20 October 2008

The (Jewish) Case against Obama

A couple two-tree quick hits this evening:

*The Secret One has spent nearly $600 million in ads against John McCain. While McCain stuck to his campaign funding commitments, Obama is taking money from anyone and everyone.

If Obama is so sure of his footing then why is he spending roughly the same as the GDP of a small country? Djibouti's GDP in 2005 was $619 million. It's a country bordering on Ethiopia and Somalia.

He's spending so much because he's worried. Back in 2004, the press was crowing about how Kerry had "the lead in swing states" - just like we're hearing about Obama's "alleged" lead in the polls.

*An interesting take on the race was how Jewish voters view Barack Hussein Obama. Ben Shapiro, writing for TownHall.com makes the case why Jews shouldn't vote for the Empty Suit from Illinois.

While I personally think we spend too much on foreign aid, Israel has been a staunch supporter of the US in the middle east. They're one of the few democracies that exist over there and we'd be myopic indeed to flush our relationship with them.

And that's just what Obama wants to do.

*Since I've been referring to Him all these months as a socialist with a penchant for Marxism - I'll have to recast my opinion. Ms. Hollis says we should quit the pretense and call him what he really is - a Asshole Communist.


buzz killington said...

Hillary? ACORN? this is the worst madlibs I have ever read.

Again, myopic. You only see trees no forest.

I will address your crazy points one by one.

* He was innocent of the Keating 5 scandal - per the prosecutor who ran the case against McCain.
--I said crony, I never said convicted.
"the worst mistake of my life"
(John McCain, Worth the Fighting For, p. 161)

"McCain and Keating had become personal friends following their initial contacts in 1981" (Man of the People: The Life of John McCain. pp. 108–111)

My point is, if you are going to drag out Tony Rezko, McCain's relationship to Keating becomes relevant. Rezko made donations to Obama/Keating absolutly made donations to McCain.

McCain was cleared of wrongdoing but admonished for poor judgment.

Obama has not be investigated or charged or implicated with anything. Don't you smell a little hypocrisy here?

* There is no evidence that he cheated on his wife. And I personally think that adultery is reprehensible.
"I have been a very imperfect person – is the failure of my first marriage. It's my greatest moral failure" (John McCain/ Saddleback Forum with pastor Rick Warren)


"The storybook marriage that had survived separation, pain, and prison began to fray. Off-duty, usually on routine cross-country flights to Yuma and El Centro, John [McCain] started carousing and running around with women. ... Asked about them, he admitted to having a series of dalliances during this period". (The Nightingale's Song pg. 239

* Bottom of class? Get real dude.
--McCain has admitted this publicly many times, McCain graduated the United States Naval Academy 894 out of 899 students. Google "894 out of 899" you will find that this is not disputed by anyone at all, on the right or otherwise.

* Crashed planes? How many jets has Obama flown?
-- I did not know that one needed to fly an airplane to be president? Seems like if someone crashed four of anything they might lose their job? I'm not counting the one over Hanoi.

* compelled to sign those statements. Come on now...
--Fair enough, it's funny how torture induces false confessions isn't it?

* Crazy angry?
--Yes, irrational, angry and impulsive. This is a bad thing. Many, even republican witnesses to this. All you have to do is go back to the republican primary to see the stories. Ask yourself if you wanted who would you want as president, Spock or Kirk?

* Palin is more qualified.
--No...She ran a town poorly (see $15 million wassila hockey rink), and was Governor of a state with the population of a small east coast city, that gets it's welfare from natural resources (see Alaska Permanent Fund). It's pretty easy to be a Governor when your state doesn't have to worry about revenue.

Hey, you were a cop once right? How would you feel if your wife left you and her sister in law was Governor,and she tried to have you fired for a messy divorce?

She is a troglodyte with a beehive.

* * * Why won't Obama release his medical records?
...I don't know...AIDS, Sickle Cell? It seems kind of unimportant given is shape and age. McCain is riddled with cancer and sick.

Sorry about moving it in here but I was getting tired of scrolling down.

L8ter G8ter

Anonymous said...

Obamanation cannot even run,he isnt a natural US citizen.

Anonymous said...

McCain/Palin 08

buzz killington said...

Like pearls before swine...

Anonymous said...

The time for change is upon us, embrace it. Obama will win. Its about time someone does something about all these guns. This country is too wrapped up in guns and beer. Enough of this old nonsense.

Anonymous said...

i think he may well win and if he does the 1st national crisis that comes will show that the annoited one will fall on his ass-the liberal elite and lakeshore libs will find that the taxes they pay now are nada compared to what mr, socialist will stick to them