11 September 2008

A day of mourning

Never forget.

And never forget how Muslims around the world celebrated the murder of US citizens during these cowardly acts of terror.


Anonymous said...

Yawn, it was just an airplane accident.

Rue St. Michel said...

No. We all know that GWBush used Haliburton techs to plant explosives in the Towers -- all in an attempt to get at the secret hoard of gold stashed under a few mattresses in the basement of Tower 2.

Yawn....(stretch, sigh)....just another day in the Bush White House, right?

Anonymous said...

those goofs that state the U.S. imploded those buildings, or the government blew up the Pentagon come from the RIGHT side of the political spectrum, not the LEFT.

No, but what the Commander-in-Chief did was use this tragedy to mislead the American public into the invasion of Iraq.



9/11,I guess that was the muslims' way of thanking us for saving them in Yugoslavia.
We just refuse to understand other cultures.........

Anonymous said...

was in former yugoslavia with a police group in 1995 to visit Medjagorie, found that Croatians had no love for Americans but sure loved the yankee dollars brought into the country,the religious hatred towards Serbs and Muslims was very evident due to their religious stance, their were no Jews to hate as most were murdered by Croation Utashe when they helped the SS due the deed,Serbs helped downed American flyers during WW2 while Croats turned them into Germans after robbing and beating them. Aint power politics great

Rue St. Michel said...

Precisely on point!

What Clinton did to Serbians was nothing less than a War Crime. He participated in ethnic cleansing by murdering Christian Serbs.

Serbia has been a staunch supporter of America for decades (thanks to Serbian immigrants who broadcast to their homeland how wonderful America is.)

Clinton got away with alot - treason, murder, adulteries and theft. That's just to name a few.

Anonymous said...

Part of the deception with the war
in Yugo was the whore liberal media calling the muslims Bosnians. I didn't learn the truth until a Serb I met in chicago explained the whole thing.
You would have thought that the Serbs would have attacked us with the way we attacked them.
You would have also thought the euro-muslims would have formed an army and went after bin laden after we were attacked; go figure!

Anonymous said...

Don't feel sorry for dead yankee troops around the world. They are just trespassers of other nations. Iraqis have the right to shoot American troops as do other countries who are violated by the U.S.