28 April 2008

Jeremiah Wrong

When I first heard Jeremiah Wright's selected sermons, a light bulb went off over my head. It finally hit me - the mysterious reasons why young black men hate the police, hate their country, hate whites, and refuse to take care of their communities.

The reason was driven even closer home today as Jeremiah was allowed to spew his weird "theology" in front of the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

I had the unfortunate luck of driving down to court this morning and had to listen as WLS lives-streamed the whole thing. It was like a traffic crash - I couldn't help but listen to how far this clown would go to justify his insane rantings.

And apart from getting standing ovations from the NOI plants in the crowd, Wright's attempt at humor was anything but.

At one point he claimed that "black children learn differently than european children" - ie. Eugenics has reared its ugly head once again. After all, you can't very well say that black children learn in the same way as whites, or that blacks have the same opportunities of learning as whites; because that would presuppose ceteris paribus. That would acknowledge that blacks, and all Americans, have an equal chance at succeeding in our country. He went as far as saying that blacks and whites are different genetically.

Well, Jeremiah doesn't want people to believe that they have control over their own lives! If they thought for a moment that they could work hard and attain anything they wanted, why would they continue to populate Wright's pews? He wants his congregation ignorant and gullible because that is how he makes his money.

Meanwhile, while Wright whined about "being in chains" his whole life, he's busy having a $1.6 million dollar home built for himself in a predominantly white neighborhood. Hhhmmmm......it seems that there is a dichotomy here.


Jeremiah also took advantage of his new found publicity to insult the Irish, implying that they're all drunks. He also imitated JFK, using a phony Boston accent.

Well now that the Genie is out of the bottle, people are starting to pick up on vibe that BHO is nothing more than an articulate clone of Al Sharpton. His poll numbers are plunging.

This guy is the poster-child for everything that is WRONG with the black community. There is no self-reliance, there is nothing more than finger pointing and blame-gaming. He doesn't wrap himself in the flag - he wraps himself in the cloak of Victimhood.

No wonder the black community is drowning. It's because of people like Jeremiah Wright that refuse to show them where the life preservers are.

25 April 2008

Patricia Cornwell Steals FBI Agent's Wife, Agent Wants Revenge

I'm going a bit off track from my usual political rant with this news item out of the UK DailyMail.

Patricia Cornwell, the best-selling crime novel author, could have written the script to her own true-life crime drama.

She meets a married FBI couple in order to get information on FBI tactics for one of her books but falls in love with the wife, and seduces her. When the wife drops the bomb on hubby and says she's leaving him for Cornwell and taking the two kids, he flips and creates a devious plot to get his revenge on her.

Here's the whole story.

I enjoy her writing and was blown away by her "Jack The Ripper: Case Closed" book where she went to extraordinary circumstances to prove that Walter Sickert was the real Jack The Knife. She made a compelling argument.

Just thought I'd share this story with other crime novel fans out there.

Obama and reparations

By now the general population is slowly becoming aware of the fact that Obama is a radical extremist. His friendship with domestic terrorist Bill Ayres and, his cozy Father-Son relationship with avowed Black Separatist Jeremiah Wright show that Obama has a profound lack of judgement and is, in all probability, a closet racist.

And while he's finally starting to take some heat from the MSM, he and his team have been doing back-flips in an attempt to keep from having to answer any hard questions from inquiring minds. Obama has gone out of his way to avoid answering any questions not related to his "hope / change" mantra.

While BHO is undoubtedly being less than truthful about almost everything he stands for, Accuracy In Media has found another reason to worry that this Marxist separatist is so close to sitting in the Oval Office: He wants Reparations for Slavery!

Barack Obama is the most radical candidate ever to stand at the precipice of acquiring his party’s presidential nomination and the American presidency. It is apparent that he is a member of an international socialist movement which hopes to use the United Nations as a vehicle to shake down U.S. taxpayers for trillions of dollars in slavery reparations. One group, the African World Reparations and Repatriation Truth Commission, is demanding an astronomical $777 trillion.

