14 September 2008

Officer ambushed - survives

I saw this story posted on one of the CPD bulletin boards the other day, and I thought it'd be great to share with my fellow officers.

We all get complacent on the job. You go to 100 disturbance calls a year, and 90% of them are uneventful.

But complacency can kill. We all saw how quickly things went bad for Officer Richard Francis (and I'm not saying he was complacent - just pointing out how the unexpected can strike at any time.)

From Police One:

He admits he had become somewhat complacent when it came to breaking and entering calls. The Lansing, Michigan, Police Department responds to dozens of such calls every week and most of them turn out to be nothing more serious than an estranged boyfriend returning to the apartment for his belongings. Many times, a parent gets a child to call in claiming the "intruder" has a gun so police will arrive faster.

The call that came in from a calm-sounding little girl about 10:30 p.m. on April 29, 2004, sounded like all the rest, and there was no mention of a gun. So, as Officer Robert Vargas walked from his patrol car to the apartment building, he wasn't expecting the worst.

He couldn't have known he was being watched by gunmen who were waiting for him inside.

As he had done on so many B&E calls before, he checked the door, the door facing and the windows for sign of forced entry. There was none. Then, he heard a woman screaming, as if she were screaming for her life.

Officer Vargas, a nine-year veteran of the department, pushed the door open and saw a woman laying face down in the floor, her hands bound behind her back, only partially clothed. A man wearing a mask, which revealed part of his face, stood in the kitchen and stared at the officer. Holding nothing in his hands, the man began walking slowly and quietly into the living room, appearing to make his way toward another door. Officer Vargas followed him for a couple of steps and stopped.

"Something just didn't feel right," he said. "He never said a word while I was talking to him, and kept walking away from me. So, I decided to leave and wait for backup."

When Officer Vargas turned to his left to make his way back to the front door, there was a gun pointed at his face from behind a half-wall on the staircase. The gunman wore a mask. Officer Vargas bent down to his left to get his face away from the gun, and the man lunged toward him and fired one shot to his left chest.

"I crawled as fast as I could to the front door that I left open. Then, I heard a second shot," he said.

The second bullet from the 9 mm gun grazed his right pinky finger before coming to rest in his left arm and shattering the ulna. Officer Vargas said he saw his forearm "explode."

Story continues here.

Safety begins with your equipment: keep your weapon clean and oiled. Make sure your vest is up to date, check your holster and make sure it secures your weapon properly. How old is your pepper spray?

Keep it simple, brothers and sisters. I'm counting on each and everyone of you to go home safely to your loved ones tonight.


Hungry Hippo said...

I've been feeling really shitty lately, so my Dr. Vinnie Boombatz put me on a diet,....the 025th district grand/central diet!!!!

1. For breakfast, I have a warm stack of Johnny Cakes Pancakes, with extra robbery team syrup.

2. For Lunch, I have the Club Gibbons club sandwich with an extra side of coleslaw. No answering my cell phone during eating, Doctors orders.

3. For dinner, the Grillo'ed chicken breast with extra Curry all around!!!!

For drinks I have the Surfer Boy Mai Tai's and the Tavey Dull boilermakers.

.....and for desert I shove a screwdriver up my ass!

So far, the diet has had mixed results. I've lost 15 pounds but have recieved 10 C.R.'s and am currently in callback. oh well, you can't win them all.

Anonymous said...

Cops are cheap bastards. Look at those old timers on the watch. Deputy dog style holsters with the pistol just about falling out. Most stilll wearing the gear they were hired with. Large bellies hanging over the gun belt. They all look for the freebee places to eat. You'll hear them wheezing as the go up a set of stairs. The dept. should really have a mandatory physical fitness test or start a "fatboy" program for those out of shape.

Coldtype said...

Rue, I propose we bridge the Left-Right partisan divide and do the right thing for Cindy McCain. Spread the word brother.

Anonymous said...

Screw that nasty plastic bitch Cindy McCain, vote for change. OBAMA!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Screw that nasty plastic bitch Cindy McCain, vote for change. OBAMA!

8:53 AM

Why??So he can turn this country into South Africa??Destroy civil liberties??

VOTE McCain 2008!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rue-y, you doing okay?

During a cell meeting we noticed you had not posted in a week or so and we worried. If you are ill now think what you'll feel when McShame does down. LOLOL

Seriously though, I hope you're alright.


Coldtype said...

