05 December 2008

The original MLF

Happy Friday my dear readers.

I was at Bally's getting my heart rate up on the cardio machine, when this little gem popped up (forgive the pun.)

Give it to me, indeed. While I think Madonna is as phony as they come - with all her Cabala non-sense and adoption fiascos - she can still hop around in those 4 inch spiked heels like she was 20. God bless her.

Will someone tell Pharell that he sings like Tiny Tim?

Enjoy ... just a little something to start the weekend off right, er - left I guess.


Anonymous said...

She's way too worn out. Why would you want sloppy seconds after Rodman?

Rue St. Michel said...

....or after A-rod, eh?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

!! W H I T E T R A S H! !!

kateykakes said...

I was a huge Madonna fan back in the day and absolutely loved her. She was new; she was fresh, and I loved her sound.

When she started whoring around, I lost interest. It's been years since I've listened to her.

Anonymous said...

i would like to put her old undies on my blow up doll that i got from rileys trick shop and sniff it yes i would signed sgt kevin barry rtd