In 2001, Obama’s Trinity United Church of Christ passed a resolution declaring that:

“WHEREAS: The institution of Slavery is internationally recognized as crime for which there is no statute of limitations, AND

WHEREAS: Uncompensated labor was demanded from enslaved Africans and their descendants for more than two centuries on U.S. soil; AND

WHEREAS: The principle that reparations is the appropriate remedy whenever government unjustly abrogates the rights of a domestic group or foreign people whose rights such government is obligated to protect or uphold has been internationally recognized…”

In that same year, Martha Biondi, Associate Professor of African American Studies and History at Northwestern University, notes that the United Nations World Conference Against Racism was held. It was the result of “a decade of advocacy and organizing at the U.N. Human Rights Commission” and work by the so-called December 12th Movement. The conference issued a “Declaration and Program of Action,” which held that “slavery and the slave trade” constituted a “crime against humanity” and that “Africans and people of African descent, Asians and people of Asian descent and indigenous peoples were victims of these acts and continue to be victims of their consequences.”

“The United Nations has emerged as an extraordinary stage for the reparations movement,” she says.

As President, Obama could take that stage.

Obama is scheduled to appear this Sunday on Fox News Sunday. Hopefully Fox won't hold back and will toss some zingers at him.

The American people deserve to hear the unmitigated truth about this empty suit.

DePaul professor ignorant on crime

SCC posted on this item. National People's Radio (NPR) ran an interview with DePaul Assisant Professor Greg Scott in which the professor displayed his utter ignorance on why we're seeing a spike in street violence in Chicago.


Aside from looking like the cross-dressing sexual psychopath in "Silence of the Lambs", I'm sure Professor Scott has some sort of basis for his hypothesis. He claims to have 13 years of working with gangs, including ride-alongs with tac and gang officers.

But during the interview, I had to ask myself, "What is this dude smoking?" Scott claims that these groups of "teens" are "drug crews" - not really gang-members but just kids out looking to make money. He says that typical "drug crews" roam in groups of 8 to 10. Certainly in some situations that is true but not of the 30+ organized gangs in our city. MLD, Latin Kings and ViceLords are highly organized and use violence to protect drug spots or, simply to avenge some sort of insult that their tender "machismo" endured. And they certainly engage in random violence simply to "terrorize" their communities. It's the oldest tactic known to man. Even the Roman Emperors had a saying for it: "Let them hate, so long as they fear."

In my book, street gangs are urban terrorists - not misunderstood, underserved "youths."

Scott actually said that the spike in violence wouldn't be ameliorated by increased numbers of police officers on the street because such "destabilization" tactics actually "cause" violence and conflict. That's like saying guns cause crime.

The most outrageous comments are those that SCC talked about: That in his experience guns come from white middle class citizens downstate and, and that the financial district in the downtown area supplies drugs to the south and west sides of Chicago.

Yes he is certainly clueless about drugs, guns and crime. I'm not surprised that he's an assistant professor - our academic halls are rife with these types of cerebral desk-jockies who are disconnected from the sources of their fallacies.

I have some friends who work in HIDTA and NAGIS. Ask any of those officers where the majority of drug traffickers are coming from and they'll tell you that the vast majority of inbound narcotics are coming from Mexico. It's the biggest no-brainer in the history of earth.

Cops Cleared in Sean Bell shooting

NYPD Detectives were acquitted of all charges in the shooting of Sean Bell.

As anyone with common sense should realize, Sean Bell was a threat and that threat was neutralized. He wasn't some choir-boy strolling out of a strip club on the eve of his wedding - he was an active assailant and thus, got what he had coming.

This is true justice and, welcome news in light of all the negative police press of late.

Now it remains to be seen if the ghetto rats use this case as an excuse to burn down whole sections of our city.

Nothing surprises me anymore.

