03 October 2008

Have a plan to kill everyone you meet

Another embedded journalist who doesn't get it is reporting that he saw a sign at India Company's Combat Operations post in Fallujah that read "HAVE A PLAN TO KILL EVERYONE YOU MEET."

Just as some civilians don't fully grasp what police officers face every day, this journalist doesn't understand what our soldiers are facing every day.

On the surface the sign seems a bit harsh - you really mean "Kill everyone you meet?" A Liberal would be hyperventilating and wringing his hands so hard the skin would be rubbing off at the sight of this sign.

Note to journalist: Fallujah was the deadliest place on the earth a couple years ago! He left this little tidbit out of his article.


But it is really a call to be vigilant and skeptical when out in the field. Such a tactic could save the lives of our soldiers.

When I was a rookie, my FTO told me, "You should have the mindset that you may have to kill every person you stop - old ladies, old men, kids; whoever." The lesson wasn't lost on me. You never know who's going to try to kill you when you're out in the field, interacting with possible hostiles. Donald Marquez was murdered by an elderly man with a shotgun. Jim Mullens was crippled by an old man with a hand-gun. Richard Francis was killed by a portly woman who was creating a disturbance on a CTA bus. You just never know.

This story is just another small piece of evidence that the media is biased and/or truly ignorant of what our police and soldiers face. Notice in the article that the reporter writes,"The threat's always there,” Sergeant Chuck Balley told me as he looked blankly at nothing in particular. “Everybody is sketchy.”


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