07 October 2008

Obama quietly targeting blacks

[H/T Mark Levin]

Politico.com is reporting that Obama is targeting different ethnic groups with different tactics. When he's in front of white audiences, he touts his white ancestry. He talks about his white uncle who fought in WWII. He talks about his white mother and white grandmother.

However, when he's in front of black audiences, he talks about his black liberation ideology and his black "roots."

The galling thing is that he's currently working the black audiences under the radar.

As Barack Obama trekked through the Philadelphia suburbs, Northern Virginia and Greensboro, N.C., in recent days, his campaign was ramping up a massive parallel effort in big cities like Detroit, Cleveland and Miami.

In the largely black precincts of those metropolises, radio broadcasts blast constant reminders to vote for Obama, field organizers swarm, and megastars including Jay-Z, Russell Simmons and LeBron James have led massive rallies, working to reach not just the substantial portion of the black community who regularly come out to vote but also the younger people and others who have never before cast a ballot.

Though the rallies are publicized, much of the advertising directed at black voters isn't. Get-out-the-vote ads on radio and television aren't released to the media, and the number of new voters Obama has registered is a closely held secret. He is, however, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to registering African-American voters. The campaign has, for example, a major initiative aimed at turning barbershops and beauty parlors into voter registration offices. This week, Kimora Lee Simmons' E! Network reality show, "Life in the Fab Lane," carried a campaign ad at the bottom of the screen reminding citizens to register to vote.

Meanwhile he's using ACORN to register homeless people in Ohio and, simultaneously circumventing electoral fund-raising laws.

Is this the guy you want occupying the highest office in the land? He's a liar(unbelievably CAUGHT by CNN of all news outlets!), a closet radical, a bigot and a big government hack with ZERO experience.


Anonymous said...

Change is in the wind, and the white folks are scared. Cough up the cash cracker. We need a 10% increase on our Link cards. How about just turning over all the foreclosed homes to needy African/American families. You Owe Us!

Anonymous said...

word is out that murdering arsonist mname changing old country turkey sgt; TONY BARRY has jumped ship from MCAIN camp and is now telling stories to all who will listen that his grandma in County Kerry was actuallly black stay tuned

Anonymous said...

You Owe Us!

10:13 AM

Fuck you field hand.

Anonymous said...

Since the police are laying down on the job now is the time to loot and pillage in the white folks hood.