his life except get elected, raise to kids, graduate from an Ivy League school and register ghetto denizens to vote. Sad to say; those are facts - indisputable, no less.

The Brits are miffed because Joe Biden is not qualified to make policy decisions about Iraq, Afghanistan nor troop deployments - But Obama is relying on "Mr. Wrong" for just that purpose.

At least the British press is beginning to realize that Washington is now riddled with incompetent oafs - like Obama and Biden. Maybe next time they'll examine Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and arrive at a similar conclusion.

One would hope.

18 October 2009

Government isn't the Solution, It's the Problem

From an astute and intelligent reader:

Dear members of the United States Legislature, all 535 of you.

It is now official: You are all morons.

*The U.S. Postal Service was established in 1775 - you have had 234 years to get it right; it is broke.

*Social Security was established in 1935 - you have had 74 years to get it right; it is broke.

*Fannie Mae was established in 1938 - you have had 71 years to get it right; it is broke.

*War on Poverty started in 1964 - you have had 45 years to get it right; $1 trillion of our money is confiscated each year and transferred to huge beaurocracies for "the poor"; it hasn't worked and is broke.

*Medicare and Medicaid were established in 1965 - you've had 44 years to get it right; they're both broke.

*Freddie Mac was established in 1970 - you have had 39 years to get it right; it is broke.

*Trillions of dollars in the massive political payoff called the TARP bill of 2009 shows NO sign of working. It is broken.

*And finally to set a new record:

"Cash for Clunkers" was established in 2009 and went broke in ONE MONTH in 2009! It took good dependable cars (that were the best that some people could afford) and replaced them with high priced vehicles.

People who couldn't afford to are now making payments they can't afford. Mostly Japanese models were sold; so a good percentage of the profits went out of the country.

And lastly, the American taxpayers are now going to be dinged with paying for yet 4 billion more dollars of our governments experiments to make our wallets even thinner.

So with a perfect 100% failure rate and a record that proves that the "services" you continually shove down our throats are failing faster and faster, now you want Americans to believe you can be trusted with a government-run health care system? 16% of our economy?

Are you crazy? Truly, the inmates are running the asylum!

We need to let others in on this brilliant record before 2010.

This election, just vote against ALL incumbents!

Joe Friday Schools Obama

Too Funny!

Find more videos like this on Patriotic Resistance

HIDTA Hijinks

UPDATE: Oh my prophetic soul! Here's more evidence that O'grady's policy of "put dope on the table" is NOT working. This DEA team, following orders, was monitoring POD cameras and observed these offenders exchanging jabs. They went to take them down and the offenders fled the scene. They killed a woman after crashing their car.

Now, the point is this: Why do you have DEA credentialed officers watching POD cameras and going after piddly weed transactions? Is this a proper and effective use of Department resources and Federal funding? No, it is not.

Someone slap O'grady on the head for me and tell him to wake up! His policy of "quick hits" is putting lives at risk. This is a short-term solution to a long-term problem.

From the Rue-mors file:

Insiders who've talked to your humble narrator inform me that Commander O'grady at NAGIS/HIDTA is telling his drug interdiction teams to knock off the long-term surveillance. O'grady wants his teams to go out and get "quick hits" and to "put dope on the table".

What this amounts to is nothing more than what your typical Tactical team does everyday. The HIDTA teams are federally funded, and federally manned. The program is part of the Department of Justice. There are agents for the DEA and FBI within the ranks and their stated mission is to perform long-term investigations to root out drug trafficking networks. The networks they're supposed to investigate are the ones that are moving large shipments of drugs into the United States. The HIDTA philosophy is to act nationally, but think locally. They interface with local law enforcement and help guide them to intercept big shipments of drugs. Ultimate authority rests within the local department. In Chicago, O'grady commands the HIDTA unit.

But how can our guys and gals execute that mission when they're being forced to shake down street corner hustlers for a jab???

90% of drug trafficking comes from Mexico. That's a fact. And it takes weeks to track down every person involved in the pipe-line. Then the team has to get search warrants, document every step of the investigation, and then take down the players. That's what this team is specifically designed to do - it's NOT there to do petty weed arrests.

This situation is like using your SWAT Team to write parking tickets.

O'grady is also pushing his teams to obtain and execute search warrants in districts and areas that the teams themselves have little intelligence about. Instead of letting his guys and gals do their jobs, here's another house-mouse who's only concerned about "numbers." He obviously doesn't fully comprehend how to utitilize his members, and his myopia is causing millions more dollars of dope to cross the border undetected.

From what I'm told, morale within the unit is at an all-time low.

These officers and agents do a tremendously dangerous job, and I salute them for their courage, valor and commitment.

Let's hope Commander O'grady finds a nice new position leading a stalwart team of officers at the Equipment and Supply Division.

It sounds like he'd be better suited tracking the number of desks and gas masks owned by the city.

17 October 2009

CBO: "President's Budget is Unsustainable"

Tony Blankley has a nice piece at RealClearPolitics. He asks the rhetorical question that we've all been wondering about our leaders in Washington: Are they nuts?

In June, the Congressional Budget Office published "The Long-Term Budget Outlook," its summary reading in part: "The federal budget is on an unsustainable path -- meaning that federal debt will continue to grow much faster than the economy over the long run. ... Rising costs for health care and the aging of the U.S. population will cause federal spending to increase rapidly. ...

"... Large budget deficits would reduce national saving, leading to more borrowing from abroad and less domestic investment, which in turn would depress income growth. ... The accumulation of debt would seriously harm the economy. Alternatively, if spending grew as projected and taxes were raised in tandem, tax rates would have to reach levels never seen in the United States (highest marginal income tax rate so far: 94 percent, in 1944-45). High tax rates would slow the growth of the economy, making the spending burden harder to bear."

Let's look at the numbers under TeamObama's reign:

* The Messiah, economic illiterate that he is, said unemployment wouldn't go above 8%. We're now at 10% (17% including those who've "given up" looking for work, and 50% within the 18 to 24 crowd. When's the "trickle up" theory going to kick in?

