22 October 2008

Obama: National Socialist?

H/T: Connie

An interesting email from astute reader Connie, Adolf Hitler used the same "salute" as is displayed in Obama's new logo design.

(You can see the archived photos of Hitler here.)

Just a coincidence? Absolutely not.

National Socialism was the hard Left party in Germany in the 30's. That they were fascists is indisputable. What is largely ignored by "enlightened" intellectuals on the center-Left is that today's version of Liberalism borrows heavily from the rhetoric of the National Socialist. The Left, and their cronies in the media arts, have white-washed that fact - and in a clever sleight of hand - claim that conservatives are the ones who are repressive trolls who believe in limiting liberty in obeisance to the all-knowing-state. You can even read Naomi Wolfe's comments on the Today show here in which she hyperventilates about how "Bush fascism" is to blame for all of society's ills.

One of the many things that Obama supports is redistribution of wealth. He's spoken the love that dare not be named: Over-arching State Control.

Obama's political mentor was Saul Alinsky. In his "Rules for Radicals" he himself describes the radical's job as that of the anti-Machiavelli. Machiavelli's teachings were rooted in The Haves maintaining their power. Alinsky and Obama want to take power away from the Haves and give it to the Have-nots.

Hitler was the original "Change" political entity. He wanted to "trascend politics" and set about using propaganda ministers (Today's mainstream media) to do the work of convincing the German people.

From Hitler's speech, January 1941).

Here we come to the State which regarded this encroachment as intolerable-England.

Three hundred years earlier England had gradually built her Empire, not perhaps through the free will or the unanimous demonstrations of those affected, but for 300 years this World Empire was welded together solely by force. War followed war. One nation after another was robbed of its freedom-one state after another was shattered so that the structure which calls itself the British Empire might arise. Democracy was nothing but a mask covering subjugation and the oppression of nations and individuals. This State cannot allow its members to vote if today, after they have been worked upon for centuries, they should freely choose to be members of this Commonwealth. On the contrary, Egyptian Nationalists, Indian Nationalists in their thousands are filling the prisons. Concentration camps were not invented in Germany; it is the English who were the ingenious inventors of this idea. By these means they contrived to break the backbone of other nations, to remove their resistance, to wear them down, and make them prepared at last to submit to this British yoke of democracy.

In this process, a formidable weapon was that of lying, that is, of propaganda. A proverb says that if the Englishman speaks of God he means cotton. And so it is today. Considering how pious and religious are the outward gestures of men who deliberately, and with a cold heart, drive nation after nation into a struggle serving only their material interests, one is compelled to state that rarely has human hypocrisy reached such a pitch as that of the English today. At any rate, at the end of the blood-stained path of British history over three centuries stands the fact that 46,000,000 Englishmen in the mother country are ruling about a quarter of the globe.

This means that there are 46,000,000 men for about 40,000,000 square kilometres. It is important, my countrymen, to shout this to the world again and again, for they are brazen democratic liars who assert that the so-called Authoritarian States are out to conquer the world, while in fact, the conquerors of the world are our old enemies. The British World Empire has left behind an icy stream of blood and tears in the path of its creation. It rules today, undoubtedly, a tremendous section of the globe. But this world government is affected not by the power of an idea, but essentially by force, and where force does not suffice, by the power of capitalist or economic interests.

Notice how England and democracy get demonized? Do you see how he sets up class distinctions and tries to play to the "middle class workers"? He's playing the role of savior and unifier (dare I say Messiah?).

And remember, Hitler wrote Mein Kampf. Obama wrote Dreams of my father (a treatise on race.)

Yes Obama has borrowed alot from his National Socialist oppressors. Let's just hope that US Voters are smart enough to see through the propaganda.


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Rue St. Michel said...

Ein fuhrer, ein volk, ein Reich!

Coldtype said...

“The characteristic of McCain's jingoism to bear in mind, though, is that it actually represents the unintegrated, incoherent mindset and world-view of most ordinary Americans; an unstirred suspension of nationalist pride, cultural ignorance, fear of otherness, and flag-waving military pride. None of these is good, but they all occur simultaneously in minds prone to dissipation, inaction, indecision, and fear of consequence.

Obama, meanwhile, has all the marks of a man with an integrated and coherent view of the central issues to the maintenance of American hegemony, and he should be expected to pursue the project of American dominance with more focus and more success”

It’s a shame you still don’t grasp this Rue.

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Hmmm, looks like gang hand signs to me....

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Barak Obama ist minderwertig!!

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Barak Obama ist ein moslemischer Hund.

Rue St. Michel said...

Barack ist ein Kommunist und ein Kindmolester. Er hat Geschlechtsverkehr mit Tieren.

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ahhh mein volk ist fur der republik und einer proud amerikaner seig heil der schwazter furher

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