16 October 2008

Larry Elder on Obama

Larry Elder pulls no punches as to why Obama isn't worthy of the White House. He reads between the lines to show you that Obama, indeed, knew very well what kind of person Jeremiah Wright was - and that Obama burned those lessons to memory.

It's a short article, but I highly recommend it. Story here.

One of my regular readers, Rosco, is apparently thinking of voting for Obama. I didn't think they let former Gaylords vote? Something about past affiliations or what....I dunno.

"I'll put a chicken bomb THIS BIG in your pants!"


Curious 025 guy said...

hey that roscoe guy looks familiar.he wouldn't be that guy who works in the cursed indian burial ground who drives a truck and gives out parking tickets like ther welfare checks is it?Is his intials N.J.Nevermind that's his wife's worker name for him.I mean J.S

Rue St. Michel said...

Dear Curious:

I just pulled that picture off the internet at random - it's too grainy to make out the face.


Anonymous said...

Leave N.J. out of this he's got laundry to do along dirty dishes to wash. Plus, lots of garden work to do.

Anonymous said...