* Healthcare will cost $829 billion over 10 years, but don't forget that the Government said that Medicaire would cost $12 billion by 1990. It ended up costing $107 billion. (Source here.

* Healthcare under the Obama plan will cost each family thousands per year. It will only cover a few million that aren't insured now.

* The Democrats want the healthcare system to cover illegal aliens.

* Robert Reich is cheerleading for ObamaCare and is on record stating that the elderly should just be prepared "to die" because the majority of medical claims by the elderly comes in the last years of their lives, and under the new healthcare "reform" there won't be enough money to give elderly folks the care that they may need.

Can you believe what your eyes and ears are conveying to you from these government pukes? They're using the false flag of "crisis" once again to get you to give more and more to a burgeoning government. They have no shame, and know no limits in their appetite for power.

* States that have socialized medicine - Oregon and Massachusetts - are already telling their citizens "we can't afford to give you the drugs you need to fight your cancer, but we'll pay for your end-of-life counseling."

* ObamaCare doesn't address malpractice (Tort reform) reform nor the high cost of drugs. The drug companies spend billions per year on R&D and have to pass their costs onto the end-users. Much of what the R&D is for is "defensive medicine" - going through all the government red-tape hurdles in order to minimize their exposure to lawsuits. Also absent from the bill is protecting doctors from patients who sue them to simply settle and make a few bucks. Of course outright medical malpractice does happen - the wrong foot gets amputated, a testicle gets removed instead of a diseased kidney....etc.

This is all by design, dear readers. This administration - steeped in Marxist and Black Liberation ideology - is using every tool and trick to get more and more people on the public dole, and to strip more and more rights away from Joe Citizen.

If Obama was sincerely interested in reforming healthcare, then why isn't he addressing malpractice and drug costs? Why does he instead focus on cutting overall healthcare costs? That amounts to rationing because in order to cut costs you must withdraw services: close hospitals, lay off doctors, nurses and specialists, cut back on technology by removing MRI, CAT and Ultrasound machines; form lines, deny coverage and turn people away from getting treatment.

This is all a form of socialism, in that, the president is subversively taking control of the means of production. He's taken over GM and Chrysler, bought and paid for Lehman Brothers, and AIG - and is taking over huge swaths of the energy industry. They've ceased drillling, ceased issuing permits to survey and drill for oil, and insttituted the ridiculous Cap & Trade bill which will cost us billions more in taxes.

Tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, .... that is ALL THEY KNOW HOW TO DO.

I said it when he was running and I will say it again because it is so bloody obvious: Obama has no idea on how to truly help this country. He was a radical street-organizer from South Chicago with no experience at running anything. He only knows how to buy votes and how to coerce people into voting. That's it!

I blame you fools who voted for this second rate hack. He's an embarrassment, minimally - and a Marxist radical in sheep's clothing, more likely.

Where's our next Ronald Reagan, my God I do miss "the Gipper"

Here's Ronald Reagan's rant on the dangers of socialized medicine.

Folks, Obama's social experiments have all been tried before over the last 70 years, and have been proven to be unsustainable, dangerous and failures.

When are the American people going to wake up? There is no such thing as a Free Lunch....someone always pays. And under this administration, the Working Man and Woman is going to take it right in the neck!

Call your congressman and tell them how you feel.

Sic Semper Tyrannis!

15 October 2009

Marx vs. Franklin

People don't realize that your private property is the foundation of your freedoms. The founders knew that if the government was enabled to confiscate your private property, then that would place tremendous power into the hands of the Federal government.

The founders were very concerned about limiting the government's power and reach.

Now that is out the window! TeamObama is working hard to take more and more of your property vis-a-vis tax rates. Here's a nice synopsis as to why taxes are the linchpin of Communism, and the way out for Capitalism.

Capitalists of the World, Unite!

07 October 2009

Muslims snub French Gay soccer team

The Religion of Peace strikes again! I guess there is no word for Tolerance in the Qu'oran.

Story here.

Healthcare Surprise

Well if you listen to the Lefties, and the media wonks, you'd think that the major healthcare insurance companies are heartless, cruel, automatons that routinely deny people coverage.

Afterall, why would TeamObama be trying to destroy private health insurance and install its own Centralized Bureau of Births and Deaths?

Well an interesting fact (remember those? that's what we used to use to debate policy - now it's enough to just emote if you're on the New Left) that has come to light.

The biggest denier of Healthcare claims is no other than the United States Federal Government! According to research fellow Beverly Gossage, Medicare is the most likely to reject requests - sending away 6.85% of requests. (hat tip: Biggovernment.com and the Mark Levin show)

So just another Big Government boondoggle that sees the light of day.

Remember, Ignorance is Strength; War is Peace and Freedom is Slavery!

Mercedes marxists


Stop all dat Nigga shit!

The only thing that would have made the video funnier, is if he got capped by a drive-by!

Overall I agree with his message.

06 October 2009

Comment moderation

For years now, I have prided myself in not having to moderate any comments. Sure there was the anonymous post here and there that needed to be bombed but, for the most part, I've been pretty ~ forgive the choice of phrase "liberal" ~ when it comes to blog moderation.

For one, I simply don't have the time to go through each and every post and cherry pick what gets posted and what doesn't. Second, you're all adults, and you're all protected by the First Amendment so you should be able to say whatever-god-damn-well-as-you-please.

Third, I don't subscribe to the PC/Multicultural nonsense - so if you push the limits on speech; by all means I say go ahead. There is nothing in the constitution which prohibits you from being a bigot...et al.

For the last week I've had the comment moderation filter on because I was getting some excessive racial postings that, while cathartic, weren't exactly constructive.

I prefer clarity over agreement - so if you take a position, please expound on it and make your case. If you want to write "Shoot a n_____, it gives you energy" please resist the temptation to post that. It does nothing to elevate the debate, and I have quite a few black readers who don't fall into that category of derogation.

I have removed the filter so we're back on uncensored mode. Please respect your fellow readers and reign in the obnoxious blather.

