03 September 2008

Palin delivers knock-out at RNC

Sarah Palin was on fire tonight addressing the Republican National Convention.

The best line: "You know what the only difference is between a hockey-mom and a pit bull?.............Lipstick."

Here's Palin with the troops in Kuwait back in 2007.

Palin has done more in her life than Obama and Biden combined.

The LibTards are, of course, stooping to all-time-lows in order to score political points with the unwashed, NYTimes-reading masses. Sweetness & Light has a very concise page which lists every Liberal smear aimed at Palin. They're even demanding that a paternity test be given to Palin's son Trig; who was born in April with Downs Syndrome. Some of the DailyKOS crowd seem to think that Palin's daughter had the baby and the Palins are just covering up the facts.



rosco said...

This is why the democrats are gonna win this fall. Guns are bad.

Anonymous said...

More BS tough talk one liners. It's the economy stupid!

Anonymous said...

My thoughts on the speech that Palin delivered? It was well-delivered but still left me unimpressed because it was long on personal attacks and self-serving narrative with her special needs baby, pregnant teen daughter and her "Baby Daddy" being used as political props, but short on substantive matters of concern to me as a voter and a woman, namely what are thoughts on the mortgage and credit crisis, high unemployment rate, affordable healthcare, rising college costs, and not to mention sky-rocketing food and energy prices. I would have been more impressed if the speech had been written by her, and not a Bush operative. Am I afraid of the bulldog with lipstick comment? No, I fear the reality of Palin as a VP and potentially the President of the USA if the unthinkable happens is that she is no more than George Bush Jr. with lipstick. How?s that for scare tactics? If you liked the last 8 years, you will really love the next four if the GOP and its base have their way. A truly sad state of affairs. Let's see how see how she handles the media on her own without aides and the teleprompter. Now that she has proven she is no shrinking violet let us hope she puts aside playing the victim of sexist attacks and the media go after her on matters of real concerns to the America electorate.

rosco said...

Does she play a mean banjo too?

Anonymous said...

rosco, what grade are you in? 5th, 6th? be honest