05 December 2008

Get ready for the "trickeration"

Those of you who have enjoyed working in predominantly black areas of the city will no doubt recognize the word I've used in the title of this post: trickeration.

Although not linguistically accurate, it is a blend of the noun trick, and the suffix -tion which translates as "the act of being tricked". Mike Tyson knows of what I speak. Back in '95 he claimed to be a victim of trickeration.

Well it is becoming more and more evident that Team-Obama and Tom Daschle are about to pull their own version of a trickeration on all of us vis-a-vis Team-Obama's sweeping health care initiatives.

Tony Blankley writes an outstanding piece over at Townhall, on this very issue - and, to use some Brit slang: It's bloody scary!

Blankley took the time, thank God someone did, to read Daschle's book Critical: What We Can Do About the Health-Care Crisis.

As the Left loves to create a crisis in order to etch away our individual freedoms, and install their Big State power-grabs, they've created another pantomime horse under the auspice of a crisis in healthcare.

In Dashle's own words, he wants to set up a politburo type of "Health Care Committee" that will allocate (read: ration!) resources to you and me.

From the article:

He proposes setting up a board to establish standards for health care delivery in the United States that would be modeled on how the Federal Reserve Board and Securities and Exchange Commission oversee banks and corporations. Technically, it only would oversee the public health systems (Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Health Administration, etc.), which provide about 32 percent of health care nationwide.

On Page 179, he writes, "The Federal Health Board wouldn't be a regulatory agency, but its recommendations would have teeth because all federal health programs would have to abide by them." But here is the kicker: Although his board technically would have no say on the 68 percent of health care that is provided through the private sector, at the bottom of Page 179, Daschle modestly adds: "Congress could opt to go further with the Board's recommendations. It could, for example, link the tax exclusion for health insurance to insurance that complies with the Board's recommendation."

Those last 19 words would spell the end of independent private-sector health care in America. Obviously, no health insurance would be sold if it were denied the tax deduction. Thus, every policy, every standard decided by this board would be the law of the land for every drug company, every hospital, every doctor and every health insurance company.

Indeed, 20 pages later, in the section in which he identifies "losers" under his plan, Daschle is admirably candid. Among the explicit "losers, he includes: "Doctors and patients might resent any encroachment on their ability to choose certain treatments, even if they are expensive or ineffectual compared to alternatives. Some insurers might object to new rules that restrict their coverage decisions. And the health-care industry would have to reconsider its business plan (emphasis added)." That is to say, they can stay in business and deliver their services, but only as the government bureaucrats say they may. They no longer would be genuinely independent.

Dashle also suggests that Obama push through a vague legislative package on healthcare so that, basically, the people won't have any say-so in the matter. He says that Obama should do it quickly while his popularity is still intact. Then - and here's the kicker - Dashle suggests that a healthcare committee be appointed in order to create specific regulations for medical allocations.

The reason they're doing this is to minimize opposition to the program.

If this goes through, we're going to see extreme limits on what services and drugs you can get. Just look at what Dashle says about angioplasties - that in his opinion one third of them are unnecessary. Well who is he to say whether or not they are - is he a cardiologist? This is Big Government playing God. They're going to cry that people in their 80's and 90's should be denied care "because they're going to die anyway."

As I wrote in an earlier post, Nationalized Healthcare is NOT working in Europe, Britain and Canada. Cost cutting and rationing are the rule - not the exception. Drugs that could save your life, are being denied to cancer patients with the explanation that "there is a fixed amount of funds and we cannot cover everyone." Exactly!

US drug companies released 64 new cancer drugs last year - and only 44 made it to Europe. Why? Because European governments deemed the drugs too expensive.

I strongly suggest the you send an email or letter to your senator telling them to take this Nationalized Health care scam and stick it where the sun don't shine! The same with all these ridiculous bailouts. Enough already!


Anonymous said...

You want to talk "trickeration" my dear, Rue-y? How about YOUR president admitting TODAY that, ya know all, we have been in a recession for the past year. Sorry about that folks.

What a load of crap. This guy has led this country into the financial crapper even worse the the mayor and this city. Well almost.

Even though he is leaving office there still should be impeachment proceedings. The phony Democrats however will never agree.


Anonymous said...


Rue St. Michel said...


On Bush's WORST day he's an Einstein compared to you and your Leftist Toadies.

Sorry chum ... that's a fact.

Bush & Co. have done more to identify and engage our true enemies than they get credit for by almost anyone with a voice in the media. By last count they've intercepted and stop 18 different plans by Jihadis to do some dastardly deeds on US soil.

Why don't you just say, "Thank You, Mr. Bush" and be done with it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rue-y,

You neglected to reply to the fact the economy is in the toilet thanks to this alleged Commander-in-Chief. He was the worst president of the 20th century. History will not be kind to him.


P.S. The only toadie (I suspect this goes with The Christmas Story) are folks who blindly follow this alleged Commander-in-Chief.

Anonymous said...

"Trickeration"? Sure do sound like the usual ghetto style of fancy words and names. I love how they make up so-called africa names. As a group they make up bogus styles of dress. Gots to love the hats with price tags still on them. Or the over sized clothing, which we wore as hand-me-downs.