Thanks --


Putting the R in Cook County

I was born and raised in Chicago. I dutifully learned all the relevant facts about the city while sitting in my Chicago Public school classroom - The Fort Dearborn massacre, the green onions which grew along the river were called 'shikago' by the Illinois Indians, the meaning of urbs in horto, up through the famous Lincoln-Douglass debates, the railroads and the influx of cattle through the Stockyards (Hog-butcher to the World), Sandburg's poem "The City of Big Shoulders", Great Lakes naval base during WWII, the steel mills, the social upheavals of the 1960's, the malaise of the "Me generation" during the 70's and up to the building of the tallest skyscraper in the world.

Even knowing as much as I do about this city, I never cared for it.

I don't know if it is the segregated ethnic enclaves, the apathetic staff and students of the public schools, the phony, uncaring politicians, a major league baseball team that hasn't won a world series in over a century, the history of corruption and nepotism, or the fact that we're doomed to be forever The Second City (eventhough we're probably a close Third city behind Los Angeles), or the constant penumbra of crime that permeates every community.

How many politicians have been convicted in this county? Operation Graylord, and Operation Silver Shovel are two that come to mind. Disgraced former governors George Ryan, Dan Walker, and Otto Kerner all went to jail for corruption. Indicted former governor Blagovich continues to embarrass the state with his public denials and circus-like antics. Richard J. Daley used his office to get jobs for people who "took care of the machine" and his son is proudly carrying on the tradition. Those who are "wired to the Magic Kingdom" are taken care of. Case in point: Chicago fireman Scott Holland attacked two Chicago police officers after the September 21 Bears game. Holland has three arrests on his background - going back 10 years. Why is he still employed by the city as a firefighter? I can only guess because I don't know Holland, but I would guess that it is because someone downtown is taking care of him by sweeping the dirt under the carpet.

MSNBC did a nice synopsis of Chicago's legacy of crime. You can see pretty much the whole picture on the torpitude this city wallows in.

There has always been some niggling doubts prickling me about this city. It seems to me that other cities do things better: we stole New York's famous COMSTAT system to fight crime, we borrowed many of their street names as well - Broadway, State, Houston, Douglass blvd....et cetera. The plays that originate here rarely go national but, plenty start in New York or LA and come here. You can name famous actors from Chicago on one hand. Even our museums and zoos aren't world-class.

We even have someone who rose, seemingly out of nowhere, from the Swamps of Illinois politics and became president. To our shame and regret, he's turning out to be one of the worst presidents in our 233 year history. Obama learned his lessons on totalitarianism very well while growing up on the south side of Chicago. He learned the immutable laws of Give and Take. You give something, you get something. You want votes? Then go around with your Community Organizers and raise some money for some unnamed local politician, then that local politician will talk to a local trucking firm and give out 15 jobs to the Community Organizer's retinue. This smooth-talkin' shuck and jive specialist is fooling only the mindless drones whose brains are mush from watching too much Oprah Live! and Bill Cosby. Even the world is now catching up to BHO - the real alpha-males on the world stage are sensing that a hare occupies the White House. The American Thinker pegs it right by asking "Did We Elect a beta male?" BHO won't come out and be his real self because his real self is anathema to America. This unqualified Marxist puppet is exquisite at one thing: Grabbing and holding power. That's why DHS just announced that it is hiring 1,000 internet spies. Can you imagine if a white male conservative president announced such a plan? Fire and brimstone would erupt! But hiring such types, bringing the Census bureau under the auspices of the the Chief of Staff, pushing for more and more goodies for the unproductive loser segment of our population in order to BUY THEIR VOTES, is straight out of the Chicago Machine's playbook.

(Deep breath)....

This harangue leads me to one more piece of the puzzle as to why I don't like Chicago. It is the court system.

Police officers know first-hand how abysmally appalling the Cook County court system is. Sit in any city court and you'll see nothing but a parade of ne'er-do-wells strolling through the little swinging doors, wearing their best FUBU or Al Capone shirt, standing before the judge and having their case dismissed by the liberal activist in black robes who doesn't assign the officers with any credibility or honesty.

When people complain to me about the criminals in this city, my response is usually that it's the courts. The courts are where the "teeth" of the law are supposed to be felt - viscerally.

Unfortunately in this city, that is not the case. The courts are a dumping ground where criminals get treated with kid gloves. I sat in court last month and watched as an officer testified that he and partner watched the offender make 2 hand-to-hand transactions with a third officer. When they broke surveillance and arrested the man, they found 30 grams of marijuana on him. The judge sat there and dismissed all charges - not because "he didn't believe the officers' testimony" but, as he stated directly to the offender: "You're a 19 year old and I don't want to jeopardize your future by finding you guilty." The man was out on the corner the very next day selling weed, and bragging to his boys that the courts in this city ain't shit. Nice message to send to the police, the community and the felons.

One other time I was waiting for my case to get called for a jury trial down at 26th & California. The case before mine was the sentencing phase of a case where two tac officers saw a 15-year old west side youth standing on the street with a Tec-9 extended magazine sticking out of his pants pocket. When they exited their vehicle, the youth took off and ran into his home. With officers in hot pursuit, they saw him throw the gun under the family Christmas tree and flee into his bedroom. The gun was fully loaded and ready to fire. The kid already had a few arrests in his background and was probably acting as security for a local drug dealer.

The defense attorney pleaded the case down to an unloaded weapon, which carries a lower charge, and I sat there as the judge said,"Before I pass judgment, does counsel have any mitigating circumstances?"

The defense attorey said,"Your honor, my client has been accepted into the engineering department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I would ask the court for leniency based on the fact that this young man is going to an ivy league school."

The judge then raised his hands into the air and intoned solemnly,"Young man, I cannot let your educational future be jeopardized by a guilty conviction. 12 months supervision." And the gavel fell.

Where is the humanity and justice in decisions like these? Does the rule of law truly warrant so little consideration? Does this serve the citizenry? Can communities rest easy at night knowing that the worst people in the city are out running around free based on a liberal judge's whim and fantasy? Don't the citizens of this city and county have a reasonable expectation of due diligence from their judges, ASAs and states attorneys???

While not all judges are such incompetent dolts with a brick of guilt on their shoulder, 75% of them are.

