28 September 2008

Fired for 'vascular restraint'?

A Tennessee officer was fired for using a choke hold on a man suspected of secreting drugs in his mouth during a traffic stop.

The site has the dash-cam video at the traffic stop.

Of course the Liberal judge threw all the charges out against the man, who indeed did possess marijuana and did resist the officers.

More indications that our society is falling apart right before our very eyes. Always vote "NO" on every judicial election form.


Anonymous said...

The end is near. Why bail out the these failing finance insitutes? So the CEO's can keep their golden parachute??? In the long run the system will correct itself. How about keeping the money at home? End foreign aid, limit the welfare program. Cut medical aid to illegals. In the E.R. refuse nonsense.

Rue St. Michel said...

EXACTLY! I hope you sent an email to your senator expressing these sentiments.

Now is the time!

Anonymous said...

INFECTION is everywhere.You cannot be the real police anymore.