23 April 2008

LA becoming a "3rd World Country"

O' my prophetic soul!

A new study shows that Los Angeles is well on its way to becoming a third world country.

But I thought that "all illegal immigrants come to work hard" ????

Yes they do but they also come, and mostly remain, ignorant and illiterate.

s a new study.

A third of immigrants have not graduated from high school and 60 per cent do not speak English fluently, the Migration Policy Institute found.

It said this left immigrants ill-equipped to fill California's fastest-growing occupations, such as computer software engineering and nursing. The organisation added that as the so-called baby boomers reach retirement age, a similar pattern will spread across the US.

Ernesto Cortes Jr, of the Industrial Areas Foundation, a think-tank that specialises on social change, claimed Los Angeles was at a crossroads.

"The question is are we going to be a 21st century city with shared prosperity, or a Third World city with an elite group on top and most on near poverty wages?" he said.

Don't forget that they also come up here to put their 5 kids through public education, and erect wrought iron fencing encircling their homes and to drink and drive.

If we keep our borders open and refuse to sanction employers who hire illegals, then the United States will eventually become nothing more than a third-world country: exactly the way Mexico is today. We're already losing manufacturing jobs because our public schools are being overwhelmed by illiterate peasants who are so consumed with "machismo" that their motivation to learn takes a back seat to breeding, broads and drunk-driving.

Divorced, Unwed parents cost US Billions

Worried that your tax dollars are being flushed down the toilet in Iraq or in phony hiring schemes under Blagojavich's admisistration?

The sad fact is that we're pouring $112 Billion a year supporting the offspring of divorced and unwed mothers.

From the AP newswire:

Divorce and out-of-wedlock childbearing cost U.S. taxpayers more than $112 billion a year, according to a study commissioned by four groups advocating more government action to bolster marriages.

Sponsors say the study is the first of its kind and hope it will prompt lawmakers to invest more money in programs aimed at strengthening marriages. Two experts not connected to the study said such programs are of dubious merit and suggested that other investments — notably job creation — would be more effective in aiding all types of needy families.

There have been previous attempts to calculate the cost of divorce in America. But the sponsors of the new study, being released Tuesday, said theirs is the first to gauge the broader cost of "family fragmentation" — both divorce and unwed childbearing.

The study was conducted by Georgia State University economist Ben Scafidi. His work was sponsored by four groups who consider themselves part of a nationwide "marriage movement" — the New York-based Institute for American Values, the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy, Families Northwest of Redmond, Wash., and the Georgia Family Council, an ally of the conservative ministry Focus on the Family.

We're spending about 4.1% of GDP on defense spending.

In contrast we spend almost 15% of GDP on education.

So aside from the common-sense understanding that out-of-wedlock births are disasterous for our society, we now have cold hard data that divorce and illegitimacy are costing us billions per year in law enforcement, productivity and social programs.

So while Shineequa's 6 kids are out running drug sales on the block, all while she collects a fat LINK and Section 8 voucher
from the State - we're dealing with blaming the police for stopping 40+ people from getting shot over last weekend.

08 April 2008

Cop Killers Parole Hearings

In our current FOP newsletter, there is a snippet about upcoming parole hearings for Three Cop Killers. The Illinois Prisoner Review Board has scheduled hearings on Wednesday, April 16 at 26th & California for the matters of these scum.

The matters before the board are for the murders of the following pollice officers:

* PO Herman Stallworth, of district 003, murdered in 1967
* PO Anthony Rizzato of unit 157, murdered in 1970
* Sgt James Severin, of unit 157, murdered in 1970
* PO Patrick Crowley, of district 006, murdered in 1976

These animals don't deserve to see the light of day. If you're free, please plan on attending the parole hearings.

05 April 2008

Islamofacists caught in UK


Aaaaahhhhhh ... the faces of Peace, Kindness and generosity. Can't you just see the luminescence of love flowing out of their almond colored eyes?