That brings me to the culmination of this long post. Your intrepid reporter has acquired some information on some of the judges in the Cook County court. This time it is from the Traffic Section of the First Municipal District. When our officers arrest someone on for driving while intoxicated, or for a drug charge, then they'll go through the social services section of the Cook County court. It is the case worker's job to interview the subject and follow his rehabilitation. Any deviations of the subject's behavior are reported to the judge and added to the subjects' court folder.

As police officers, sometimes you wonder what happened to a case that you initiated. Well some of your offenders wind up getting NOTHING done about their habitual drug use from the judges in the court section. Worst yet, there used to be a court reporter in these sessions, but they were yanked out 2 years ago. The next to go were the microphones that recorded the audio portion of the proceedings. Now, the only evidence of what's going on in these Violation Hearings is what's written on the manila folders, and of those who sit in the hearings.

My investigation has revealed that that all but two of these judges are terrible: they routinely pass offender's violations off to the next judge - refusing to take action against the offenders.

Judge Rating Remarks
Gomolinski 5 Sometimes enforces court sentencing.

Collins-Dole 2 Almost never enforces court sentences - lenient with violators.

Ryan, Krystyna 1 Very liberal, panders to offenders.

Malone 7 Decent.

Scully, George 8 Good judge, fair and strict with offenders

O'Hara, James 3 Bad, rarely enforces court orders. Panders - lenient.

Bender 3 Bad, rarely enforces court orders. Panders - lenient.

Burke, Kathleen 8 Good but puts too much emphasis AA and recovery.

Flannigan 7 Decent.

Wolfson 7 Decent.

Kull 1 Terrible - routinely passes on enforcing orders.

The rating is out of 10 - ten being a top notch judge who enforces court orders on offenders. 1 means that the judge won't enforce the terms of the violator's sentencing.

As an example of what's going on here....

An offender named Derrick Flex was found to have violated his probation 9 times - that means he tested positive for drugs 9 times. He was arrested for DUI and is a habitual marijuana user. Part of the judge's original sentencing was that Flex would be put back in jail if he violated the terms of his sentence. To date that order has been violated 9 times but Flex has not seen one day in jail.

Offender David Fuller won't go to treatment - in violation of the original court ordered pronouncement almost 4 years ago. He is more than 2 years past the terms of the court order. He keeps getting judges who won't enforce the original court order, so he keeps wasting the time and efforts of the court and their staff. Judge Rivkin-Carothers had his hands in this case as well and is part of the problem.

People need to know that these judges are not doing what they were elected to do. Who do we turn to to get help on this? Hopefully the media in Chicago will step up and do a thorough investigation as to what's happening in the court section.

We deserve better, and I should move to a different city.

02 October 2009

Lincolnshire Officer Needs Our Help

One of our own needs help.

8-year old Brian, the son of Lincolnshire Police Officer Tom Branick, was shot and critically wounded in a tragic accident that continues to reverberate throughout the law enforcement community.

I can only imagine what Tom and his wife are going through right now.

The little guy can now smile and speak but medical costs for Brian's rehabilitation will be tremendous. There is a donation page set up to help with the Branick's medical expenses.

The website is here.

Please consider donating something to the family.

God bless and Get well soon, Brian!

01 October 2009

Hollywood Needs its Idiots Back

The overpaid, Leftist trolls who work in Hollywood and get paid to pretend to be someone or something else, are up to their old tricks. Their Leftist Masters in Big Government tapped them to be the Acolytes send to "spread the word" about ObamaCare. Get your barf-bag ready:

And, here's the absolutely hysterical rebuttal from HotAir. Why listen to experts in the field of medicine, health care and economics? Let's all listen to some folks whose only expertise is in reading scripts and "acting".

Celebrities won't feel the burden and pain of a single payer, government run system. They've got plenty of money to do whatever they want. It is sickening that they get their accolades from us when we go see their trivial movies, and we put our hard-earned cash into their pockets. And for what? So they can run around acting like they know what they're talking about? They live and work in fantasy-land ... they want us all to do the same.

Make a list and boycott each and everyone of these idiots' movies and TV shows.

As Laura Ingraham said to The Dixie Chicks when they stepped out of their scope of talent (ie. politics) - Shut up and Sing! .... So I'd say to these B-list actors: Shut up and Act. Leave politics to those of us who actually read something other than Vanity and the NYTimes.

28 September 2009

And the Machine Rolls On

Hill Buzz is reporting today that Mayor Richard Daley has contacted Fox News Chicago and instructed - nay, ordered - them to not run a story about a group of Chicagoans who are against having the city host the olympics.

Their website is here.

It is important that this story goes viral because people need to wake up to what is coming our way. Something like 365 miles of roads will be closed for the weeks that the Olympics are in effect. Other cities spent millions and some are still trying to get out from under the debt load. It took 30 years for Montreal to pay off the debts incurred during their host period. Five years after hosting, Athens' 20 of 21 sites built for Olympic use stand abandoned.


This event that Daley so desperately wants for our city is nothing more than a scheme to enrich Daley and his cronies - there is no other possible explanation for his breathless tirades on getting them here.

In Chicago it's all about "What can you do for me?" - and that is exactly why the Olympics should go anywhere but to the City of Big Shoulders. We've got enough problems without dealing with this logistical nightmare.

22 September 2009

John Garrido for Cook County Board President

I wasn't going to blog about this, but recent developments have pushed my hands into an informal discussion of John Garrido's candidacy for Cook County Board President.

While I am a staunch Republican, with Libertarian tendencies, I didn't plan on voting for John. I planned on remaining neutral.

My neutrality is at an end.

My personal opinion is that I don't believe John Garrido is a strong leader. He seems overly concerned about doing the bidding of the "bosses" and what the higher-ups care about but doesn't seem to take leadership roles in regards to guiding his officers.

Case in point: He ordered a team to take a covert van and do surveillance on a drug spot because it was an issue that, I'm told, had come up during a CAPS meeting. John was an "acting" lieutenant that night and wasn't the usual team leader. Also, the van is not used specifically for that purpose - the regular lieutenant would not have made that decision because the other one understands street tactics and how to properly run a tactical team.

