21 December 2008


I know that I come off as a fairly pessimistic person on paper but, in day to day life I'm an optimist. Oriana Fallaci famously said,"With our progress we have destroyed our only weapon against tedium: that rare weakness we call imagination."

It is difficult to be optimistic when I see us losing our Liberty every day. Every day the Democrats do something, or say something that etches just a wee bit from our Constitutional rights. My first FTO told me something that sticks with me to this day. Driving around the 'beautiful' 6th district on my first night out of the academy, he said - "I'll give you my usual spiel about this job. If you think you're going out there to fight crime, save lives and make a difference, forget it! Your only job is to document the fall of western civilization."

And how far we have fallen is unmistakably apparent. Doomsday is coming.

My optimism for the future of our beloved country diminished as I saw 67 million of my fellow citizens vote for a man who wouldn't have even been considered for political office 10 years ago. I see this man now stand there and proclaim that he's going to change things. His lackeys are busy dreaming up new ways to dig deeper and deeper into our pockets. They're coming up with gimmicks and tricks in order to make you think you have a choice: you do not.

Many of you don't understand the full impact of the massive new federal government that is lurking just over the horizon. Certainly the uninformed Drones who voted for BHO don't understand - and likely never will.

Like the barbarian hordes who crossed the Rhine and sacked Rome, the Left in this country have been hard at work over the last 3 decades eroding the internal structures that have kept us that Shining Light on the Hill for over 200 years.

The new regime is gearing up and they want to push their policies through before you even have time to get your head around them. They're using the "climate change" hoax as a ruse to get more control over you and to limit your liberty. They've targeted smoke-stack industries for destruction. They want coal plants to close, and they want to run the Big 3 auto manufacturers. Our president-elect wants to "re-cast" the FDR "safety nets" but that won't do a damn thing except push our economy over the brink of collapse.

Sadly BHO doesn't understand much; and that certainly includes basic economics. He thinks that pumping money into the economy, through his ridiculous "trickle UP" economic model, will promote growth and employment. It absolutely will not do either. When BHO's hero FDR took office our unemployment was 17.4% - five years later after FDR had spent millions with the WPA and make-work programs, unemployment stood at 17.4%

Obama thinks that the constitution is just "a bunch of negative rights." He and his Marxist colleagues look at it as a hindrance to exploding the size of government. It was specifically designed to keep wannabe-tyrants like Obama in check.

Obama wants to do the same thing as LBJ and FDR: pump monies at groups in order to guarantee that they get hooked on government cheese so that they'll keep voting Democratic. He's already spreading the word that he has "shovel-ready" projects that are ready to go.

He just announced that he's going to hire 600,000 additional federal employees - to top off the already 2 million there. And what are these new employees going to do besides overwhelm an already burgeoning bureaucracy? They're going to come after you with their new tome of environmental regulations. BHO's policies are going to add $1 trillion to the Federal government. And don't forget that over the last 12 months, $8 trillion dollars has gone out the door via "stimulus packages" and bailout schemes. BHO and his cohorts are using the canard of "helping the People" in order to breakdown the firewalls within the constitution, while destroying the free market.

Obama and the hard Left don't like private property. They don't like the free market. They hate it because the free market is fluid and mutable. The Leftists create class struggles in order to justify circumventing the constitution. They want a centralized government that will make all your decisions for you. Our democracy is a threat to the Left precisely because there are no class struggles within a truly free market. There are only winners and losers.

How many socialist states failed over the last 75 years? How many communist regimes are back-water toilets, rife with corruption, mass graves, rape and savagery? And our current leadership now thinks that enacting these policies here will do what? Establish "economic justice"? What a farce...there is no such thing.

The problem is that we have a significant 5th Column in this country. These are people who see government as a power-grab. The bigger the government, the more they can establish their Utopian fantasies. They're preying on the people who have little understanding of history, and who have their hand out waiting for some government money. They've exploited folks who don't have the sense to see where this is all headed: directly into the maw of tyranny.

Some get it. George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, and Friedric Hayek. In fact Hayek was the first economist to put economics and liberty together as a model. In his "Road to Serfdom" he lays out the dangers of a centrally-planned economy. BHO wants a highly centralized economy.

We got the leader that we deserve: Decades of pandering to race-baiters - allowing Farrakhan and Sharpton to appear on "Nightline", and other news outlets, and pretending that their outlook and opinions had even a modicum of validity, convulsing with dread about appearing "politically correct" and "culturally diverse", for refusing to stand up and call these race hustlers on their preposterous conspiracy theories, for engaging in spasms of angst over "institutional racism" and then allowing the government to outlay trillions of dollars in welfare, for not standing up and denouncing affirmative action laws as merit less and wrong .... for all these and more you can thank our Liberal friends on the Left for their vacillation and spineless groveling to special interest groups. Tyranny by the minority. Death by a thousand cuts.

Now we're seeing Obama planting all his hard Left lackeys in positions of power. And you can be assured that we will face an economic crisis towards the end of March, beginning of April. Gerald Celente of the Trends Institute has made a number of predictions that have turned out correct. He says that by the end of 2009, we will see a collapse of the banking industry. I hope he's wrong but it appears that based on the plans espoused by Obama, and the fiscal irresponsibility of our current leadership, we will see, firsthand, the effects of socialism within a quasi-free market economy.