I've been spreading the following message to all the sites I frequent:

Let’s start spreading this info around before the crooks that created this financial crisis engineer a “solution” that lets them walk away while leaving the rest of us holding the bag. If the Wall Street hustlers succeed, the taxpayer will be on the hook for perhaps one trillion or more of the toxic debt that now threatens the solvency of these reckless institutions. This will effect us all for generations to come. Pass this on.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Coldie:

any American citizen who believes the government bails out a company, be it airplane or financial, for the benefit of the "small guy," is only fooling themselves. The Bush family cares only about the oligarchy of which they are part.


Anonymous said...

The end is near! Invest in lead and steel! The burning will come, along with the looting and pillaging.

Coldtype said...

I posted the following over at SCC in the thread about the sale of Midway Airport. Who knows if he will publish it or not. The first line refers to Daley's giveaway of this critical public asset.

And so the theft of public assets continue. Time to wake up folks.

Oh, by the way, "our" Congress is set to assist Wall Street in the biggest wealth transfer in history. US Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson (ex-Goldman Sachs CEO) is proposing legislation that, if it passes, will transfer to the taxpayer at LEAST 700 BILLION dollars in near worthless mortgage backed securities and other derivative market bullshit the reckless Wall Street hustlers currently carry on their books. Let's work to see that this rape of the public does not come to pass.

The following is a letter that I intend to e-mail to my Senator so feel free to cut & paste away. I got this letter from over at Calculated Risk, a Wall Street intel blog I often frequent and pretty well encapsulates what I feel. While the Senator won’t read every letter his staff will if only to keep him informed of the tally of constituents both for and against. The future of every American for the next 30 years is riding on what’s decided in the next few days. It is critical to note that as things now stand the public has been completely shut out of this process though ultimately it is we who will bear the consequences of decisions being made behind closed doors. The Wall Street architects of this disaster along with their compatriot (Paulson) and their chief enabler (Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve chairman), are now huddled with key members of Congress in closed door discussions over the minutiae and minutia of a “rescue” plan. One that so far appears to be a replay of the S&L Bailout of the late 80’s only orders of magnitude greater.


Dear Senator _______,

Please vote against the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). 
I hope that in this moment of "crisis", which was born of the reckless greed of Wall Street firms, you do not cave into pressure or panic and vote to support this insane proposal to give the treasury a blank check for $700B with no oversight. This is simply theft, taking from the taxpayers at large and funneling the money to Paulson's cronies on Wall Street, people who have made billions in the past few years while average Americans saw their real wages dwindle. We absolutely cannot trust the Bush administration to "just to the right thing", they have shown over and over again that given (or just by taking) super-constitutional powers they will abuse them for their own purposes and saddle the taxpayer with the result. This cannot be allowed to pass, it will be a disaster of unprecedented proportion, and bankrupt this country for generations. If we must do something then let us use the powers and systems we already have: bankruptcy and existing regulations. Let us at least ensure that any law passed now explicitly protects tax payers first, depositors second, and does not give free money to share holders and debt owners, and preserves Congressional and Judicial oversight over the process.
Just follow the links below and set a fire under both of these clowns:

Senator Barack Obama

Senator Richard Durbin

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Cops are cheap bastards. Look at those old timers on the watch. Deputy dog style holsters with the pistol just about falling out. Most stilll wearing the gear they were hired with. Large bellies hanging over the gun belt. They all look for the freebee places to eat. You'll hear them wheezing as the go up a set of stairs. The dept. should really have a mandatory physical fitness test or start a "fatboy" program for those out of shape.


Sounds like you got dumped by a cop. Or maybe you got stiffed for a tip when you were serving one of them a free meal.

Anonymous said...

Old timer said...
Cops are cheap bastards. Look at those old timers....

- or maybe you were ridiculed by a police officer during your last prostitution arrest.

Anonymous said...


Coldtype said...

Rue check my site for my response.

Anonymous said...

Since all these bad mortgages is being transferred to us tax payers. Can I just move into a vacant building since its now being paid for by my tax dollars?

Anonymous said...

Come on west and south side victims of police brutality throw bricks out your windows at those transgressor cops when they venture into your neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

How about only putting cops killed in the line of duty on that police wall? You know, no car accidents, drowning accidents, guys hit by trains, heart attacks, strokes, etc. Only shot, stabbed, or beaten cops only. Oh, and no retired guys killed working for someone else.