The troops do as they're told that night, and end up getting shot at by a group of gang-bangers who mistook the van for rivals. Upon the return of the regular lieutenant, Garrido was reprimanded. I heard he was told,"You'll never be left in charge of my team again!" Although I wasn't there and that is heresay.

Then there was the infamous "Dogs at St. Jude" incident in which Garrido thought it would be a good idea to bring his brood of dogs down to Saint Jude march and run them along with the police officers. Needless to say some bosses weren't happy with his comportment and he was reprimanded again.

And he once sent out his personal legal opinion on a recent legal brief that went to all exempts - all the way up to the Superintendent. Again, bosses let him have it because his job isn't to parse legal opinions of the courts - it is to be a lieutenant of police.

I'm not picking on the guy, we're all human - replete with all the foibles and mistakes of the human condition. I may have even done the same things he did. And I salute him for going out there and taking a risk at running. It is costing him alot of money, time and dedication. His website is top-notch and surely cost a pretty penny to put together.

But with all the Machine contenders jostling for the spot, it is virtually impossible for him to really have a shot at getting there.

If you want to see and support John Garrido, by all means go ahead. His Facebook page is here. His website is http://garrido2010.com/

I will not vote for him. Instead I will go buy a beer for Tom Clarke and have a good time talking to a stand-up guy.

18 September 2009

It's the Tribes, stupid!

Many of you know Steven Pressfield from reading his book Gates of Fire - a riveting account of the battle between the Persians and the Spartans at the "hot gates" of Thermopylae. As an aside, that novel is required reading at Westpoint. According to Wikipedia, the book has achieved "cult status" among US Marines.

Steven Pressfield is a student of history - and an astute student indeed. His bibliography is impressive. In addition to Gates of Fire, he's written Tides of War (Peloponnesian War), Virtues of War (Alexander's campaigns), Last of the Amazons (Theseus and his band of female warriors), The Afghan Campaign (the son of Alexander and his campaign in Afghanistan), and Killing Rommel (WW2 and the Long Range Desert Group).

If you want to get inside the mind of the warrior culture, this is your author. He's got 5 web-episodes (5 minutes each) at his website - Steven Pressfield. In them he delves into the military aspects of tribes, and compares Western Citizen versus The Tribesman.

Here's episode 1 - "It's the Tribes, stupid"

The interesting parallels that he makes is that the Tribal mindset what gives the Tribe its power. You can think of Tribes not just relating to American Indians or jihadists, but also US Marines and Gang members. It all makes sense. He points out the folly of entering a region of tribesmen with the intent at "establishing democracy" because the tribes don't really have the same values as we do.

The most poignant commentary is how we are doing the same thing right now in Afghanistan that Alexander did back in 300BC. The arc is almost exactly the same.

Check it out.

11 September 2009




There have been over 14,000 terrorist attacks by radical Muslims since 9/11/2001.

Religion of Peace, my ass! If it is just a "tiny minority" of Muslims who support jihad, then where are the voices of the majority?


06 August 2009

Media playing Catch-up on Obama

Steve Johnson's column in last Sunday's Chicago Tribune surprised me.

The article was entitled "World's Problems Solved - the Obama Way" and it took a swipe at president Barack Hussein Obama's strategies.

Under the listed problem of "Crumbling Infrastructure", Johnson guessed that Obama might use "Duct tape" as an antidote. To solve the problem of Middle East peace, he suggested an "all you can eat buffet".

I found that interesting because during the last presidential election, this same columnist was All-Obama-All-The-Time. Obama was great, McCain was tired, old and not worth a second look. Recently he wrote a fake "Top 10" list of reasons why Sarah Palin resigned from Office. But I would guess that Steve Johnson still loves Obama, and it probably pained him to say anything negative about him.

Overall, the media hasn't figured out what a disaster Obama is.

Sure they're starting to take notice. The "dinosaur media" is enduring falling subscriptions, lower ad revenues, and trimming hundreds of staff members every month.

The thing that they don't get is that it is precisely because of their propaganda-like support for Liberal Democrat politicians, and their constant editorializing that is turning off its readership.

What am I talking about? Let's look again at Steve Johnson. He's a very clear example of what's wrong in the MSM.

Johnson wrote this piece on the recent Just for Laughs comedy festival. Of all venues, comedy is where there are no holds barred. Comedians must be able to ridicule anyone, or anything, in order to be funny.

Steve Johnson, being the good little Statist that he is, doesn't think that comedians should use ethnic slurs in their routines. In fact, Johnson spends one-third of his column skewering comedienne Lisa Lampanelli.

Getting away with the most outrageous ethnic slurs is Lisa Lampanelli's shtick, and she's very good at it.

In the first of two shows Saturday at the Chicago Theater, the comic and celebrity-roast fixture, fresh off of her first HBO special, let the over-the-top characterizations and the grandiose insults fly.

There was a line about the Rutgers women's basketball team, an insinuation about Oprah, a suggestion that she'll adopt a mentally disabled child to save on college expenses. What's interesting about Lampanelli is the nimble dance she does to prove that even though she's being obnoxious, she's still likable.

She characterizes herself just as harshly, as outrageously promiscuous, and she periodically pulls back to make sure no one's feeling genuinely hurt, all the while congratulating the audience on its extreme nastiness for not objecting.

Even in so large a theater, with so much vitriol flying around, Lampanelli creates an environment that's almost warm: People actually raise their hands to be recognized as members of a minority group that the comic can then abuse.

Her point, I think, is that the stereotypes about gays, blacks, women, Asians, Latinos and Jews are ridiculous, and, by repeating them, she can pummel them into submission. But once the giddy delight the audience took in her transgressions subsided, the hourlong set began to feel like it was running in place. More abuse, slightly different terms.

So, according to Steve Johnson's world-view, even comedians should prostrate themselves in abeyance to political correctness, and multiculturalism. Comedians should just leave the gays, blacks, hispanics, asians, and every other race and splinter peripheral group alone. What's left? Oh yea...I forgot -- the whipping boy for everything that's bad; the ubiquitous White Male.

