07 September 2008

Chicago Olympics bid 2016

Here's my submission for the official Chicago Olympics bid for 2016.


Daley is hell-bent on getting the 2016 games here, no matter what it takes. He's borrowing money left and right, rigging deals, reducing city services, putting the screws to Chicago citizens to pay more and more - while the people get less and less.

Maybe Daley will follow through on the trend and just fire every cop with 20 years or more or service. That'd be right up Mayor Shortshank's alley.

Well I hope the Olympic Committee is paying attention to Chicago's ever-rising violent crime rate. Maybe they'll get the hint and select a more deserving city.


Anonymous said...

perhaps we could have sgt tony barry showing how he shoots kids and gets away with it

rosco said...

Under the cities new contract offer to get your step raises you must pass their power test. Everything will revolve around the power test. Make det. power test! Make sgt. power test! etc........This will rid the city of out of shape coppers!

Anonymous said...

why isnt this the olympic bid poster ?? it depicts our city the way it really is

rosco said...

Where are the white boy gangs now today????

Rue St. Michel said...

They grew up and became a Wagon ghoul in 025