That's how you'd see them if you were a LibTard Multiculturalist.

Well these "young men" are just a few of the 18 Islamic sociopaths who were planning on bringing down 7 commercial jets in Britain, in the name of Allah.

Investigators estimate that 2,000 people would have died, had the Islamofacists succeeded in their plots.

More on the story over at JihadWatch

04 April 2008

Illinois drowns in morass of Democratic policies

O' my prophetic soul!

SCC, myself and some other police bloggers have been telling anyone who would listen that the Democratic economic policies in Illinois are a disaster. Cops are very good at understanding human nature. We interact with people constantly and, after a few years, you learn a few things about how people behave.

The police officers who work in ghetto districts (007, 011, 015 and 025) get to see what we have gotten for 40+ years of welfare and entitlement programs: more and more poverty.

That is because politicians ignore the primary law of nature: Whatever you subsidize, you get more of.

2007 and 2008 have been especially maddening because we've had to endure the pleadings from our politicians that they need more money. They've had their hands out lately because Illinois, Cook County and Chicago are bleeding their citizens dry with toll roads everywhere, higher sales taxes and creeping real estate tax rates and taxpayers are leaving the state in record numbers.

In the quest for more information on how Illinois ranks with other states, I found this Gem.

The report compares the economies of all 50 states. Illinois, if you go and read the entire 144 page report, is in serious trouble.

The big winners in this interstate competition for jobs and growth have generally been the Southern states (Dixie) and those in the Southwest region of the country, such as Nevada, Idaho, and Arizona.

The big losers have been the traditional rustbelt regions of the Northeast and Midwest. The demoralizing
symptoms of economic despair in the declining states like New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and New Jersey include lost population, falling housing values, a shrinking tax base, business out-migration, capital fl ight, high unemployment rates, and less money for schools, roads, and aging infrastructure.

Illinois ranks 45 in outbound migration. Over the last 10 years, Illinois has lost 727,000 people. On 16 differnt criterions, Illinois ranks overall 48 on State Economic Competitiveness rankings (2007).

WIth more and more Illinoisans crossing over in to Indiana to buy things, the study's authors found the following. They tracked beer consumption state-by-state:

"The biggest loser in this cross-border drinking was Illinois, which lost 4.5 percent of its revenues due to its residents purchasing beer out of state. The state lost $8 million in revenues because 4.8 million cases of beer were imported into the state by residents of the Land of Lincoln."

Here is a snapshot stats about floundering Illinois. Read it and weep:

Keep voting Democratic and we'll see more of the same.

Liberals are the real Racists

I know that many of my blog readers are wondering why I'm riding on Barack Hussein Obama so much. It's because I can see that the MSM is doing next to nothing about exposing this guy's hidden, inner character.

It infuriates me to no end that this candidate can stand on lecturns and say nothing of substance, and nobody challenges him on it. The few fast-balls fired at him have been categorized as "racist" and the ChiCom Manchurian candidates in the press don't say a word about it.

Now that the whole world can see that Obama suckled at the teat of racial intolerance, how can he account for such a discrepancy between his statements and his actions?

He can't - Plain and simple. Here's a great piece by Jerry Agar that is posted over at TownHall.com:

I did not spend a moment today thinking about how to keep the black man down. Just another day.

I can’t remember ever getting a memo about, or an invitation to a strategy meeting on keeping the corporation white.

So stop telling me everything is my fault.

Don’t get me wrong. White people are great organizers. Look at all those St. Paddy’s Day events we recently held. We just are not organizing against blacks.

I am very aware of how well thought-out the vicious racism of the past was and that it was organized by white people. Some of them were judges, and politicians and business leaders; the so-called respectable people of the community. I would apologize for that, but I wasn’t there. That makes it no less a crime.

I am aware that racism still exists. It is a sad part of the human condition. But it is no longer institutional in America and to the extent it exists, it runs both ways.