Johnson is representative of all that's wrong with the dinosaur media because their ranks are filled with apparatchiks like him. The American people are tired of the censorship, the guilt, the racial accusations, the hew and cry for reparations and the divisiveness that envelops the Democratic Party line.

Comedy is the place where there should be NO PC rules!

Here's Lisa in action:

With people like Johnson spreading their totalitarianism-lite, it's looking more and more that we are heading straight into 1984.

Next stop: Dystopia

03 August 2009

Lincoln Park beatings

A group of Norwegian nuns are .... wait, no....a group of white teens from St. Ignacius college prep...hold up, I can't hear myself think now....a group of Asian teens who attend The Latin School.....Oh right! That's it! I got it now .... a group of Black and/or Hispanic men are beating and robbing people in Lincoln Park.

Whew! That was close.

I almost couldn't figure out what the ethnicity of the attackers is.

This story highlights why Conceal & Carry laws are on the books. If a couple of these victims had a snubby, it'd be night-night for Joe-Joe, Booty and Boo.

This case sounds alot like the "Steaming" gang attacks in London from a few years ago. Storyhere.

Back to Chicago:

Since the victims are all White, I guess I can at least expect that when the police catch the offenders, Hate Crime statutes will be applied to aggravate the criminal charges.

Oh wait! Shit! Blacks cannot be racists. How silly of me.....

01 August 2009

Random thoughts

I saw that Densey Cole is on the mend in a Colorado hospital. The full story is here. May God speed your recovery, my friend.

For those of you who don't know the story, Officer Cole was en-route to an in-progress call, when he was T-boned in an intersection at 9800 S. Halsted.

Officer Cole lost control of the car and ran into a light pole. While he was conscious but paralyzed, a young black man entered the vehicle, pushed the officer over and stole Officer Cole's weapon and wallet. After stealing the items, he lingered in the vehicle and told Officer Cole,"You can't move. I'm gonna shoot you. I'm gonna kill you."

The terrible shame about this is that ever since I saw the Jeremiah Wright "sermons" I now know why almost every young person glares at the passing police with absolute murder in their eyes. Now I know why they spit every time a police vehicle passes. Now I know why they shoot at us, fight with us, throw bottles at us, call us all manner of names and invective. Now I know why drugs, crime and violence are rampant in areas that have a high percentage of black folk.

It's all because of Black Liberation Theology and the messages that black pastors nationwide are selling to their congregations. The lies that are put forth are by these "churches" are convenient. If you blame the police for every conceivable ill affecting your neighborhood, then you don't have to deal with the real cause of the problem - just focus your hate on "the Man", or the police, or the "greedy" speculators.....It's all a shallow game of Gotcha!.

With passion and apoplexy the Reverends go out and blame white culture, demonize America, cast American leaders and interests in the worst possible light, make outrageous claims like "the CIA invented crack" or "the government blew up the levees in Lousiana". They cater to the uninformed and ignorant, with the intention of simply lining their own pockets.

I know that all black don't subscribe to this non-sense. But enough of them do. According to The American Thinker, a Rasmussen poll find that 73% of voters found Wright's comments to be racially divisive. That's a broad cross section of voters, including 58% of black voters.

So I'm not painting with a broad brush, but look at how far this BLT stuff has saturated the common culture. Barack Hussein Obama obviously memorized the flaming cat shit that Wright served every Sunday because, without "knowing all the facts" he STILL decided that Sgt. Crowley was "profiling" YET ANOTHER radical friend of Obama's.

(By the way, does Obama have ANY friends that aren't radicals, terrorists or racists???? WTF?)

Obama assumed that Crowley was wrong because Crowley is white, and Gates is black. Isn't that the real story here?

So much for a post-racial president. This guy is all about race.

Let's be frank, Obama got elected because he lied to the American people when he said that he wanted to transcend race in this country and move on. White America is so sick and tired of getting heaped on with this racism rhetoric, that they gladly voted for someone who could assuage them of the stigmata.

Sadly, they elected someone who just wants power - and who will use that power to "get back" at all the assumed racial injustices over the past 400 years.

So the next time you and your partner cruise by Augusta and Lamon and see 4 to 5 "youths" spit when they see you, just assume that they've just come from some "Make Believe Missionary Church" where they just learned that NASA never really went to the moon in the early 70's. It was all a big plot to cover up the murder of MLK.


Just my Two Cents - I just happen to be right.

28 July 2009

British Model murdered By Boyfriend


Amy Leigh Barnes, a British model who called 999 and named her killer, has some revenge tonight.

Her boyfriend, Ricardo Morrison, was convicted of murdering the girl - but get this. Under British sentencing standards, Morrison faces a maximum of 24 years in jail. He'll be 40ish when released.

How sad but there is a lesson to be learned here. I think it's fucking obvious.

Rot in Prison, Morrison. You obnoxious, good-for-nothing animal...

Queen Michelle - Elitist Snob

Aren't we in the midst of the Great Recession? Isn't this "the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression?" With so much economic doom and gloom, you'd think that Mr. and Mrs. Obama would be slightly sensitive to over-doing their spending. But no. This is the New Camelot, after all.

The Canadian Free Press (Of course no US newpaper would DARE write a critical article about the Obamas) has a scathing indictment of the erst-while "First Lady" and her outrageous spending habits.

"Miz Michelle" has 20 attendants, at a whopping cost of $1,216,200. And this is just staffing. Don't forget that if the Obamas want to jet to New York for dinner, that little outing cost US Taxpayers $250,000. Michelle wore sneakers to a charity event that cost over $500. The Obamas wanted pizza so they flew a pizza chef in from New Orleans to make 140 pizzas for the Obamas and their staff.


These two are a disgrace....incompetent, petty, racial, and elitists through-and-through.

25 July 2009

Wedding Entrance dance

I want to take a detour off the sour world of politics for a moment. We all know by now that this country was sold a bill of goods by electing Obama. He "over-sold" himself on the interview. Now we have an incompetent hack in office who hasn't the foggiest clue on economics, law or military operations.

