05 October 2008

Cubs get swept

Fucking Cubs got swept by the Dodgers.

100 years, huh? How come the Florida Marlins could make it into the World Series within 3 years of being created?

Losers, plain and simple. I should have known.


Anthony said...

Like anyone needed to wait all season long to see this comming? It's Gonna Happen? Sure is it! Like it has the last 100 Years! ahahaha, CUBS, always losers, always will be...When are all you stupid Cub Fans gonna learn!!!! it's NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!!!

Anonymous said...

Whatever. Wat are you gonna do rue? You gonna not be a Cub fan next year? 100 years is nothing but a round number and lou said a world series was gonna happen in 2009. He said that in 07. Remember, the worst day a Cub fan ever has is still better than the best day a sox fan ever has.

Anonymous said...

Step away from the window, Rue-y. They are not worth it. Come over to the Sox Side, the working man's team.

Rue St. Michel said...

The only solace I have is that I went to one home game this year, and badged my way in anyway.

I probably watched 4 innings during the entire season - and I didn't watch any of the playoff games. We don't have cable at the house so I didn't have a venue to watch the playoffs anyway. I tuned into WGN AM720, with a 2006 Chardonnay, and the results fulfilled all my darkest expectations.

I was still miffed at them for LAST season's playoff disaster.

How could this club have the best record in the NL, and then fold like a house of cards in 3 games???

And Lefty, I was born and raised on the southeast side - and even when I was knee high to a grasshopper; I recognized that the Cubs are all heart, and the Sox are all about money. I can't stand the Sox and their constant uniform changes, and their owners' whims and financial dealings. I hate how they just tore down Comiskey and put up the new "Comiskey" and then abruptly sold the naming rights to the field to US Cellular.

No thanks. I'll stay a Cub fan. The grass at Wrigley is always greener - and real too!

Anonymous said...

Wrigley field is cursed, knock it down with the Cubs inside. Good Riddance!!!