07 November 2008

Here's an example of someone who probably shouldn't be teaching. The intimidation and brow-beating of her students is not only unacceptable, but wrong:

It's interesting to see at what age the brainwashing begins. The white kid says she's supporting McCain because her parents are supporting him. The black kid has absolutely no problem saying that he's supporting him simply because he's black. What if the two kids' places were reversed and the white kid said she was supporting McCain because he was white? You can imagine the indignation and outrage this pedagogue would display.

These kids are all very well acquainted with the concept of cultural diversity and that is a sad thing to witness.


Coldtype said...

I didn't want this response to get lost in the shuffle in the "A New Beginning" thread Rue so I'll leave it here.

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"Well hell yes Coldie - of course the 'post racial America' line merged...The reason? Because that is why the majority of whites voted for him. They're sick and tired of being accused, without basis or justification, of being racists"


First of all Rue most voters, black or white were voting against the Team Bush legacy as much as for Barack Obama. So it's important to look at Tuesday's results in their proper context because what we witnessed was the total repudiation of neoliberalism. 

What I feel many Obama supporters are blind to is their candidate's actual center-right positions on major policy issues from the Wall Street bailout/giveaway to the illegal occupation of Iraq and our massive terror campaign against the Afghan population. Once again Rue, the ruling class would never support an actual leftist to manage their empire. Obama IS the mainstream and our rulers clearly recognized that he far outclassed Johnny Drama and Bible Spice. Game. Set. Match. 

As far as the issue of race as a factor in this election is concerned I stand by my earlier comments. Obama was embraced because he offered many whites a guilt-free choice that never called them to address the privileges afforded them solely due to the color of their skin in a highly race-conscious society. Institutional racism is a SYSTEMIC feature of the US and is contiguous with the slave and Jim Crow eras. The election of Ivy League trained, coordinator-class Barack Obama, a man with no slave ancestry, doesn't even begin to address this reality.

Your statement regarding MLK, X, Wright, and Jackson as black separatists is simply absurd. These men have argued in fact for just the opposite: blacks should be afforded every right that white Americans take for granted but have been denied them for the vast majority of their time here. Leave America? The foundation of this nation was built on the scarred backs of their slave ancestors without compensation or acknowledgment. None of those activists ever argued for African-Americans to abandon the honor and dignity of full citizenship which of course is their birthright.

Rue St. Michel said...

Hi Coldie -
You're right to the extent that Obama's supporters are blind to who he really is and that his handlers packaged him in a slick, effective way so that he'd remain a "stealth candidate". Basically, he's lying. He's presenting himself as center-right and he ran that way but his deepest motivations are firmly rooted in the radical Left. Jeez - even Saul Alinsky's own son said that "Obama learned his lessons from my father very well."

I guess on the race thing we'll have to agree to disagree. I understand what you're saying but I don't think it is fair, constructive or useful to continue to keep rubbing white's noses in the muck of "racism."

From Shelby Steele's column:
His {Obama's} economics were the redistributive axioms of old-fashioned Keynesianism; his social thought was recycled Great Society. But all this policy boilerplate was freshened up -- given an air of "change" -- by the dreamy post-racial and post-ideological kitsch he dressed it in.

This worked politically for Obama because it tapped into a deep longing in American life -- the longing on the part of whites to escape the stigma of racism. In running for the presidency -- and presenting himself to a majority white nation -- Obama knew intuitively that he was dealing with a stigmatized people. He knew whites were stigmatized as being prejudiced, and that they hated this situation and literally longed for ways to disprove the stigma.

Obama is what I have called a "bargainer" -- a black who says to whites, "I will never presume that you are racist if you will not hold my race against me." Whites become enthralled with bargainers out of gratitude for the presumption of innocence they offer. Bargainers relieve their anxiety about being white and, for this gift of trust, bargainers are often rewarded with a kind of halo.

Obama's post-racial idealism told whites the one thing they most wanted to hear: America had essentially contained the evil of racism to the point at which it was no longer a serious barrier to black advancement. Thus, whites became enchanted enough with Obama to become his political base. It was Iowa -- 95% white -- that made him a contender. Blacks came his way only after he won enough white voters to be a plausible candidate.

The nation as a whole is not racist. 55,000 Americans died in the Civil War fighting to abolish slavery. No one who is alive today ever owned a slave. Whites want to get beyond this stigma and Obama offered that to most.

I didn't support Obama because I can't stand his politics, his record, his statements, and his utter lack of experience.

Anonymous said...

Obama is an Arab. Hell, Tiger Woods is more black than him.

Anonymous said...

Coldie has it right, Rue-y,

The Obama candidacy was a safe alternative to voters. They were voting against the last eight years of incompentancy in government. Hillary would have beaten McCain. Probably Edwards too. Maybe by not as much, but they too would have been victorious.

Coldie is right when he says that the policies of Obama will be more to the center than left. He supported the massive bailouts and took BIG corporate money.

The accusation of MLK as a separatist is crazy. He wanted an all-inclusive society. Even X opened up to whites after his trip to Mecca.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the typing teacher from high school.

Anonymous said...

That silverback should have her license revoked.

Anonymous said...

silverbacks are males stupid! Of course what do you expect from trash like yourself!
To Rue:
If you think racism is dead wake up! America has never dealt with the reality of the damage it has caused domestically and internationally with the backwards policies on people of color. Your ASSumptions that wright, king, MAlik SHabazz(x) were/are seperatists shows that your intelligence is that of a retarded amoeba. Try reading the works of these men instead of ASSuming. As far as Obama, read about his tenure at the HAvard law review and tell me how " liberal" he was. His pick of Rahm EMmanuel shows who contols the strings and how this country's foriegn and domestic policy will be shaped. OBama is far from liberal.

Anonymous said...

Why is that field hand teaching children??Do you want your kids stupid and fucked up??

Anonymous said...

White folks has got to learn from their mistakes thru history. They have to give back all they stole from this world. White folks have taken the majority of the wealth and now its time to pay it back. All these white billionares should be taxed to the point they only have say, a couple million or so. No one needs billions of dollars for themselves.