And this 'post-racial' president can't help but comment about "stupid" cops and how he thinks that black men and minorities are unfairly targeted by law enforcement. It's amazing that guys who are the biggest cheaters, are the first to accuse their significant other of cheating. The biggest racists are the ones out there accusing everyone of being a racist, when in fact, they are the racists and are projecting their own insecurity onto others.

Anyway ---- I digress.

I came across this wedding video posted at YouTube, and I have to confess, it's pretty bad. It's part of a new craze called Wedding Entrance Dances. Apparently it wasn't good enough for the wedding party to just walk up the aisle and stand in support of the couple about to tie the knot.

Now we have to have drunken, sun-glass wearing, post-adolescent fools prancing around the aisle and showing that they're semi-retarded. I'm sure it was some Unitarian type church, headed by a shock-haired lesbian. That'd fit.

The video was shot at a church ceremony in St. Paul, Minnesota. Here's the video:

Just a few points -
* They use Chris Brown's "Forever" as the song in the ceremony. This is the same Chris Brown who beat the living shit out of his girlfriend. So they've got a domestic abuser as the bard to lead them to matrimonial bliss.

* No wonder Minnesotans consistently vote for losers in their elected officials. From pro-wrestler Jesse Ventura to comedian Al Franken, it's painfully obvious that if this wedding represents Minnesota's voting constituency - they've got some problems.

* No body had any particularly special "moves" - they just kinda waddled up the aisle doing some arm and leg movements. Then the erst-while groom comes tumbling out of the mddle of the group and looks like he's lost!

These people should be embarrassed, not celebrated on YouTube. It was just a half-assed stunt to get some internet buzz and to say - "Look at us! Aren't we cheeky, fresh and modern!"

Did they want to celebrate their day in a memorable way? Certainly - everyone wants to remember their wedding day. But these people come off over-acting, and looking pretty ridiculous to boot.

I wonder if they're divorced yet.

21 July 2009

Joe Grillo gets Probation

Former district 025 police officer Joseph Grillo was sentenced today to 2 years probation by Judge Joseph Alesia.

I know that some officers have strong opinions, both ways, on this one. Nobody can discount that Joe was a tremendously effective officer, a hard-working guy and always looked out for his partners. Seems like he maybe looked out "too much" in light of this allegation.

Regardless, probation is better than prison. He's lost his house, cars, property, pension and suffered another heart-attack back in March.

Just a reminder: If you're a cop and you have an inkling that something you're about to do is wrong - stop, think and don't do it.

07 July 2009

Eat the Rich!

The global "climate change" tyrants are up to their old tricks again. Now they're going after "the rich" and, by default, the United States. There is currently no credible evidence that global warming is a long-term event, or that it is even influenced by human activity.

I grew up hearing the oft-repeated line that America has 5% of the world's population, but uses 50% of its resources. First I think that that is hyperbole. But second, how many inventions and surges in scientific breakthroughs come from America? America has brought more boons to the world than any other group or country. That is a fact.

To fairly divide the climate change fight between rich and poor, a new study suggests basing targets for emission cuts on the number of wealthy people, who are also the biggest greenhouse gas emitters, in a country.

Since about half the planet's climate-warming emissions come from less than a billion of its people, it makes sense to follow these rich folks when setting national targets to cut carbon dioxide emissions, the authors wrote on Monday in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

As it stands now, under the carbon-capping Kyoto Protocol, rich countries shoulder most of the burden for cutting the emissions that spur global warming, while developing countries -- including fast-growing economies China and India -- are not required to curb greenhouse pollution.

Full story here.

The media is promoting more and more stories like this in order to give credence to the lie that global warming is a serious environmental issue.

It is absolutely NOT.

The reason that this is being pushed on us is so that the government can get more control over us.

06 July 2009

Inside the mind of The Left

Bernie Ecclestone, the man who controls Formula One auto racing, said Friday that he preferred totalitarian regimes to democracies and praised Adolf Hitler for his ability to "get things done."

Story here.

If you ever wondered why very rich people, like George Soros, are indoctrinated Mercedes Marxists, this story on Ecclestone shines a light into what their philosophical foundations are.

As I've said before it takes Zero effort to be a Liberal. You don't have to read, think, ponder, debate - all you have to do is read a few headlines, tune into Oprah and emote. That's pretty much it.

The Left feeds on ignorance and sloth. It is a pathology within the body politic.

You'll see that Ecclestone's highest value is control. Dictators control. The trivial things that dictators do is really that - picayune.

Mussolini made the trains run on time. Hitler built the Autobahn. Ceau┼čescu of Romania banned abortions in 1966 because he thought the population of the country should be 25 million, and it was only at 19 million. FDR was a totalitarian who greatly admired Stalin and Hitler. He did everything he could to convert this country to a totalitarian regime. Thankfully he was constrained by the constitution and congress.

When you're a dictator you can do all kinds of cool things. It's your world baby, we just like in it!

People like these will live and prosper in a democracy, and will gladly accept all the rewards that that country offers. But they're very myopic when it comes to honoring the system that delivers all those wonderful rewards.

America, especially, has her 5th Column apparatchiks. Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Hoyer, Dodd, Frank and Schumer come to mind immediately. They don't appreciate the value of the constitution because they don't beleive in it.

The constitution limits the power of these elitists. It confines them, it keeps them from pushing an authoritarian agenda onto an unwilling population. It ensures a representative government.

But now we have a president, congress and judiciary who don't support the constitution. They're no longer restrained by the checks and balances. They want bigger government because that is what will guarantee their party's power. Bigger government will be more intrusive and will have control over you. That's why they're pushing for nationalizing healthcare.

Do most people want socialized medicine? No. 77& of surveyed Americans are happy with their present insurance plan. A government run system will be inefficient and will ration care to you and your loved ones.

The Left needs people to be dumb and ignorant. That's why they took over the educational network in this country. Their minions stand in tens of thousands of classrooms across the country and spread their quasi-Marxist rhetoric and give short-shrift to America's greatness.

Conservatism is the only answer - its principles are what has made this country great for 233 years. The farther away we get, the more this country will erode into a cesspool of corruption, nepotism and authoritarianism.