But as we have heard over and over again lately from the pastor of an 8,000 member church, one of his 20-year parishioners who is running for president, and all of their media enablers, the problems in the black community today are still the fault of us white people. White guys in particular.

In the Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell quotes a spokeswoman for Rev. Wright, Iva Carruthers, commenting on Obama’s speech. “The sad thing about this is, the people who really need to understand the message – white males – I don’t know if it will have any effect.”

Barack Obama calls for the white community to understand that “investing in the health, welfare and education of black and brown and white children will ultimately help all of America prosper.”

How much larger does he think America’s investment in those areas can get? In real dollars education spending is multiples of what it was four decades ago and test scores have hardly changed. If we have failed perhaps it is time for less government, the prevailing failing authority. Let’s call onto the carpet the people responsible. Is it those evil, suburban white guys again? Well, shame on them – no wait – it turns out that practically all of our big cities are run by liberal Democrats, many of them black. Education is dominated by a teachers union run by liberals, not white Republicans.

And when "reverends" scream about reparations; can we say that Blacks have gotten 45 years of reparations already in the form of government welfare and entitlements? Sure. It's perfectly logical though politically incorrect to point that out. Shame on me!

More to the point, you can deduce that Republicans are more tolerant, more understanding and more empowering of Blacks than Democrats. Why, you may ask?

Because the focus of conservatism is self-reliance. We assume that if you're a healthy American, then you can do whatever you apply yourself to. You can be an engineer, an accountant, a lawyer, a teacher - or you can open your own business. We conservatives don't look to the Federal Government to hold our hands and coddle us like toddlers. But the Dems think you're an idiot who doesn't have enough sense to get out of the rain without seeing a warning placard on the side of a building. You have no farther to look than the current "mortgage crisis."

Here are an entire group of people who shouldn't have been given loans - either because their credit was horrible or because they didn't have the income to cover the payments. Now don't forget that the Federal Government, bent under by pressures from "inner-city" activists, mandated that lenders provide loans to "those of color." The consequences to those lenders who didn't is that they faced sanctions under the "Red Lining" laws. So now we're all paying the price for the race-baiter's whining about "racism" in lending. Another Big Government flop that you and I are paying for.

Just for your information, John Hawkins points out the 6 Uncomfortable Truths about Race in America. It's a must read. Here are the bullet points:

1) Most white Americans are not racists

2)Blacks are, on average, more racist than whites

3)It's not racist to be scared of young black men on the street

4)Affirmative Action does enormous damage to black Americans

5)Black Americans today sometimes benefit because of their race

6)Racism is no longer one of the three biggest problems that black Americans face

02 April 2008

MIT Professor Says Gore "cynical or crazy"

Professor Richard Lindzen says that the glut of money flowing towards the Green Movement is partly to blame for the Global Warming hysteria.

Relax, the planet is fine.

....and yes, Gore is crazy.

It's also hubris on the part of people to believe that we have that much control over our weather and climate. This story just proves that Conservatives are as smart as an MIT professor.

Obama's Church: "Kill whitey!"

The WATimes has a report that shows that BHO's church is based on a radical creed: Whitey is the problem and Whitey needs to go!

The church where Sen. Barack Obama has worshipped for two decades publicly declares that its ministry is founded on a 1960s book that espouses "the destruction of the white enemy."

Trinity United Church of Christ's Web site says its teachings are based on the black liberation theology of James H. Cone and his 1969 book "Black Theology and Black Power."

So for 23 years, this great "racial unifier" has enveloped himself in black liberation theology? Isn't that an Oxymoron?

When are the Obama supporters going to wake up and take heed of the fact that the person who they support is a closet racist?

Nobody chooses to sit, week after week and month after month, in a church pew listening to such scathing invective unless he agrees with the message. And, by now, we all know what Jeremiah Wright's message is and where it came from.

Time magazine has a good 2 page background / op-ed on the roots of BHO's 'pastor problem'.