Saul Alinsky must be laughing his ass off right now in his little corner of Hell. He'd be very proud of his pupil Barry.


Anonymous said...

Good Lord, Rue-y, you cannot truly believe all the stuff you just wrote? Please!

You write of how the Democrats are eroding your constitutional rights. What about YOUR president who, thank God, will be leaving the Oval Office in a manner of days. He wants to spy on you from the library books you check out, to the Internet sites you visit, to the telephone calls you make and receive.

If those rules had been proposed by a standing Democratic president you conservatives would have been rolling over him (her) non-stop.

You speak of "the fall." Well since 1980 we've endured Reagan, Bush 1 and 2 and the alleged liberal Clinton in between. I guess ole Billy is the only one to balme, eh?

The "drones" of which you speak are working class men and women who voted for this clown in the oval Office. Well, Coldie and I are not to blame for the biggest deficit (and highest unemployment in over 20 years) in this country. It is folks like you and the other conservatives that allowed a guy who should not even have been elected dogcatcher in office.

You talk about pumping of money. Let's see. Give money to the poor...wrong. Give money to the rich, who f***** up their company...good.

I could go and on about your piece, but what's the point? You and I will disagree on almost everything.

One last point, my buddy. Please, please, please, please, please (get the point?) DO NOT lump Obama in with the far left. As Coldie and I have been preaching here for months he is not a leftist.

Happy New Year,

your pal,

Rue St. Michel said...

Hi Lefty -

Sadly you're wrong, and quite frankly, you're part of the problem.

Bush & Co. aren't spending NSA time and resources listening in to cellphone calls that your Aunt Sally is making: they're using their resources to intercept calls and conversations that go overseas to such hotbeds of Islamic Peace as Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan.

The Democrats, on the other hand, DO have a history of mining data on their enemies and using it to their advantage. One of slick willy's cohorts was stealing information and downloading it onto a laptop computer. Another was caught going into the national library and stuffing sensitive documents down his socks. Obama used sealed court documents regarding divorce details on Jack Ryan in order to eliminate him from the race in Illinois.

Shall I go on?

The "clown" in the Oval Office has used every tool in his arsenal to keep us safe from terrorists over the last 8 years. Will Obama do the same? I doubt it ... with friends like Khalidi and his open support for Hamas and Palestine, you can be sure that Obama will twist the language to lay the blame on us for any future attacks on US Soil.

At last count Bush & Co. stopped 18 terrorist plots that were being planned for execution on American citizens and soil.

And yes, Bush has spent more on social welfare than any president in history. That is a big problem. But criminal Democrats are busy using money to buy votes and consolidate their power. They want to divide us on class, income, gender, race and sexual orientation. What party supported slavery? Democrats. What party supported segregation? Democrats. Barry Goldwater wouldn't support the Civil Rights Act not because he was racist, but because he was a true conservative. He was afraid that the government would be given unchecked power under the Act and use it in unconstitutional ways. History vindicated him and the Feds have used the Civil Rights Act to bypass the constitutional and the ballot box.

And yes you and Coldie are to blame for our current financial morass. Who's been in power for the last 2 years? Yes - Democrats. Who's responsible for the housing collapse within the sub prime market? Democrats. Jaime Garelick, Franklin Raines, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, H. Reid ... all had their hands in the pot and yet, there hasn't been whisper of a congressional hearing on the criminal acts that they've committed.

There is already too much money going to "the poor." When you give money to the poor, you subsidize poverty - it continues. The war on poverty has not worked. We still have poor. And now we have more and more "poor" standing their with their hands out saying, "Where mine?"

How about giving money BACK to the US Citizens who actually PAY taxes! How's that for an idea??? How about getting government out of our pockets so that the free market can take over and restart the economy? The government NEVER creates ANYTHING. The government only rations. It picks winners and losers and rewards failure.

That is why Obama's sophomoric understanding of economics is so dangerous. His policies will have the opposite effect of what his rhetoric says.

Obama IS a hard Left radical. He won't stand behind his bogus-ass "Office of the President-elect" podium and say as much but you have to look no farther than his own writings to see that it is so. His power-grab socialist policies are right out of rules for radicals and marxist doctrines. When Marx wrote that the middle class will have to pay a progressively higher and higher tax rate, that is EXACTLY what Obama wants to do.

Green is the New Red. Totalitarianism has now hijacked the Federal Government and a massive new regime is on its way. Get ready brothers and sisters.

Socialism and Communism has never worked and it won't work here. Obama's social engineering and tweeking will do nothing but put a bullet in the head of our economy.

It's going to be a rough ride.

Happy New Year, too Lefty. You live in Illinois and can see first-hand how these back-door politicians do business. A politician who came from the swamps of Illinois has no place in the highest office of the land.

Ever yours,


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Anonymous said...

Go Isreal!!!

Anonymous said...

Allah be praised! Amerika will fall on its own. Look at all these people buying up all the guns and ammo they can carry. There's gonna be a firefight in the streets soon enough!

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