05 July 2009

04 July 2009

Illinois Court Puts More Liability on Police

The courts - this time it's Diethard Beyer v. City of Joliet. The courts have effectively made police officers responsible for events that are beyond their control. Under the Domestic Violence Act, the courts have ruled that police are no longer immune from being held accountable for criminal acts that others may commit. Illinois police officers generally enjoy absolute immunity for failure to provide police protection, prevent the commission of a crime or to make an arrest.

That is now out the window.

So if you're on routine patrol and you cruise down a street and 5 minutes later someone is murdered, it's now on you: You didn't do your job, you didn't stop and listen to the sound of crickets on the block, you didn't drive fast enough to get there in time, you didn't cut paper because both parties were drunk and there were no visible injuries...etc.

Un-fucking-real.....Here's a snippet from the decision.

Trial court erroneously dismissed claim that the shooting death of a Joliet woman by her husband resulted from Joliet police officers' willful and wanton breach of their duties under the state Domestic Violence Act.

The 3d District Appellate Court has reversed a ruling by Will County Judge Edward F. Petka.

On July 20, 2004, Margaret Wilson called the Joliet Police Department several times to report that her husband, David Wilson, had threatened her with physical harm and mentally abused her by reminding her of the presence of guns in the house.

The police responded by visiting the Wilson home but each time they left without investigation or assistance to Margaret. The responding police officers were told that there weapons in the home but chose not to investigate even though they had unrestricted access to the home.

In the early morning hours of July 21, David Wilson shot and killed Margaret Wilson in their home. The administrator of Margaret Wilson's estate filed suit against the City of Joliet and several individual police officers, alleging that the decedent's death was the result of the defendants' willful and wanton breach of their duties under the Illinois Domestic Violence Act.

The defendants filed a motion to dismiss and the trial court granted the motion, finding that "in order to be a protected person under the [statute] a person must obtain an order of protection or take steps to obtain protection under the act."

On appeal, the decedent's estate argued that it had pleaded sufficient facts to establish that the decedent was a protected person under the statute. The appeals court said that Illinois police officers generally enjoy absolute immunity for failure to provide police protection, prevent the commission of a crime or to make an arrest.

However, the court said that in 1986, the General Assembly enacted the Domestic Violence Act, which provides a special-duty exception to governmental immunity ad specifically deals with cases in which public officials fail to protect victims of domestic violence.

Section 305 of the statutes limits law-enforcement liability to willful and wanton conduct, the court said. And the state Supreme Court has held that an injured party can recover under the statute provided that "the injured party can establish that he or she is a person in need of protection under the act, the statutory law enforcement duties owed to him or her were breached by the willful and wanton acts or omissions of law enforcement officers, and such conduct proximately caused plaintiff's injuries," the appeals court said.

The plaintiff contended that the decedent was a "protected person" under the statute even though she didn't have an order of protection. The plaintiff also argued that requiring a victim to obtain an order of protection in order to proceed under the statute is contrary to the express language of the statute. The plaintiff cited section 7, which states that when an officer has reason to believe that a person has been abused, neglected, or exploited by a family member or household member, the officer "shall immediately use all reasonable means to prevent further abuse, neglect or exploitation."

The appeals court agreed with the plaintiff that obtaining an order of protection is not a condition precedent to pursuing a claim under the statute. "Such a requirement would be contrary to the express language of the act and would defeat the legislative intent," the appeals court said.

The appeals court said that the Illinois Supreme Court has made it clear that in order to recover under the statute, a victim must first show he or she was in need of protection. In this case, the appeals court said that the plaintiff pleaded sufficient facts that would invoke the protections of the statute. The factual history of the case showed that the decedent called the police several times and explained the threats made by her husband.

Justice Daniel L. Schmidt wrote the court's opinion with Presiding Justice Mary K. O'Brien and Justice Robert L. Carter concurring. Released June 2.

25 June 2009

Michael Jackson dead at 50

As many of you know by now, Michael Jackson is dead. Dead as a door nail, dead as a door knocker.

I heard he died from Food Poisoning: he ate 12 year old nuts.

Here are a list of charges that have been lodged against him throughout the years:

1. Conspiracy to commit child abduction, false imprisonment and extortion
2. Lewd act on a child under 14 (molestation episode which was alleged by accuser.)
3. Lewd act on a child under 14 (molestation episode which was alleged by accuser.)
4. Lewd act on a child under 14 (molestation episode accuser's brother says he witnessed.)
5. Lewd act on a child under 14 (molestation episode brother says he witnessed.)
6. Attempted lewd act on a child under 14 (accuser's allegation Jackson tried to get the boy to masturbate him.)
7. Administering alcohol to enable child molestation (related to molestation in Count 2; included lesser offense of furnishing alcohol to a minor.)
8. Administering alcohol to enable child molestation (related to molestation in Count 3; included lesser offense of furnishing alcohol to a minor.)
9. Administering alcohol to enable child molestation (related to molestation in Count 4; included lesser offense of furnishing alcohol to a minor.)
10. Administering alcohol to enable child molestation (related to molestation in Count 5; included lesser offense of furnishing alcohol to a minor.)

Congressman Peter King (R-NY) tells that truth! Enough coverage on this pedophile creep. The media has disgraced itself. We should be honoring our police, firemen and warriors. We should glorify the working men and women of this country! Outstanding statement and spot on....

12 June 2009

Brutha Gets Militant over Parking Ticket

This guy obviously does not have a job because he puts WAY TOO much time into this ridiculous situation. He says he's been rolling through Dolton, Bellwood, and Joliet getting tickets for sound amplification device restrictions, and other miscellaneous violations. Instead of modifying his poor behavior, he gets mad at the police, at the judge and at the clerk.

I actually agree that some of these rules and regs are out of whack but if you violate a handicap parking space - and then confront the police officer in a rude, discourteous and ignorant way - then you richly deserve a ticket. Is a handicapped person going to confront some idiot who's parked in the spot? Hell no! That's what the police are there to do - represent the innocent, elderly and disabled.

This guy needs to get angry at the Democrats and their fascist schemes. Get mad at Obama, get mad at Pelosi, get mad at Harry Reid - these are the enemies of freedom. These are the harbingers of totalitarianism.