28 November 2008

Rusafa prison - Baghdad

"Hard hitting" BBC reporter Andrew North does the 'courageous' reporting of "prisoner abuse" in Rusafa prison.

Just another cog in the wheel of political correctness, North takes the tact that these people - the majority of which are hardcore jihadis - are living in inhumane conditions and within an overly crowded environment.

My question to Andrew North is, "Why would you choose to interview incarcerated jihadis while the United States is at war with them in Iraq?"

The rhetorical response is that that is precisely the reason this BBC goof is highlighting "prisoner abuse" (by the way - they did not observe any prisoners being abused while there) in order to subvert the war effort over there and overseas. He tries to couch the story in terms of investigatory journalism - but if he was so brave why doesn't he scour the streets and interview Al-quaeda commanders and show them for what they are: cold-blooded killers bent on the death of infidels?

Just one more indicator that the West is slowly choking itself to death.


Anonymous said...

Rue-y, I think the point was many of these guys have not even seen in the inside of a courtroom to be even charged, let alone convicted.

No one is asking terrorists to be set free, but treat people humanely.


Anonymous said...

What's really funny over there is that bibles are not permitted for the troops to possess. No bibles, no booze, no touch the Iraqi women either.

Anonymous said...

These are the kind of prisons politicians like Ryan should be sent to.